Is "masculine" fashion making a comeback...

Is "masculine" fashion making a comeback? I keep seeing a lot of the following on the street and in collections and stores

>Short-cut jackets, denim, leather and bomber jackets everywhere
>more earth tones, grey, black, etc
>stronger, more utilitarian fabrics
>looser cuts, higher-waists on pants
>tucked-in shirts
>motorcycle pants, trucker jackets
>everything is either frayed, worn, or has holes
>everything looks generally more "rugged"

it looks like the meme of pastel-colored slim-fit metrosexual stuff has ended. Discuss.

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Being a man is always in style

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>This is masculine
This is the single gayest trend yet, and it is ruining my leather and denim wardrobe

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Not sure how new it is though

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Not really sure what to call this style, not quite workwear, not quite action core, not quite metrosexual

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This is just some americana reddit shit

this is literal nu-male fashion.
What's next, you're telling me old school motorcycles are making a comeback?

it never left, basement dweller. you'd know this if you saw how people irl actually dressed outside of WAYWT threads.

You're confused about what masculine looks like.

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Don't you dare reviving "americana" you fucking faggots.

masculine as fuck sz 28 jeans lol

>reddit mfa-core

>Is "masculine" fashion making a comeback

idk i think americana can look pretty kino

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It's not Americana, it's like americana-lite

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Also, not "reviving", the thread is about an observed trend in normie fashion

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what is this jacket and where 2 cop?

Gap harrington, it's my go to. Runs a little small but that's kind of the style

I concur. A lot of the cucks sporting this wear are urban lumberjack tier.

rugged and masculine but still clean and put-together is the most popular look with women, even though most of us are like "sure is 2011 in here". same way most of the ideal grill/waifu threads are artsy twee bitches, which to the women's fashion community, is 2011 as fuck. it's almost like the opposite sex is attracted to masculine/feminine styles & traits

>still attracted to the opposite sex

I'm all for more leather jackets usage.
it's great. everybody feels like part of a biker gang and tough. it feels nice, it really is. close to freedom and such.

>still feeling sexual attraction

Fuck off back to /tv/

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I have a polo ralph lauren one and it's ok

not sure, but if the pic is representative of what you think is Veeky Forums u need a reality check desu

honestly i would dress like that if i was +25 years old

tightly codifying masculinity for repurposing as an aesthetic facade is probably gayer than andy dick high on Cialis and 2C-B while manning a glory hole.

w2c jacket

its called "le reddit core"

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>old school motorcycles are making a comeback

I...I can't tell if this is bait or not.

wan mirrion troops

It isn’t. This is the ultimate nu-male vehicle over here

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none of those other pics are "short" jackets. this is a short jacket...the hemline ends barely below the belly button.

the thing with perfectos this small is you can't even put your damn hands into your pockets lol, without severely contorting your arms awkwardly

People have been restoring and customizing UJMs and BMW boxers for years, the popularity now is just increasing. With more ridiculously styled customs for sure, but I don't think the culture on a whole is nu-male. Deus Ex as a brand certainly is.

I have yet to see anyone drive those things who isn’t straight up larping as Peaky Blinders. All of them rock overstyled beards and/or mustaches, ‘raw’ jeans, rugged leather boots and a leather jacket.

How on earth isn’t that nu-male?
I bet all of them happily tell you about hard work and rough times from when they worked in a bar.

Dude this is not nu-male. Scooters are nu-male

Over here scooters are immigrant and douchebag tier, no nu-male in the slightest. If anything nu-males look down on scooter drivers

Lol do you drive one?
Any idea how fucking try hard it looks?

No but every single nu-male I have seen drives a 'retro' scooter.

What shithole do you live in? USA or Germany or something?

Really? I want something similar to this but I def don't dress like a peaky blinders character since its not the late 1800s lol.

Well I lived in England, literally just fucking moved to NZ. Don't miss anything apart from the country side.

Are you talking about that style of modernised cafe racer, or specifically the R series? Those are very different things my dude.

I'm and I'm in NZ too. Scooters are defs more nu-male than a nice custom bike.

we dont have numales in nz its a american exclusive thing

Exactly. Most people who actually own a motorbike are far from nu-male.
Well I did hear that wellington is quite liberal; nu-male and liberal go hand in hand. Although I've yet to go there myself.

