What's a good casual shoe that isn't a sneaker, preferably summer appropriate...

what's a good casual shoe that isn't a sneaker, preferably summer appropriate, that you can comfortably walk around the city with for a day/afternoon?

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google.com/search?client=ubuntu&hs=Hkd&channel=fs&tbm=isch&q=driving shoes&chips=q:driver shoe,g_2:men's&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyvO3iiYvaAhUI7awKHbLKCs0Q4lYIKCgA&biw=1600&bih=749&dpr=1

Boat shoes

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Also espadrilles

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with what kinda fits

like i'm a J.Crew mannequin come to life


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Came here to post these 2

Could a desert boot fit for summer too?

In the same way that Converse Hi-Tops fit: technically, but harder than its worth

Considering these Guccis for summer

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just wear sneakers or you'll look like an autist

Around 90% of people of under 40 years old, wear sneakers, its just niggercore

Why would someone spend money on Guccis and then treat them like dirt?

Not sure. Imma buy these ones used for cheap and then fix them up once I get them

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What Brands/styles should I look for?

why are you buying used shoes? especially loafers? if you dont want to pay retail at least get new ones from a second hand seller


They need to be the velvet ones

I'd add Sperrys but I don't think they're available at the mo

Which style do you think would be best?

Difficult to say exactly, I'd recommend going to a store and trying a bunch to see which you prefer. In general Is stick with brown, will go with everything you're likely to wear in warmer weather.

I don't really see the problem? I don't live in a third world country like America, so I can safely buy something used knowing it's been taken good care of, and the seller almost always has a receipt. I can buy these loafers for 100$ which is quite a steal compared to 750$ retail.

Dope I appreciate it man

wearing someone elses used shoes is disgusting

Why would you pay $700 for a pair of shoes that depreciates in value by like 40% the second you put it on your feet

if youre too poor to afford retail

>get new ones from a second hand seller

wearing beat up shoes is gross

Anyone have experience with these? How do they fit?
I'm looking for this kind of shape, and I think the somewhat chunkier sole looks cute.

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just get the regular 1461 monos for half as much

don't wear without socks though, blisters are a bitch

What does the £45 difference entail? I'd imagine the leather is higher quality.

Is this too tacky ?

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You've got some interesting ideas about sentence structure.

Having a strong opinion about something as trivial as thrifting is disgusting

What do you guys think of these?

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Not if you're /sleazy/ and handsome.

Only if you're knee-deep in japanesque cozycore

Any idea what this type of shoe is called? The ones in the pic are Clarks, but I'd rather buy a different brand.

Generally you can identify most generic leather shoe types by addressing individual qualities. In this case the lacing throat is separated 2-piece type so they are bluchers\derbies (they are synonyms)
The defining feature of these shoes is the split apron toe so you'd need to look for;
Split apron/moc toe blucher/derby -shoes

Boat shoes or loafers? Whats better for casual wear?

Clarks Desert London or jink.

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works with more types of fits than boat shoes imo

i would argue that disliking used shoes isnt trivial at all because of the host of problems and complications that can arise from buying a used pair of shoes.


those are dress shoes

No, stupid american

If you wear loafers to anything even semi-formal you deserve to be put out of your misery.
You might be able to just barely get away wearing them for business casual, anything above that it's equivalent to wearing t-shirts with ripped denim.

Jojo supporting character tier

Then what the fuck do YOU wear you autist?

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To formal shit? Dress shoes.
What else? That's really the only thing that is acceptable to wear there.
Not everything made out of leather is a fucking dress shoe, or do you think Birkenstock sandals are okay to pair with a suit as well?

t. wears dockers

It's even in their name - "loafers". Jesus christ, they are meant to be shoes you slip on when you are just casually loafing around and not doing anything of importance. If you show up to an important wedding or a job interview for any pay grade above McD's wearing them you'd be laughed out of the room.

top kek

this legitimately looks like jojowear

espadrilles are too feminine, the nice ones anyway

Driving shoes

google.com/search?client=ubuntu&hs=Hkd&channel=fs&tbm=isch&q=driving shoes&chips=q:driver shoe,g_2:men's&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyvO3iiYvaAhUI7awKHbLKCs0Q4lYIKCgA&biw=1600&bih=749&dpr=1

