Is LV a dead company?

is LV a dead company?

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Their taste is dead, but they're going full meme and gonna make a ton of money.

“ DEAD “

was definitely not expecting that


kill me please

>literally be a construction worker .
>suck dick and meet kanye west.
>"""design"" album covers.
>have a failed label.
>make edgy """original""" designs that are not a ripoff of 90s raf.
>put your shitty designs on cotton fiber gildan tier t shirts and shirts - price tag $900 per shirt
>give them to every rapper, actor, model, singer you can talk to so they can advertise it.
>get article after article after article wrtitten about your """creativity"""" and """"work ethic"""".
>Make millions from simple designs or if they're not simple then steal them from early 90s fashion or from an old intern or from a random smaller streetwear shop.
>end up working with Nike as a collab. Steal the concept of the concept of the designs from @elisavanjoolen (pic related)
>get hired by LV as the head designer.

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I fucking hate this man

This is definitely an historic landmark for both streetwear and traditional fashion, and it is pretty obvious that it is part of a thought-out plan of LV's. I do not like Abloh's work and barely respect him as a fashion designer, but I am curious to see where this will lead

Those sneakers look quite amazing desu. Off White's version truly looks like trash though, as if they tried to replicate and re-adapt the design without understanding what was great about it

god i fucking HATE reading comments on social media

literally WHY do people write such tripe

For reference

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l m a o

rip in pieces louie v

not that anyone except mainland gooks and soccer moms bought ur goods anyway

me too I had to greentext his his rise to senpai so everyone else can see how much of a fraud he is
they are a 100 better. the person he stole the design from seem genuine and pretty original, there was another designer who was african who virgil stole other designs from, it was the shirt with the hollowed out planet on it, he stole the design and changed the colors and slapped "Earth" and "No Where" on it then added the offwhite strips
thank you, I meant to put the second pic up here is sauce if anyone needs it

100x better *


Niggers ruined fashion.

I'd rather see how he fares before tossing the first stone.

I don't like offwhite (kinda like a few of the nike shoes though) but I'll wait and see what he has in store. LV has been shit for ages though so lets see whether he makes it somewhat more interesting or flings more shit in.

Too be fair, he completed degrees in Civ Eng and Architecture before sucking Kanye's dick.

LV's menswear was awful until present, this can't be anything but an improvement

>LV has been shit for ages though
Have you watched recent runways ?

LV is not limited to tacky accessories and silly collaborations you know. Those are only meant to keep the brand relevant to the pleb and rise funding the actual high fashion collections - and LV womenswear collections are great.

Amazing, I got a degree in law do you think I can make it as an international throatsinger ?

>enabling streetwear hacks into high fashion

Streetwear IS high fashion these days

>>make edgy """original""" designs that are not a ripoff of 90s raf.
You just mean the vintage Raf where he put pictures/text on sweaters/parkas? Or something else? I like your greentext, btw.

Friendly reminder:

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Is this real? Quek


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2009 was really hilarious

Actually this is really interesting. There have been threads on Veeky Forums and reddit of what designers wear and they're really consistent/autistic or completely unrelated to their collections which they likely view as "art".

Virgil jumping from style-to-style/trends tells us a lot about who he is and him in relation to other proper "designers".

>Amazing, I got a degree in law do you think I can make it as an international throatsinger ?

If you pay attention to my post you'll see that I didn't defend him or his work. Architecture is a field of design and he didn't go from school dropout to construction worker to Kanye dicksucker.

You are somewhat right, in my opinion it's the case of Virgil's background, which is streetwear.
Streetwear always jumps where the current hype is. It takes a trend and exploits or transforms it into consumer friendly version for young people that can afford it.
It's not much more than hyped, more expensive mallcore, that's why all main worldwide companies are interested in it.
Of course, fashion, or high fashion sometimes acts in a similar way. The difference is that high fashion is nearly always more creative or experimental. That's why I think current trend of merging streetwear with fashion houses is terrible (Gucci is basically a hypebeast brand now).

Remember the 00s? When corporate companies like Prada Group bought off independent designers like Helmut Lang? It didn't end well too.

I know but nothing interesting has come out recently imo.

Maybe I haven't been following the right sources though.,

I liked the cruise runway though.