From my experience, Wellington is very liberal. Lots of arts and creative types go there to study and live, almost all the drama/arts/political studies kids from high school in AKL have lived there at some point.

Yeah that's kindah understandable. Also do fair skinned Kiwis use sunscreen?

>wellington is quite liberal; nu-male and liberal go hand in hand
wellington is pretty fucking cool as far as style and good music scene goes

not everyone who is a liberal arts major is a limp wristed ""numale so stop being such a fucking fag posting on an online fashion forum

Good ?

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Relax fag, I was just pointing out what I heard. Plus the notion that 'liberalism and nu-maleness go hand in hand' and 'some liberals aren't nu-males' can both be true.

You have no idea what you are blabbering about. There is nothing nu-male about those bikes. Do you even know what a nu-male is? Bugmen sure as hell wouldn't have the sense or taste to get an oldschool bike

>"masculine" fashion
>leather and bomber jackets everywhere
I'm fucking ready to drown in a sea of leatherfags.

are those pants comfy? because they sure dont look like it

Lol, this thread is some kind of joke?


Every article of clothing is calculated with scientific precision to be "casual." Rather than indicating a desire to actually be casual, the sheer calculation required indicates a terror of even resembling an authority figure, a desire to appease and reassure others that he is indeed one of the "guys," like the ones his helicopter mother didn't let him play with in childhood.

The fit is as tight as possible without being skin-tight, despite the fact that practical outdoor clothing needs a certain amount of give.

The "rugged" clothes are spotlessly clean. Only the jeans are unwashed, and that is not because they are work clothes; they are left unwashed to preserve the dark navy colour.

This is the uniform of a middle class man going to great lengths to appear like an everyman, while still dressing in a way that proves his prissy nature. This is the uniform of self-abasing cuckery.

In warmer months yes certainly, the sun here is stronger than the northern hemisphere due to the ozone depletion down here. Every pale skinned NZer has been fucked at least twice by not applying sunscreen on an overcast or cloudy day.

>implying the middle class still exists and has not been replaced by a big lower class either working in the tertiary sector or unemployed
>also fantacizing about a masculine working man that, in 2018, only exists in third world countries because that's where the manual labor actually is.

absolutely based

congratulations, your internet addiction and diet broke your dick

reddit core is thrifted tees and jackets, light wash midrise jeans, grey wool cropped trousers, doc marten derby shoes, dad shoes etc

you spend alot of time alone, online don't you

It’s making a comeback on Veeky Forums that’s for sure. Men feel manly dressing like men as opposed to emasculated, androgynous pencil-dicks. Who would’ve thunk it?

jacket id please

I think it's more a case of regular guys getting into fashion.

Yesterday they'd wear cargo shorts and a cheap puma/nike t-shirt, now they browse MFA and self-improvement forums and find a style that is basically ripping of "masculine" celebrity icons like Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling or James Dean.

It's simply a side-effect of the internet allowing people to find information regarding fashion much easier than before, leading to regular people who otherwise have little to no interest in more artsy subjects like design etc to dress well.

So in a sense, people who were into fashion yesterday are going to keep dressing in meme shit such as techwear etc or the next flavour of the month just as much as they did before, and regular guys who previously had no idea what to dress like no dress like your pic related, OP.

>it looks like the meme of pastel-colored slim-fit metrosexual stuff has ended. Discuss.
No, like said, it's only because regular dudes like the people you find on MFA start getting into fashion because it's more readily available to read about guides online which makes it easier. If anything, the metrosexual meme shit is going to continue if not become even more common than before.

>TL;DR: It's only making a "comeback" because more regular guys get into fashion thanks to the internet, people who were into fashion before don't suddenly go back to the basics

>Men feel manly dressing like men as opposed to emasculated, androgynous pencil-dicks. Who would’ve thunk it?

How long have you been browsing Veeky Forums, user? I'm pretty sure it's "making a comeback" because there's an influx of new users browsing Veeky Forums coming from places like Veeky Forums who are just here for self-improvement, not because of an interest in fashion.

I don't dress like the "androgynous pencil-dicks" you're referring to btw, I'm just stating those kind of people aren't suddenly changing back towards "masculine" fashion, it's just a bunch of meme self improvement redditors who are shitting this place up with conventional men's fashion.

