Is there anything worse than chicks who dress "lol so random"

Is there anything worse than chicks who dress "lol so random"

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chicks who don't dress "lol so random"



cancer is probably worse


Coleslaw. I fucking hate coleslaw so much.

This fucking thread.

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give more examples

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frustrated boys on Veeky Forums who complain about them

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Well I can't argue with that

theyre just mad they cant get any pussy

There's nothing wrong with "lol so random girl's" in general, you're taste is shite if you really believe this shit, I would understand it if it were a dude, but we're talking about girl's here, they're supposed to act like retarded tweenagers way into their late 30s, it's one of the many thing's that make our depressing soul wrenching life as a man tolerable, it's what could only be described by most men as a turn on and it's what makes us want to keep them safe, it's usually manufactured and fake but we still like it.

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Sleeping with said chicks and finding a morass of deep seated self loathing hiding right under the super irreverent surface

Shuddering in disgust when she asks you to put a hand on her throat

That smell when the panties come off

The lack of refreshments in her fridge

Non of this matters, though. You soon locate her Percocet and beat a hasty retreat.

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shes an industry plant

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but she cute :(

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Clairo actually has some really nice outfits

fuck off clairo

frustrated boys or oh so random girls?

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t. clairo

she looks autistic

Fat chicks that refuse to accept that they are hideous


She's cute asf, not gonna lie I'd marry that one desu

stacies that dress and uggs or moccasins, yoga pants or sweat pants, and ratty sweatshirts barely edge them out
back in high school that was basically the stacy uniform, it looked fucking awful

>implying pic related doesn't look good

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i'd throw that fat dyke cunt out the window

only in a self defense situation ofc like if i had no other option

Who's that qt?

I don't really have an issue with basic /staciecore/

Objectively the worst

Depends if it looks kinda cute or makes them look mentally unstable and needs the attention.

wow you so epic random bro... :D

Incels leave. This girl seems fine, nothing screams “lol so random.”
You’re just autistic and don’t like to see girls wear whatever they want

your fits

is this supposed to prove your point? i'd submerge my head in her kuder

Is that Andy Milonakis?

VNDS condition

they're trying to be characters. everybody has to be a fucking character

buttmad OP's

>he says on Veeky Forums, a website for anime enthusiasts

imagine a qt3.14 dressed like that

was thinking the exact same thing.
That whale could actually be at least a 7 if she lost weight.

fuck you


raf simons, rick owens - usually what i'm jiiiizzzed iiiin