Fake Yeezy Thread

Does anyone own a pair of fake Yeezy boosts? I bought some on aliexpress a year ago and honestly they're not a bad pair of shoes. I might start exclusively buying fake Yeezys

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>wearing Yeezys at all in 2018

Why would you spend money on this garbage hypebeast idiot

because $8 sneakers are smarter than any other shoe choice

If you're already buying shit on aliexpress can't you at least get some GATs or thrift some shoes or something. What do you even wear them with? Joggers and hoodies exclusively?

Black basketball shorts and knee high black socks

The dream is to cop some yams

Don't really see the point, at least with V2s. They aren't exactly good looking shoes, the appeal is more in the exclusivity and rarity, and fakes don't have that. Fakes don't feel as good to wear either as most of them have jut some whatever foam instead of Boost. And with the Beluga 2.0 and Blue Tint colors released so widely you can get them for little to no markup over retail price, I don't think anyone can use the "too expensive" excuse any more either.

OP if you go for yeezys at least don't go for v2s the original ones are way more effay

Unless you're trying to entice teenagers into mocking you, I don't know why you would do this

What's the most horrible fake you can find on Aliexpress? I'm not sure if it's these American flag ones

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..or these ones that say KANYE YEEZY on them. These exist in several colorways.

I'm wondering who this kind of stuff is for, is it for the Chinese market who don't really care about authenticity or what?

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This KLQ-350 is a definite winner.

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underage banned lol

this would actually be a fun pair of shoes to wear ironically

with that on your feet you can make fun of both yeezy and chunky sneakers memes at the same time, AND piss off hypebeast faggots by wearing blatant fakes

i propose this

>real fucking shit
>extremely fucking loud
>even the hyperautists that barely know what yeezys are will know these are fake
>make anyone that wears yeezy instantly dislike you from a mile away

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>wearing anything ironically


Recently a had an idea to create instagram for outfits made with most cringe copies of meme items, maybe i should do it.

What are the best shoe fakes on AliExpress right now? Not necessarily Yeezys

I only buy fake yeezy's. what kind of retard would buy real ones

I wear these ironically with unironic fits. I think it's hilarious

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What's the difference between real and fake Yeezys?

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smart people obv..

i get them through a plug for less than cost price and resell on footlocker for slight undercut market price so i can buy carol christian poell and elena dawson check and mate my dude

>buying fakes

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Quality. Some of the textures are off too. Plenty of tutorials online to spot fake from real.

What kind of retard would wear any Yeezys?

I'd recommend getting PK's v2's, best ones out there.

Most of the fakes don't have real boost, so that's a pretty big difference right there.

The only losers who wear yeezys are genz soyboys

None of the v2s are rare lol

Zebras were re-released and the fakes that look 99.9% accurate have killed off any exclusivity.

V2s are comfortable shoes both rep and retail. You really don't know what you're talking about if you think they have whatever foam. The replica boost is damn close in terms of comfort and appearance. The only way people legit check is because the boost material has more uniform pellets and is slightly softer.

I was about to buy like 150€ worth of Palace- and OW-fakes on aliexpress.

I'm glad I didn't since that hypebeast shit's runned and fueled by trashy faggots, trashier asians and 14 year old brats.

Carhartt, CK and Nike is all you need

It's already too late to cop fake yeezys, the normies already claimed them

>see effay dudes with yeezys
>think to myself; should I cop the next drop?
>see random Asian girl with Yeezys
>totally mismatch with outfit
>think to myself; nice cop, I guess
>suddenly start seeing them everywhere
>2 random normie dudes in front of me wear the exact same pair
>I'm supposed to believe those aren't fake

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I used to know a couple of guys who ordered fake Yeezy boosts from Asia. Apparently they were just factory rejects. They were pretty high quality and certainly looked authentic at least.