My personal reason for visiting Veeky Forums is to get an insight into current trends, not how you should totally buy this masculine bomber that'll make you look like a man with class. That shit is boring as fuck and I might as well visit /r/malefashionadvice for that stuff.

these desu

its only making a comeback because regular guys are more fashion aware than before, these are the same guys who used to call guys who were into fashion faggots

nothing wrong with that, i can appreciate these outfits although i prefer to dress a bit more experimental

What I don't understand is why this style of dress makes Veeky Forums sperg out so hard.

It's always the same shit, too, nu-male this, soy boy that. For a lot of you it's apparently all about authenticity, like, "You don't get to wear that stuff, you're a skinny college student who's never done manual labor in his life, you don't get to wear a denim jacket and work boots." Newsflash, folks, the shit mentioned in the OP is pretty normal stuff that entered the mainstream a long, long time ago (for sensible reasons, it's comfortable and durable and has a nice look). Hasn't been the exclusive province of the working class, bikers, military guys (depending on the garment) since before most of you were born. I can't imagine anybody seeing a dude wearing a trucker jacket and going "lol wow SOY BOY CORE" who wasn't having an overreaction out of fear of being seen as a "soy boy" themselves.

Daily reminder that actual masculine men don't give a fuck about fashion or how they look. Caring about how you look is an inherently female trait.

What core is this?

Is it possible for a 5'5" manlet like me to achieve this?

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>generic brown and blue menswear making a comeback

Everyone has been wearing the same shit for the past 6 years, at least.

>mfa wearing "masculine" generic menswear
>Veeky Forums shit fitting jeans with trainers from urban-outfitters or full Rick uniform
>chads still wearing cropped pants/jeans with trainers, t-shirts and bomber jackets.

I doubt some high school twinks are gonna start wearing dad core for a while yet.

How do I pull off rugged and masculine as a black guy?

>inb4 >>/pol/ memes

that's fucking retarded, according to that logic NEETs are the most masculine and alpha men in existence because they don't give a fuck

but hey, apparently autism is linked to high testosterone in the womb so there might be something to it, not sarcastic btw.

that being said, you can't put things into black and white, you need to have some feminine traits to be both attractive to women but also respectable; if we're going to place things into masculine vs. feminine, like said, autists are the most manly men on Earth because they
>don't give a fuck about fitting in
>pursue their weird ass interests with no fucks
>become experts in whatever subjects they do (women are worse as specialising)
>don't care about social norms nor their reputation

besides, what the fuck are you doing on a fashion board if you hold that belief? are you here because you're not an "actual masculine man"?

i'm not an ameriburger but i find it very hard to believe you could pull this off as a euro unless you work in like the entertainment or film industry

everything is based on context but if imagine the average joe manlet dressing like this all i see is a manlet with a wannabe badass manly man complex

>>chads still wearing cropped pants/jeans with trainers, t-shirts and bomber jackets.

not sure where you live user but bomber jackets are starting to come out of style, everyone and their mother is wearing it where i live (urban area, scandinavia)

i'll meme and tell you that it's actually true to some extent black dudes have it easier to pull off more diverse styles, and in part because darker skin fits in and stands out in clothes very well

depends on where you live and which socioeconomic class you come from as always, and what kind of nignog you are, but assuming you're afro american just wear whatever mfa looks good lmao it'll work and it works on literally everybody. there's a reason half the guys in metropolitan areas look like OP's pic related

I'm a middle class Nigerian (but grew up in Chicago) college graduate with upper middle class taste. I have an athletic build and prefer to be invisible but not monotonous (might be an oxymoron).

>What I don't understand is why this style of dress makes Veeky Forums sperg out so hard.

Not sure if you're referring to me who was the one who posted above you, but I'm not "sperging out" - there's nothing wrong about this look and frankly I dress more or less like this most of the time.

The thing that triggers me is that it's kinda useless to discuss this type of fashion on a fucking fashion board - these types of clothes are CONVENTIONAL in every sense and there's no need to discuss a look that is already established.

It's sort of like the /prep/ threads, I get that you wanna get into the preppy look, but there's no need to start a thread which is meant for the discussion of fashion when prep is already a fucking established look. Just Google it and look at some pictures of John F Kennedy lmao

I really loathe some of the "cores" Veeky Forums memes up like /terrorwave/ or sleazecore etc that every LARPing newfag wants to adopt, but hey, at least they're sort of new and innovative.

If I wanted to learn how to dress prep I wouldn't be going to Veeky Forums anyways, it's not like anybody here actually comes from a preppy background and if you did you wouldn't need to browse the prep threads in order to learn how to dress that way.

