How may I achieve Terrycore?

How may I achieve Terrycore?

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Build your own compiler

Repeatedly rape your 2nd DA when the team is on location in Prague

Then you'll be on Terry's level.

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Become schizophrenic and talk to god with your computer

d-do you think they fucked aftetwards?

Are you the guy in the left?

is he still a wanted homeless man?

Kill your local CIA nigger

>Terryposting on Veeky Forums

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wtf he looks so good here

he looks way better in this scruffier look

Wonder if the Vatican's computers use templeOS

no catholics aren't real christians why would they use an os made by a real christian also they believe the pope is the only person able to talk to god so why would they use an os from a guy that also talks to god?

This is real fashion, he just put this on, not thinking more then likely, his sincerity will lend more to this look then any of your hundreds spent, and clothing strategy used.

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terry davis from prophetic programmer to homeless to fashion icon

>not real christians
Who fucking cares. Dude was making a joke. Lighten up.

the templeOS shirt is pretty Veeky Forums

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He looks surprisingly good here. Homeless-core is always Veeky Forums


Not joking that's some good fit

I don't know if it's just the contrast with the /g/entoomen who come to visit him but he's looking super aesthetic recently

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i don't think there's an official one
someone's selling them on redbubble

he should lose the caps(but then he doesnt really cares does he)

Are crocs Terrycore?
I was thinking of getting these for comfort
Or regular crocs.

Also any good terry/deepwebcore hair cuts for an ovalish head.

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Are these recent pics?

I think
>Inb4 Buzz


more like build God's OS™

He's too mentally ill to capitalize on the memes surrounding him and his OS, so he doesn't sell merch.

why this man look like he bout to steal christmas from whoville

I want to buy a Temple OS shirt and some whitening strips for Terry

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the hats are better imo

yeah some anons visited him over the past couple day

Did someone say terries?

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