Thoughts on this guy?

Thoughts on this guy?

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No clue who this guy is but if this picture is any indication, avoid him like the plague.

He tries too fucking hard...
Anyone who has to do all that shit to get some pussy is just as insecure as the fatty wearing a metallica t-shirt

ok man

his focus is not getting pussy tho, he just talks about it sometimes, it's a fashion channel

>blazer with jeans

Into the trash

>Fuckboy hair
>Douche beard

Absolute trash, tries too hard to be white and is cringe

Top to bottom:
>Fuck awful haircut
>Collar is puffed up
>Possible denim shirt? If so, terrible with jacket
>Jacket doesn't fit in the shoulders
>Denim is too tight

Overall - 4.5/10

definition of trying too hard

first time seeing him but looks like extreme entry-level/retard accessible 'fashion'

dirty minority trying too hard
never going to get a white girl
probably a cell phone salesman or some shit
lives with mom
gets really really aggressive when he drinks

>to be white

Being a cumskin is a bad thing. He's better than that.

Shit hairstyle, needs a shave. Jeans too tight and wearing a blazer and tie with skinny jeans... nope

I want to see somebody wearing every one of the items he shills for all in a single fit. A fit with an Anson Belt, a MVMT watch, etc all worn simultaneously.

>doesn't know about arab grooming

Boring, what's the point?

What's with all the jealous stormfront-cels?

These dude would deep dick your imaginary gf.

He looks too skinny and his hair is awful

Unbearable to watch

The fact that they act like the things they say are normal really irks me.

He seems like a nice guy and all, but he’s not Veeky Forums. I wouldn’t listen to any specific brand recommendations or any of that shit from him. His viewer base is undoubtedly made up of people 19 and younger aka niggas at the dumbest parts of their lives.

Chinks go back to China

Funny how he is actually pretty ripped but still looks skinny as hell in clothes

>it's a fashion channel

no it's not. it is a cosplay channel for plebs to feel pretty. he tries way to hard to appear like a fashion guru. take his advice only if you want to get laughed at in public.

Absolute shit.
Shills to China and back.
LITERALLY 2++++ Minutes of his videos is advertising for some numake shitty brand of jewelry.

Also EVERY SINGLE ONS of his fit is the same.

Hey bro, wear some chinos and a polo, bro throw on a jacket for a more businessy look.
Accessories accessories accessories.

>wide peak lapels on a blazer
>casual button-down shirt worn with a tie
>wearing a tie and blazer with jeans
While following all the old-school menswear rules can be boring, breaking all the rules just makes you look like you don't know what you're doing.

For some reason, it seems like non-whites with the exception for north-east Asians and blacks, in general, try way too hard to appear classy. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation, maybe it's because they've been looked down upon by whites their entire life and feel the need to make up for it. This is especially true for Indians and south-east Asians.

This kind of style also seems to be popular among incels who try way too hard, and I can't stress this enough, but holy shit, that haircut is not only at least 3-4 years late but also rocked by plebs who want to look like something they're not

Also, this Fashion is supposed to be an extension of yourself, if you dress like this whilst not working in finance on a bank for example you're just looking like a tryhard loser.