Not an American, so I can't really tell you what's appropriate (in my opinion) for dressing a certain way.

Look dude, just dress the way you fucking want, but like I said here there's a point where it becomes sort of roleplaying, but most people usually dress the way they feel like they identify with the best.

Maybe I'm just assuming too much but I get the feeling that a lot of people on Veeky Forums are trying way too hard to find a "look", just buy clothes that you like and make the outfits come together, it's not that hard.

One thing you should take into account though is that different colours look good on different people, generally speaking stronger colours/contrasts work better on darker skin. There's a picture for that floating around somewhere online.

Personally, I dress very conventionally most of the time, a bit like OP's pic but with more layers and perhaps a bit more of an upper class-ish style. I do however wear experimental and trendy stuff as well, but it just doesn't work out wearing trendy and flashy stuff every single day.

A side note, but important to take into account, as cheesy as it may sound, is that fashion is an extension of yourself and serves to identify which social group you belong to. I usually quickly think about what I'll do during a day prior to picking my outfit, just like you dress up for a job interview you should dress the way you want people to perceive you. Clothes are one of the fastest way to identify and stereotype a person based simply on the way they dress. Keep that in mind.

That's also why I dislike stuff like terrorwave because people are essentially roleplaying, but sure, if you want to be perceived at best as a hooligan and as worst as a nazi or something go ahead.

Anyways, to answer your question in simple terms, just remember skin tone is important when buying clothes and that you have an advantage in a sense that you can buy clothes that people with paler skin can't pull off.

Where are you from?

Stockholm, Sweden. It's sort of why I can't really give you exact advice on how you should dress because I'm a firm believer in that fashion should allow people to "identify" who you are. Like, if I'm going to a party where I don't know anybody that is in a more liberal/trendier area I'll dress a bit more trendy and relaxed, if I'm visiting a swedish seaside resort of most equivalent to WASP prep people in the US I'll just wear more conventional stuff.

Fashion and identity aside, there's not much you should take into account whilst dressing "rugged and masculine" as a black guy unless you want to be identified with your race. I mean, if you dress rugged and masculine as a black dude but feel limited because some types of clothes don't fit a black dude you'll just end up being stereotyped. Dress like whatever group you feel comfortable with and identify with. There's really nothing else to take into account other than that certain colors look better on darker skin etc.

>inb4 /pol/ memes muslim rape capital of europe lmao

I'm not him. Just a lurker who was curious.

I'm a Christian arab in southern Europe born here from immigrant parents.
I don't like most other arabs and would like to look like I'm not one of them (basically I want people that don't like arabs to think I'm the exception and that I'm a respectable member of the community).
I have a skinny build but will probably build some muscle in the near future.
I'm 26 and I don't know much about fashion.
Any advice?

I definitely wasn't referring to you - more to posters like but not even him specifically, more just Veeky Forums's general attitude. Because I see posts like that every time this style (if you can even call it that) comes up. There are people who I swear have notifications set up so they can post soy boy memes whenever denim (one of the most unremarkable materials there is) is mentioned.

I completely agree that this is a very normal look and I wouldn't judge you or anyone for finding it a bit uninspiring on a fashion forum (although I think it has a place - e.g. bomber jackets may not be particularly unusual but people who like them can have interesting conversations about brands, quality, etc). It's not the people who find this boring I question, it's the people who come into threads and post about how that stuff is "soy" or "bugman" or whatever tired meme we're using this week. And there's a lot of them.

Forgot to quote the fucking post I was relying to.

Yeah, the reason I don't actually browse that many fashion forums is because there's a shit ton of posters stereotyping whatever shit is posted. Like you can't wear X because it's Y, etc. It's fucking fashion for Christ's sake, even if I'll probably never dress in avant garde Rick stuff or those other memecores at least it's interesting to read about and keeping an open mind to new looks/ideas.

It's fine to have opinion about various fashion items, myself I'm not very fond of bomber jackets since I think they're overhyped, it's just these low quality shitposts fucking up the forum and the worst part is that I bet the newfags here actually fall for it and allow themselves to be dressed by Veeky Forums based on memes and shitposters calling certain looks "soy-boy" or "reddit":

Like said I'm not very fond of "le rugged manly look" which I find is totally uninspiring just like prep threads but at least they're not shitposts.

