Looking for white sneakers that are more comfortable than the Stan Smiths

Looking for white sneakers that are more comfortable than the Stan Smiths.

I was looking at the Chuck Taylor 2, Purcell Pro, and Cortez's.

Are any of them more comfortable than the Stan Smiths? Open to other suggestions as well, as long as I can cop them in Canada easily.

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>more comfortable than Stan Smith's
Definitely no.
Meh, Cortez is basically an OT Mexico 66 with a snubbier toe box. Should be fine but you'll look like a hispanic gang banger if you wear them with shorts. Plus they got a thin sole so you'll be feeling the ground soon within a few months of constant wear.
What's wrong with Stan Smith's?
>inb4 everyone owns a pair

I gained 20kg so my knees and feet hurt if the shoes aren't comfy enough.

I was looking at the Stan Smith Boost but it's kind of out of budget since it's $120 used and $165 through resellers (canadian dollar)

The Converse shoes I mentioned have either Nike Zoom or Nike Lunarlon in them.

Lose weight fatso

i never gained weight all my life i was a skinny fuck but that changed since i took psychiatric drugs. nothing i can do about it

How about something chunky like Reebok or New Balance?

i think both brands are pretty uggo but i'll give them a try in store if they're comfy

what models?

PF flyers are a good option if you want to stick to canvas, Kent Wang makes a decent quality leather sneaker.

why would i buy these over, say, converse?

Because its actual canvas rather then a cotton twill. And they have support, PF Flyers were bought by New Balance in the early 2000's so your not gonna get the shitty lack of comfort that Converse has.

Different guy but I've got a Reebok Club C and it's pretty damn comfy

and more slimmer than the classic leather

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Converse has Nike Zoom and Nike Lunarlon, what does PF Flyers have

stan smiths

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Have the drugs affected your appetite? You might be eating more than you used to without noticing

Did you even read the OP?

Yeah I think I'm eating more with the risperidone

I've got the same ones as in the picture.

They are
>$100 CAD after tax
>Not boring ( to me)

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good looking shoe but mine still hurts after about a month of use

How comfy are GATS from German ebay? Thinking of copping either those or the Adidas ones

Original GATS were made by Adidas.

stan smiths

are you kidding me

is there no better white sneakers than Stan Smiths?

i was thinking to cop these (not op here),but im black version.Should i pick the white or the black one?

sstan amiths

Does that color go on sale?

I'm tempted to just get these.

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I wore low top vans as beaters when I was in highschool.
Yesterday I bought some white huaraches and i've been wearing ferris hi.
I don't know about old skool low tops, but I guess it depends on the look you're trying to achieve

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How comfortable are the huaraches? They're a bit out of budget but might get one

Are jack purcells still alright? Mine are pretty trashed and I never managed to pick up the old ones

Stomping in my Air Force 1s proudly after I threw out my old SS. Recommend the crossover. But now I'm looking to purchase other shoes that minimal white sneakers so it's safe to say that it's "just a phase" and it's okay to wear loud(er) shoes

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Yeah purcells are heavily recommended over chucks over at /r/mfa

How about white ultra boosts? Bit pricey mind you.

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yeah too pricy, i have nmds so i have boost already

these are fucking ugly.

What's wrong with Stan Smiths?

They're not comfy enough.

what's thoses

stan smiths

Aren't they the same shoe?

hijacking bread because I also want a white shoe. For the anons saying get Purcells, should I go for this cream color instead? Or is pure white a better choice?

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Revenge Plus Gum

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Air Force 1s, they're super comfortable and pretty timeless. Adidas Superstars are good too but a little less comfortable and kind of played out right now (but timeless anyway)

AF1s were super heavy when I tried them out in store.

Add some gel insoles?

Reddit isn't a reason

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*blocks your path*

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ew autism shoes, no way i'm getting NB's

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hottest sneaker in the thread.

ID? Google isn't helping.

google says adidas sambas triple white you dumb fucking retard ass bitch

Yes, but they aren't that are they

Those clearly aren't sambas dumbass

Did mommy forget big boy's tendies?

got a good laugh out of these, thanks bros

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are the purcells really better than the chucks?


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i tried these in store, they were way too heavy, hard, and bulky. i imagine it gets comfier after actual use but the shoes were too heavy on my feet

Holy shit, are you not able to lift your own feet or what?

AF1s are actually known to be heavy though.

so you can't lift your feet? got it

I don't know the exact weight of AF1s but it for sure is the heaviest shoes I've ever tried on.

Guys I need help here. I'm trying to decide between the Chuck II and the Jack Purcell Pro, whichever one is more comfortable.

The difference is:

Chuck II
>Nike Lunarlon insole

Jack Purcell Pro
>Dual-density, OrthoLite® sockliner with Nike Zoom airbag in the heel for cushioning and comfort

The Purcell Pro is more expensive, and the only reason I can think of is because it has cushion in the actual heel instead of insole. Would the Purcell Pro be the better choice then?

Just bought the Converse Jack Purcell Pro Canvas Low Top.

I realized that the "Nike Zoom in the heel" means it's only on the heel and not throughout the insole. Fuck I feel robbed. Why is this more expensive than the Chuck II then?

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stan smiths


Sam Smiths

Get these. They’re baller

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I'm looking for some off white colored sneakers similar to pic related that don't cost more than $100. Anyone got suggestions?

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Are you used to really thin canvas shoes?

Nah. I used to wear Superstars, Stan Smiths, Nike SB Delta Force, and NMD R2 Primeknit.

Converse. Get them in cream

Surely somebody knows how comfortable OG gats are

No one knows.

>autism shoes
how can someone be so new, are you new to fashion?

I like white shoes but what color belt should u use? white belts are stupid. black doesn't work. brown?

New Balances are autism dad shoes. Simple as that

Not all of them. The old school ones are not dad shoes

stan smiths

which model? chucks?

depends on the rest of the outfit

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