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Never boat shoes

Try driving mocs or espadrilles


smoking slippers

>driving Mocs
don’t fall for this meme if you want a shoe that lasts for over 5 seconds

on my last trip to paris, me and my family went to printemps and i noticed there were sketchers in the womens' sneaker section. i found it pretty surreal that the same store that sells 10,000 euro dolce & gabbana dresses and 1,000 euro hermes belts would also sell a shoe that only dads and autists wear

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Not if you look like this

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lol look at this dumbass, learn how to spell skechers

>wears loafers to formal events
>calls other people autistic

Not sure if this is the right thread but Ive got big feet and I've been looking for some mid/low tier derbies for some fits I've been planning.

Can't afford the high end ones I'd like yet (poorfag), thoughts on these? These are c larks, I've got like a £50 voucher for em so was thinking may as well use it on a shoe i want.

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Can definitely recommend COS' Derbys if you are on a budget.
There's a sale going on right now and I grabbed a pair myself, can't really speak for longevity yet obviously but they definitely look and feel high end.


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>his fake Rolex is upside-down

I'm UK 13, no way is COS stocking my size.

Loafers are about as formal as sneakers.

semi casual i’ll show the soul in next photo (calvin klein plz no hate)

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size 12 US men

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if you're under 6' then go for it (lol)

Glad you enjoyed the irony of dad shoe on effay.

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It tells me you work as a server at Applebees or Cheesecake Factory.

I like the blue for casual summer wear. Sand or brown would be more versatile for tear round use.

Fpbp tbqh. The only people who hate them are edgy 18 year old geed dorks

I'm 186cm with size 46 feet. clown shoes?

>the host of problems and complications that can arise from buying a used pair of shoes
Unless you get shoes that are in very good condition, or that can be resoled, you will be inheriting the gait patterns and characteristics of the former owner.

I feel as though you are grossly over-exaggerating potential issues, but that's your choice. To me, buying somebodys used but in good condition dress shoes is a good trade-off, especially when it means I pay 84% less than I would if they were new. I just hit them with disinfectant, clean them up and they form to my foot after a week.

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why was this awful post so well-received?
despairing for Veeky Forums atm

gladiator sandals. feel free to jack my swag.

i hate that style of toe

because you can't replace the sole lmao

size them like converse. too bulky for summer wear imo unless you have like... cropped loose fitting blue jeans

the heel ruins it

airport shoes


>haha too poor to throw away money for no reason??!?!
great argument

If you have a chance to try them on check if 45 will fit you. Im the same height myself and 46 would definitely look clowney on me.

What do you guys think of these?

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Are they non-slip? I need new shoes for my restaurant job

cop or not?

vellies bru

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nigga said "soul"

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Gotta recommend the forever appropriate yet casual Chelsea boot, unless your summers are nuclear they're good for every season

What's Veeky Forums's opinion on Monkstraps?
Might get a pair for work and also for a post-punk/sleaze mixed fit

>being a male
>over the age of 23
>not wearing leather boots as your everyday shoes
>regardless of season

Grow up

Gotta be brown double monkstraps

Yes. They were made for hot weather, after all.

chill grandpa

Who gives a shit

I just bought regular loafers for graduation photo shoot. As a semi-formal combination, what trousers I should wear with these? How would I look if I choose cropped trousers?

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These actually look like good summer shoes though.

Sorry user, that shoe isn’t semi-formal and looks ugly :(

7/10 but looks comfy

You should take those back of you intended to appear semi-formal with it. Loafer were originally intended to be shoes you can wear around your own house, they are for a purely casual look.
Why do you Americans think anything that's black leather is formal? It's so weird.

I bought a pair of B shoes in december and can't say Im at all satisfied. They're too unbreathable to wear when it's actually hot outside, no-show socks suck dick and get eaten by my sole every 2 minutes, and they're impossible to wear with almost anything (can someone POST an actual good fit with boat shoes? I manage to look decent with them on maybe 2 fits max)