Look dude, just dress the way you want to portray yourself as. Don't even take into consideration the fact that you're an Arab because then it's like you're shaping your style after your ethnicity. Just wear whatever you feel like portrays you as an individual, if you wanna distance yourself from Arabs specifically, in my experience at least, try to avoid gaudy and show-offy brands and adidas/sportswear.

Most people probably won't think about the fact that you're an arab if you don't talk with an accent and just dress the way other people dress.

That's what I want to do, but I don't know how to portray myself as a respectable member of the community because I don't know what that looks like to other people (besides maybe looking like a nerdy accountant or things like that).
Perhaps if I was rich I'd go full Pitti Uomo, but I'm not, so I'll have to look like a normal person.

>Don't even take into consideration the fact that you're an Arab because then it's like you're shaping your style after your ethnicity.
Is this bad?
A lot of people here in northern Italy don't like immigrants, and most think less of us than the native people at the very least (especially after the migrant crisis).
Looking like I'm not one of those guys that people dislike would result in a tangible improvement in my life.

>I don't know how to portray myself as a respectable member of the community because I don't know what that looks like to other people

Are you fucking serious user? Do you honestly think that people will care if you dress less like an Arab and more like a regular person? Even native Euros look like trash when they dress like Arabs because it's an outfit affiliated with the lower class.

My dude, legit just start wearing more conventional men's fashion without being too gaudy/flashy (it's a sign of the newly rich; typical among arabs) without fading into this territory Read this post I posted as well You don't need to try hard, just don't wear whatever stereotypical Arabs do in your area, which I assume if it's the same as in Sweden is flashy brands such as Armani or Versace

I'd also like to add you're 100% on the right track with
>A lot of people here in northern Italy don't like immigrants, and most think less of us than the native people at the very least (especially after the migrant crisis).
Looking like I'm not one of those guys that people dislike would result in a tangible improvement in my life.

It's good that you think like this, you can't change what other people think so it's better to work on conforming instead of doing like a lot of second generation immigrants do which is to give the finger to European society and creating their own "style" just so they can tell everyone how much of a gangster minority they are. Sure, it's cool they have their own style but they're only shooting themselves in the leg by doing so.

LIke bruh, just wear a white shirt and some decent chinos with a suede bomber or something, it's not that fucking hard. I mean if you're really 110% trying distance yourself avoid anything street-wear related and ripped jeans etc

>bomber jackets
>biker jeans
>somehow new trends
god damn do i feel old

>Are you fucking serious user? Do you honestly think that people will care if you dress less like an Arab and more like a regular person?
They won't consciously think anything, but subconsciously they'll register a bad impression because they'll associate me with the group that they look down on.
That's why I want to specifically make a good impression, to "counterbalance" my ethnicity (and bad facial features) so that the impression will be more like "he's one of the good ones" instead of "he's like every other arab".

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I'll keep it in mind.

Yeah, I'm very focused on integrating and the whole "when in Rome" mindset.
I really dislike that 2nd generation immigrant culture, and can't understand why even the locals are falling into it.
I mean, how can they not see how objectively worse it is?
It's like the American kids of slave owners wanting to leave their good life and upbringing to be like the slaves. Why would you do that?

Sadly this culture seems very common among the youth so I do in fact want to distance myself 110% from it. Both because I hate it myself and because of what people think of me.

>They won't consciously think anything, but subconsciously they'll register a bad impression because they'll associate me with the group that they look down on.

What I was referring to was the fact that you felt like you needed to dress better specifically because of your ethnicity - it's true that when a native Euro dresses "streetwear" he might be trendy, but when an Arab does it it gives people a subconscious impression that you're just one of those pesky minorities. What I meant was that you don't really need a guide specifically tailored for Arabs trying to fit in, legit just head over to Plebbit /r/malefashionadvice and dress in typical menswear. You probably have an idea of what Arabs tend to dress like, avoid that, and dress like the people you want to imitate. It's that simple.

>so that the impression will be more like "he's one of the good ones" instead of "he's like every other arab".

Yes, that's exactly what I mean, just dress like the native Euros do and you'll have no problem. If your goal is to make a good impression just dress well in classical menswear that doesn't look out of place in your area of residence. Like I said, dress like the person you want to be, but also strive to live up to your image.

Alright, got it.
Thank you very much.

>The op picture is somehow gayer than the phrase " it is ruining my leather and denim wardrobe.