Seasons are changing lads, what's on the menu?

I'm looking for a barber in Brisbane anyone has any reccomendations. The options here all seem to be mall-chain barbers or faux-manly "beards, tattoos, and mustaches" sorts of places

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gonna be wearing this sweater i got on sale with a white collared shirt with a pair of raws.
Bought some Iron Hearts on the weekend, so looking forward to breaking them in

forgot pic lmao

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>changing seasons

Yeah right. I live in QLD too and at worst I will wear a knit for about 2 weeks of the year and will otherwise have no need to change my wardrobe.

sorry some of us live in real states

go eat a pineapple cock smoker

Check out the electric chair barbershop mate. Pretty effay imo

>seasons are changing

Don't you actually mean to say....

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Assuming you are not like the Veeky Forums meet up disgraceful meme photo from our city, Bare Bones at Morningside is the place to go.

Also, our season doesn't change. You go from shorts to long pants. It is pretty straightforward.


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m8, only wear long pants if you want to be uncomfortably hot and sweaty, most people will still be in shorts when August rolls around

I am aware. Very, very, very aware.

Nice. Rate to see IH’s in Australia. I think last most interesting denim I saw was a teacher(?) wearing TFH during some school outting in Sydney.

Kinda looking forward to insanely cold weather conditions if the US is anything to go by

Well I'm a melbfag but I love it since it gets cold as fuck over here so coats and layers and boots for me coming this autumn and winter.

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why is it impossible to be effay if your not 180

being 174 sucks ass

Get rid of everything in the right panel and youre doing alright, especially fuck off that gay cunt clipper

t. bumfuck nowhere NE qld

>he doesn't always wear long pants no matter the weather

Semi related, I'm a britbong and I might be spending a few months in Australia. What spf level do I need to not die when I get there?

job interview this week, got some florshiem rochesters in brown, indigo blue suit pants and a belt to match the shoes. Need a white shirt and tie tomorrow and I'm set. Need a thin V neck sweater to go over the top on colder days.

Fuck work you live in bogan land
Go pick up yer dole and buy some meth

nz here

time to put away the sleezy open spear collared shirts and bring out the black turtlenecks and leather jackets

nice to actually have real seasons here unlike u wog mixed emu fuckers

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oh shit

Just moved to South Perth lads, anyone round here know where a good spot for a haircut is?

I just moved to Brisbane dont really know anyone, want to be friends?

Ey, anglo that's moved to NZ here, thank fuck NZ isn't like bogan land

uh hate to break it to u but nz is bogan land outside of welly or auck metro area

when we say nz is the asshole of the world we're not joking

is this your outfit grid or a starter pack meme, i cant tell
Picked them up from Corlection in Melb, really helpful and nice guys. Also picked up a pair of 3sixteen 120x's, excited to see how those and the IH 666's fade
wear spf 50 and re-apply throughout the day

Good barbers in Melbourne?

Well I live currently near waikanae and it's not too bad, but havent really been anywhere else.

Highest one you got m8. We're the world record holder for skin cancer.

its 6cm dickhead calm down

lmao im a kiwi and i dont even know where that is nigga

but here, if you're 25 and under nz is a cultural wasteland hence why we all abandon this fucking shithole pretty quick for greener pastures ie melb/syd or london

French guy here, your barber are fucking shit, you only deserve mullets, pls have a redback bite your tiny dicks

Near Wellington, I get your point but London and central are absolute shit holes, occasionally visiting london isn't worth all the shit. And don't even think about living in london unless you're parents bank has a spare 500k lying around.

pretty old grid but yeh fucked that off awhile ago lol and the shitbox phone.

grid mate chill

its not that cold you faggot

I actually do, but if I didn't have to, I probably wouldn't

Yes blz. I'm living in an effay apartment in the CBD atm.

hi loz

>your barber are fucking shit
Could be worse, we could be French""""men"""" and not know proper English grammar.

>French guy here
fuck off mohammad I don't want to convert to Islam

aight add juivq on snapchat
everyone else welcome to aswell

do you have an insta i can stalk/follow? i dont use snapchat much

RIP Christchurch

add me on snap and i'll send it dont really wanna post it here lol

suave near uwa