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Don't see the resemblance at all

Has Louis Vuitton ever had any class anyway? Their thing is to cover shit in that pattern of theirs. In my eyes they've always been a tasteless, tacky, gaudy fashion house for rich people that are tasteless, tacky and gaudy. It's a shame too because their origins began long ago. Anyone disagree?

Educate yourself and come back later please

But why?

not him but noone wants to spoonfeed you. just do some basic research first before posting about something you have no idea about

So basicaly you guys can't refute his comment. Got it

>do you think I can make it as an international throatsinger ?

Who's the Kanye of international throatsinging? Just go suck his dick.

I admit that they have some good designs, but i se that the majority of them just scream "look at me, im wearing LV!" I will also admit that i am not so knowledgeable on the topic of Louis Vuitton. Now answer me faggot, why am i wrong?

Sounds like you guys might be wrong here lol

This kind of people is staple of LVs customers

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pinnacle of low taste celebrity

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in other words: whack

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Just some affirmative action style bullshit. Yeah they’re dead

Could be that or it could be that he pitched some great ideas to them. Kanye has talked (raged) about this before, how he and Virgil were turned down by multiple companies, after coming to them with ideas that later became popular trends . This could be a calculated risk LV is taking. I wasn't much of a fan of their clothing so maybe a big and public change in direction is what they need to try out new shit.

>Kanye has talked (raged) about this before, how he and Virgil were turned down by multiple companies, after coming to them with ideas that later became popular trends .
Lmao imagine believing this

>Amazing, I got a degree in law do you think I can make it as an international throatsinger ?

I don't disagree with your point but there are plenty of great and influential fashion designers that have never received a formal education in the field

Do you think they care about making money or winning points and exposure for being progressive? You can not eat or buy shit with exposure. Exposure is not a currency. They went with the person they think is going to make them a profit. Go read up on Tom Ford's career, he shook up the industry and everyone shitted on him until they saw how much money he was raking in. Companies only care about trends and profit.

>Exposure is not a currency

objectively not true in the age of social media

“The first thing I am going to do is define new codes. My muse has always been what people actually wear, and I am really excited to make a luxury version of that.” ~ Virgil Abloh

I can see why.
No one's hyping up LV as they are with Gucci these days.
High-fashion is getting obsessed with the streetwear trend.

Louis Vuitton isn't trying to win popularity points by being "progressive" they hired the person they think is going to make them a profit. Outside of getting users to their website they give next to 0 fucks about instagram and twitter. Those sites are purely for free advertisement and their main customer base are most likely not in the demographic of people who care about social progression or justice. Their customers are wealthy people with enough disposable income to shop and travel while not having to worry about getting a fair hand in life.

>dumbass french faggots hire dumbass american negro

>LV goes full hypebeast

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>Every fashion house are after 16 year old boys hypebeast fags

Wasn't women aged around 20's and 30's were their primary demographic? How did this transition happen?

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I’d be angrier if he took over Dior now that Kris is gone.

>Kanye has talked (raged) about this before, how he and Virgil were turned down by multiple companies, after coming to them with ideas that later became popular trends.
You mean the ideas that had already been done and that he wanted to pass off as his own? He said the same thing about leather sweatpants, even though Rob Garcia brought his first pair to him (ye). Same goes for the start of the yeezy brand as a whole.
Don't get me wrong, I think LV is making a good publicity move, but both of these men are hacks when it comes to fashion design, and hype can only turn profits for so long.

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i don't know, that fuck terrorists shirt is pretty sick

This is not new to fashion at all though. Everyone eats up Hedi's work and he shamelessly copies. That's just the way the industry works. What counts is if you can sell it, deploying it at the proper moment to set or ride trends. Even Rick Owens use to design copy garments.

Virgil Abloohblooh


when will they learn they cant into fashion


So literally getting past the most entry tier degree in all of STEM? Civil engineers are a fucking joke.

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>Who's the Kanye of international throatsinging?
huun huur tu

Well you are on a Mongolian throat singing forum after all.

kopałbym po ryju grubasa pornograficznego

kim jones has been out of ideas for awhile, or else the house has him under creative restraint. collection after collection is this same boring shit. trench coat. suit. bluchers. oh gee, the jacket has the logo printed on it? how exciting.

