Always thought i was good looking, 8/10 on a good day

>always thought i was good looking, 8/10 on a good day
>people keep telling me i look like ugly celebrities
people have told me i'm good looking too, so why does this keep happening

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Take a pic and we will see.

i never thought i was especially good-looking, but people have been telling me i look like Adam Driver and now i want to die

post you face, we'll tell you straight

this is actually great material to refine it with some fashion.

now stop whining

>tfw asymmetrical face but both sides are handsome

>i look like ugly celebrities

hell that's the next best thing to being good looking.

good looks > ugly celebrity looks > ugly no body

is Adam Driver effay?

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If someone said I looked like him I'd off myself too.

Nobody gives a fuck and this thread isn't Veeky Forums related. Go be ugly somewhere else.

it's better to be interesting ugly, then just plain boring ugly. You should rather be worrying about character, sense of style and charisma

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>is Adam Driving to the oven?
I hope so.

FACT: Adam Driver gets more pussy than all of Veeky Forums combined

***only because he is famous
go to bed adam

People always tell me I look like a younger version of this guy. Why am I so hideous bros :(

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some guy told me i look like a better version of joe lycett
i don't know how to feel about it

I’ve been told I look like Toby Mcguire

Same here user. People have given me all the colours of the rainbow when it comes to how I look, and even when I look in the mirror I always see a completely different person.

tfw look like ezra miller
not sure if good / bad

People tell me I look like Ben Foster. Good or bad thing?

I always get told I look like Jim Carey
I dunno if that's a compliment or not

That's alright

I get comparisons to Ansel Elgort, Andrew Garfield, and Shia LaBeouf. How ugly am I?

Post pic faggot, not a reference

>character, sense of style and charisma
These things are beyond 99.9 percent of Veeky Forums, but since they're also beyond most teenagers, Veeky Forums shouldn't stress too much.

i'm 32

Until you stop caring about this shit, you'll always be a slave. To anyone.

Stop it. Fucking STOP.
It doesn't matter. None of it.
Sadness is safety. Get off your ass and do something memorable.

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i have the opposite problem, i dont think im particularly good looking but people tell me i look like good looking celebrities all the time. pic related is one. and no i wont post a pic of myself thats gay and im not trying to brag saying i look like this guy just want to point out people are wierd

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I get told I look like Pablo Escobar a lot, I'm not even chubby nor am I from south america. I'm just half paki

I get this with yung lean
my face is like aids-tier thin and i keep getting compare to chubby dudes

I get told I look like a faggot