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post redemption pics from this board that you saved, dont post yourself fags

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I posted myself by acciedent

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Bro where can i cop those sunglasses in left pic?

microsoft paint store

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those are some fucking gay rings granpda

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Whatever cucklord
I fucked all your fav trips

I really like this fit.

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haha nice one! you got him!

I don't know. That kind of rage just isn't me. I should have held back.

He's gonna be really hurt as that sinks in over the next 48. Shouldn't have done it.

Didn't post this

thats you?


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silhouette is atrocious

holy fuck that's bad
no one has favorite trips and if they did it especially wouldnt be you keep dreaming

All of you look so skinny and weak that it's making the clothes look like they're for compensating. I guess that's fine if you're attracted to art hoes but too many of them are mentally ill and like weak men.

You're so jealous this shit is sad yo

you fuck 5's, don't you?

what is there to be jealous of my dude youre literally a virgin


what else did you let slip? I paid you good money.

from the back?
mickey mouse silhouette

Lol. You are like a 40 year old man

sulli has always solid fits

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No shit, faggot
I was born in 80

Fo real tho do you remember anything about your childhood, or is it all just a montage of beer breath and rectal thermometers?
And FFS man why does your skin look like its made of dried semen and candlevwax?

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westerncore is effay as fuck and the one true timeless style.

W2c jacket?

you couldn't afford them sry, advanced camouflage tech no ms paint

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this is pretty fucking dope, mad jelly of the pants, anyone got ID?
i actually like his silhouettes / proportions a lot of the time

this nigga posts some pretty good shitt, very hit and miss sorta thing though, not much of a fan of his more streetwear stuff

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Good for a winter inspo folder.

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effay fake leg hhmmmmmmmm big think

w2c boots

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im pretty sure its these

>mickey mouse
lol i like that. im thankful to whoever posted it but yeah i need to keep working at it cheers
thanks sulli i love your fits and you're prob the only trip i actually like

:) i try not to be an asshole

god bless you

>still wearing rings he made in highschool metal shop

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comically large feet.

id on jacket and pants pleaze!

Arpenteur corduroy work jacket, L size, usually wear M and can fit to most S size outerwear so it's a bit oversized. Pants were some issey miyake cotton pants, dont know any specific name or collection.

what does showing the undershirt like in OP bring to the aesthetic, I never got that.

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w2c pants

w2c a jacket like this

Why do these threads have better outfits than the WAYWT threads? what the fuck?

I feel special now

this guys a real faggot


damn you look good, w2c jacket?

isn't that guy in prison for life?

w2c jacket

w2c sweater

not nick

I thrift all my stuff sorry bois

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you can at least tell them boys the brands of the thrift, Nick. throw them a bone.

Sumimasen, cardigan is Sahara Club, Sweater is St John's Bay, Pants are dockers. Shoes Idk

thanks, Nick.

itd look better if he wasnt ugly

id on jacket

I've been thinking of pulling something together similairto this an you pulled it off really well. would be cool if we could get a standing pic.

Nope, I was acquitted and exonerated. The accuser is now even more of a turbo snowflake and considers her self to be a radical lesbian feminist who fucks short fat dudes when she drunk and low on validation.

She changed her last name, too. Because she had multiple assault charges against me that did not go so well for her, there's no way she'd ever get a job/diploma/internship/etc with her real name.

boring thread

>perfect fit ruined by footwear

Every time.

common projects officer combat boots

what the fuck?
Also, checked

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cos was FW this year

wuuut please elaborate, I though people like that were just a myth

I spoke a lot about it in a narcissist abuse forum
You can find it.

Uh, basically nightmare upon nightmare upon nightmare. It's the main reason I won't date ATM.

Drugs, cheating, slander, assault, destruction of property, bed bugs, more cheating, theft, fraud & a bricked phone.
Oh, maybe you remember I write music? Well, she deleted 20 years of my recordings then texted me taunting me about it.

wow jesus, thats fucked up
how the hell did you allow yourself to get into and endure that shitt? she manipulated you?

I was 1500 miles from home, with everything I own and every last dollar. We talked every day and wrote letters 3x a week for about a year, so I didn't know what I was getting into.
Hell, a year after I moved her pops took me aside and told me about her legit schizophrenia diagnosis. I just... I thought she was chll and unpoisoned and wise and it was all just a program she was running. I was in too deep and I was still naive! I thoiught I could fix her! I thought love could defeat stupidity!

The only thing that bothers me a decent amount to this day? We were engaged, right? She wore my great great grandmother's wedding ring. She wore it while she fucked men and women alike.
She sucked off some kid with my great great grandmother's gold and diamond ring on the hand that gripped the cock.
Shit, that's petty, i guess. It bothers me though... disrespect for tradition and love and family on that scale.
She fucked herself, tho. She would have been set for life. I fucked myself - I shoulda cut connects far earlier.

that sucks man... down the road though that cunt will be worse of than you if that makes you feel better

It does! during the times when I was in&outta court, an elderly woman I didn't even know pulled me aside and promised me that same thing.
She said "Honey, whatever you do to that woman, life and God gonna do her 100 times worse."
I told a friend here in ny that I still missed her last year, and he went and found her social media shit on his own time and sent me pics, with a line attached like "she's already falling apart dude, just lay back"

Good lord was that old woman on the money.

Thanks, man. I appreciate the concern. Good vibes to you.

fucked story
but you can learn from it and that's no small thing

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A heartfelt thank you.
I hope I helped a few ppl in that forum, not just myself. A twisted SO can honestly destroy somebody.

I'm grateful for the knowledge tho! I see through so much bullshit now, it's liberating.

wait so, what were you being charged for?

layers r cool

She got arrested for assaulting me a few times, spent a couple weekends in the clink. I called 5-0 the first time it got bad (as in, she had a knife and had drawn blood from my face with her nails), but the neighbors did after that. She got so damn LOUD!
Her final arrest that I know of was the same situation, but twenty minutes later, there's a knock on my door. It's the cop who took her away.
"Sir, Ms. ____ said you put a bruise on her upper arm?"

I was in a state where accusation of domestic violence = jail, even if no evidence is present. Hell, I was fucking bleeding when I answered the door. From his voice, I say the cop was obviously not on board but powerless to do anything but enforce the law.
I was out in under 72 hours. The seargent who took my cuffs off said this to me: "Son, look at me. Your young still. You didn't marry her. You're gonna be okay."
That's the deal. Bullshit DV allegation. I should add that this girl was getting increasingly hardcore SJW the entire time we were together, and by the end times I started hearing that old gem....

"Your words are violence!"

....and that's why I'm not a liberal anymore.

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Source on boots please

w2c coat

i c o n

lol wtf u talking bout?

lol why would you save this

so what have you contributed?

my time

I did save this rhabujani-core pic

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>someone saved this