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In the middle of family express edition

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Fake golden rolex is the ultimate sleaze watch

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Cracked iPhone 4

hawaiian shirt
hawaiian shirt under blazer
hawaiian shirt under suit jacket

ops image is the most sleazecore thing i have seen in a while

Being sleaze is more than an outfit. You need to be balding, have had a divorce at least twice, seen your business go bankrupt, bought stolen items and know girls that work in stripclubs to be true sleaze.

You people just look like little fashion teens cosplaying as their favorite actor

yeah and if you wear jeans you have to be a coal miner and if you wear a bomber you have to drop bombs out of a plane

go fuck yourself, my guy

Begone little fashion teen

>I'll call him a kid that'll get him

tell me more about your problems with authenticity

You are a teen though

fuck off beaner

It's pretty obvious what we call sleazecore is just a colorful take on heroin chic for the summer.


He's right tho sleeze has an age bracket, just go heroin chic if you are under 24 or have baby face

i refuse to believe he hit a bong in his car, he looks like he does coke not weed

post examples of heroin chic pls

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it's thinspo post goth if you want it spelled in buzzwords.

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not what i was expecting but i still like it

it's fashion, you can pretty much pull it off from under 24 if you don't have a baby face
It's the same style but with summer colours, a suntan and a greaser slick.
google it for more but it's just model anorexia and dark circles in essence

wish I didn't have a baby face

Civic owners don't do coke

copped this Tim Burton-sleaze from h&m just cause i recently got into striped button up shirts and thought i'll just start my collection with a cheap and simple shirt
thinking of getting some 20€ sandals from asos aswell for the summer

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>i hope my knock-off rolex is obviously fake

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Graham Bonnet was cool af back in the day.

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Only Source You Need

>heroin chic
No, not similar.
Heroin chic consists of dirty clothing whereas the hallmark of sleaze is high-market suits and shirts played casually.


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depends on your skin colour, check out your tonal range.


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whatever dude, make your own illuminations.

I've got an olive/tan complexion, so probably the lighter one.
These are the amazon made shirts, apparently they're 25% linen, 75% silk

If your shoes dont have
-Pointed or chisel-toe
-Outrageous burnishing
-Beveled soles
-Unusual designs
or they don't stick out like a sore thumb you can fuck right off

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Here's an outdated example but you get the point

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i have a pair of seude creepers, do they count?

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Krokodil core

Only Derbys and Loafers are sleazy.

I thought kenny had a sick sleaze-esque fit in new freezer.

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Why would they advertise the price of skim milk on the gas sign? Why not at the very least 2% milk which is bought in the most volume?

The absolute mad man.

The fist one without a doubt, this will make you retard if you can't pull it off though.

someone's jealous of heroin chic guys

If only he knew what a legend he was...

a bit polished for sleeze-core imho

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You better be a dude whose formalwear consists of a single tiger-striped drape jacket and a collection of bolo ties

Sleaze God

I wore a hawaain shirt last week in a bar and many people told me that i look like a fucking cocaine addict who hasnt slept for days, because of that shirt and my dark circles.
I guess i nailed sleazecore without even trying.

this is the real thing not your gucci poser shit

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top notch work, 10/10

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>tfw not enough chest hair

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hi newfag

is jack /sleaze/?

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>tfw not enough head hair

Kinda expensive for sleezecore, no? I would have expected the cheapest shoes from somewhere like Men's Wearhouse or Jos A Banks.

I mean spending beyond your means on superficial stuff and creature comforts like shoes, jewellery and drugs is very sleazy behavior.
very much so

How is formal sleaze attire?

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Where can I cop one?

Goes to show that if you're going to be a scumbag, do it in style.

Looks like the perfect embodiment of the chad side in one of those 'virgin x chad x' memes though.
>smokes while fuelling car
>leaves engine on
>doesn't even look where he's putting it
>zero fucks given
>virgin motorist just sits there getting butthurt and posting passive-aggressive rants about it

got any more like these?

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so.. be italian american?

Amazing, instead of leaving a dangerous situation she takes a fucking picture to get likes on social media. THAT is fucking sleaze.

ebay or your local downtown ally


Elias isn't wearing a shirt from fucking Amazon, is he?

I wish gas was still that cheap

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that's Miami core, not sleaze core

is riff sleazecore?

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lighting can any skinny person look Veeky Forums even that washed out druggy.

Does sleaze core intersect with latin lover core?
Can latinos and meds wear this without looking like Pablo Escobar?

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When I think of sleazecore I think Saul Goodman and Hunter S Thompson