LV's output to date is redundant with polo RL and RL purple, even RL has more identity than LV. giving abloh the reigns means they are probably losing steam on monogram luggage sales, and they are finally willing to take a gamble on style. kudos to them.

given abloh's sensibility and LV's seeming creative suppression to make their clothes generic and widely palatable though, i think there will be some serious dilution and i anticipate more yawns in the future.

also all these posters who think that high fashion has just started to have an affair with streetwear, one, LV menswear isnt exactly high fashion. two, were you alive for the era of hilfiger? this has been going on for awhile. this includes your favorite designers like raf, who take design inspiration from the street. you think raf cast teenage punks in his early shows because they were more agreeable and professional than pro models? you think the patches he slapped on milsurp jackets was an original stroke of design? theres always been a dialogue between runway and street, especially amongst the working poor.

im not a fan of off-white, but there are a lot of people who are giving knee jerk reactions because "ooga booga me no like nigger"


so when can I expect kanye to be the next president

The second pic says sample cos it's actually a sample you retard. The released version doesn't say that on it.

Imagine how Lagerfield felt in that moment.

>Have you watched recent runways ?
>LV is not limited to tacky accessories and silly collaborations you know.
This. Fuck Abloh. I actually like a lot of LV's ready-to-wear. Yeah, they have their new-money status symbol trash, but their seasonal stuff is really good. I hope whoever is CD of their women's stuff stays.

>being this new to fashion

I'm just entering this argument, but there's a difference between someone being unable to refute you and being unwilling to enable your laziness. Can't you use google or wikipedia to learn a little about the brand's history or view their shows?

I'm not saying they're the best current label, but their stuff is decent, and outside of bags/clutches/etc. they don't use blatant branding. It's just a solid fashion house with a long prestigious lineage.

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Damn, this dude just finessed the whole fashion industry. Ultimately bad for fashion, but good for LVMH's bottom line.

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>news is about menswear
>posts from womenswear

also just because its a big house that has been around for a hundred years doesnt mean what they do at present is good. the original poster that started that comment chain even said how it was a shame given their origins.

for example dior is a fashion house with a long, storied history but its menswear was a waste of fabric until hedi got aboard. its funny too when dior homme started to blow up with hedi, you could see clueless or desperate resellers mark up their christian dior menswear thrift buys with nonsense about how it was "rare" and "haute couture"

finally your pic isnt really helping your case. "the matrix" ass leather trench coats? leather motorcycle pants? cheetah print luggage purse? the jacket on the left is pretty cool but its still more edgy than classy. why take a pic from their RTW when you could have chosen a pic from their couture--oh waiitttt

>long prestigious lineage
>only started making clothes 20 years ago under marc jacobs direction

i think you should use google and wikipedia yourself

Hedi's work, though rehashed, were rehashes of things Laurent had done in earlier years when he had connections with rockers of the era, so it made sense. Rick used to (used being the key word) make fake garments, he also used to make drapes, which has shown through more in his style?

But both these are besides the point, because that wasn't the point of my post. Even with the work that both Hedi and Rick have done in the past, you don't see them complaining, saying that they were 'ahead of their time'. They just made quality clothes, and the market followed. Hype + cheap designs is a very short term, and rather poor, way for a company to look at business. Sure, with LVMH behind him, Virgil will have access to better quality products from the start, but depending on how well/poorly his designs end up being, he could put LV in a bad places years down the line.

How do you feel about Kim at Dior? I, for one, think it's a terrible fit, especially if, as you pointed out, Kim is creatively dry, rather that being held back.

Not memeing would Hypebeast be able to kill haute couture since every fashion house is going after streetwear?

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they were dead for a while, they had one last breathe with the supreme collab.

short answer is no. longer answers include first, haute couture is categorically separated from ready to wear. so one does not threaten the other.

two, theres no such thing (yet) as mens haute couture. small more craft designers like miyashita or geoffrey b small who make their own line have a little share in the market, but its not comparable to womens. seville row? in terms of craftsmanship, sure, but not in terms of artistic freedom and creativity.

three, hypebeasting and streetwear, whatever its negatives, is part of what pushed the menswear market to the new heights (and yes, new lows) we have today. these fashion houses have only recently (1990s, as compared the 1890s of older houses for womens wear) started taking seriously the idea of mens fashion. tim blanks will wax poetic about the days the mens runway was a joke or afterthought in some of his reviews. a good example of the nexus between runway and street is visvim, which is a quintessential hypebeast label, with sneakers being their flagship product, but the sourcing of fabrics, dye, and design source material is deeply researched quite a cut above the standard fare.

