Is this true?

wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time is the pinnacle of stupid

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Wearing suspenders at all is cringe unless you're a curvaceous Hoe of the Arts

"How can you trust a man who wears both a belt and suspenders? The man can't even trust his own pants."

Yes? Why the fuck would you wear both when they serve the exact same purpose. That'd be like wearing a watch on both of your arms or two duffel coats layered ontop of each other.

Disagreed, suspenders are necessary for amish chic

>being this stupid

Why would you even wear suspenders unless you're Larry King or a teenager LARPing as a skinhead?


That needs a drink.

Nice dubs, but what in the fuck do suspenders have to do with Neo-Naziism?


it's called avent guard you pleb

school shooter-core exists

because some people think it's hot

More like avant retard.

School shooter core harnesses the power or cringe and channels into a beam of raw aesthetic force

>All these people asking why you need suspenders
Suit w/ suspenders > suit w/ belt

Example needed

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Henry Fonda is right.

nah, pleny of tradesmen and cops hang tool pouches and shit on their belt and then use suspenders for extra support since the belt is so heavy. It's very functional.

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What does fa think of wearing suspenders under pullovers? Like on top of a kent shirt with a tie and stuff and a v neck pullover over the suspenders.

Pls respond

that's how you are supposed to wear them, as underwear

what do skinheads have to do with neo naziism?

check mate. do more research

Came here to post this

This picture is absolutely evil

>Implying all skinheads are neonazis

Wow lad, time to go outside and or read a book. Stupid nigger.

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