right now there is a dialectic between runway and street, as i mentioned in the other post, that has gone on for awhile and will continue to happen. i think part of the menswear market seeking elevated or artistic garments will continue to expand.

i actually wasnt certain if kim was being held back or not. if they allow him as much freedom as they allowed kva, who produced some horrifying collections in his first few years (i will never in my life forget those gold jeans with jewels on them), i think we'll have an opportunity to have more insight on the question. i wasnt moved by his solo line, i thought some of his design conceits were a little on the nose for my own taste, but its been awhile since that time and im genuinely interested in seeing him use new tools he has gained from his time at LV.

>short answer is no

But would it hurt fashion houses brand like Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent and LV since they're catering to 16 year olds at the moment?

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The only people who give two fucks about LV are time travelling chavs, overpaid overweight engineery types from bass ackwards middle eastern countries who can divine the speed of a theoretical particle in vacuum while secretly thinking that shit like honor Killing is AWWWWRRRIIIIGHHHT!

Also, ugly middle aged asian women who married up and don't understand that style is not a purchase you opt into.

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>Civ Eng and Architecture
That's like getting a liberal arts degree.

when it comes to art you have to be consistent in style and subject.
Like if you see a van gogh painting you know its a van gogh just by the style.

This is the way of a true fartist and how you line your portfolio to present to museums and asshole business people

I'm back. Did a bit of reading. Marc started their ready to wear fashion in 97 so they haven't been doing this fashion shit for a very long time. I understand the historical significance of the pattern(originally used on trunks to prevent other companies from copying design) but i still think it's gaudy. I went on their website and looked at the shit they're peddling; not bad but kind of boring, i only saw one thing i kinda liked, much of the selection was out of stock tho. Looked at the fashion show; some things i disliked but the rest made me yawn. Boring shit. I do want to make a point here. The Supreme collab occured a year ago but their reputation has been damaged enough to make someone who gives no fucks about them(me) think even less of them. I wonder how bad it will get.

>The Supreme collab occured a year ago but Their reputation has been damaged enough to make someone who gives no fucks about them(me) think even less of them
the thing is that pretty much no one thinks anything o LV's ready to wear collections. Right now they are only known for their tacky accessories, and for a handful or Couture dresses worn by some celebrities. They do not really have an image as an actual fashion house in the eye of the general public, which means that there is pretty much nothing to lose for them. On the other hand they could well earn a brand new image in the eye of an extremely wide audience with Virgil, and become the first luxury house openly targeting hypebeasts. If this movement lasts, it will make them the precursors and leaders of a new and potentially very lucrative niche

Also this kind of strategy has always been at the core of their success. LV accessories became popular because they were stupidly overpriced, looked luxurious and sported very recogniseable branding, making them a social marker for nouveaux riches. But right now, their branding does not appeal to the rich kids who grew up with streetwear culture. If they manage to make it relevant again with Abloh's popularity and designs, this could be a massive cornerstone for their menswear line. A bit like when Hedi revamped Dior Monsieur into Dior Homme : he came with his personal vision, which was very popular at the time, and applied it to a totally irrelevant luxury menswear line and even today, years later, Dior Homme is still a major reference for wealthy people

most people wearing LV are fakes anyway bought from pic rel

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very interesting points. unfortunately, at least where i live, LV is 100% associated with middle aged women because of the belief that having a LV handbag = rich and fancy (aka total fucking trash) so it's hard to say precisely what will happen. that being said ONLY hype beasts know who abloh even is

>that being said ONLY hype beasts know who abloh even is
which is pretty much my point

in my opinion, LV wants to be the first luxury label to hit this new market and to hit it hard, which perfectly justifies hiring a designer who is very popular among hypebeasts and pretty much unknown by the rest of the population. As long as the guy know how to appeal to the niche they are trying to enter, that's all they need

That's actually ingenious! they revived a fading star, and doubled market share!

Holy shit, mind blown.

Going by this line of thinking it makes sense that LV would want to cash in on their customer base by appealing to what that demographic wears.

Answer me this turbonerds: would he be more qualified in his position if he had a master's degree in theoretical physics?

>revived a fading star

you dont seem to be grasping the brands history if you believe it is a "fading star"

Ok, how about "not nearly as relevant as they once were" ???

when did this become a meme?

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