What is Veeky Forums‘s opinion on New Balance? Eurofag asking

What is Veeky Forums‘s opinion on New Balance? Eurofag asking

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euro here, new balance are the only casual shoes I buy.

Amerimutts have some kinda stigma about them being dad shoes since they cant distinguish between shitty looking and good looking shoes.

I think that they are pretty cool, especially all the bulkier retro runners. They give pretty chill vibes and are comfy so 10/10. Its not coincidence that many of the better online stores stock them. Bit more rare shoes also have a "in the know" feel which I as a 'tist enjoy.

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NB is the official shoe of the alt right.
I have that exact 574 model. 10/10 would buy again.

I like them but I know a lot of Veeky Forums doesn't.

Pretty good as far as sneakers bridging the athletic/casual divide. If you wear them with relaxed fit overly long jeans you'll look like a dad obviously but they're pretty well built and not overly designed like the Balenciaga dad sneakers to the point where you need to wear them with other kinda weird stuff. They go just fine with a basic well fitting pair of jeans or chinos.

I like them and want to get a pair, but I'm not sure which one.

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The small "N" are pretty good. The US made and UK made are pretty awesome imo

I have the all white crt 300s. I think they were more hip a few years ago but I just got them and they’re going to be my summer shoe

i have the blue+red CRT 300, everyone says they are cool,and are comfy as fuck.

would love the CRT 300 creamwhite+red but my local store don have them

Those ones are great. Unfortunately they don't have any of the good colors on their website anymore.

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574 are mad comfortable, also I like the grey blastic thing in the sole, looks very cool to me. My gf hates them though. Also I wish they had a yeezy knockoff. I'd cop in a heartbeat

They have a retarded design. People buy them, because Steve Jobs wore them and they are not mainstream, so kids think they are "cool"

No, they are not cool, they look like shit. Fuck you if you wear them

Nike is objectively better and Nike puts much much more money in research and design. There is no objective reason to wear NB trash

Thread was all nice until the Nikker showed up

Pretty good if you avoid the clunky white ones, to which the phrase "autism shoe" definitely applies. Personally though, I think Skechers and Fila produce far more shoes that look autistic, New Balance just gets a bad reputation because everyone's dad has a pair of the clunky white ones that look like shit after a few lawn mowings and barbecues.

I'm currently rocking these bad boys. I figured that instead of looking like some sort of nerd from the 90s with New Balance 991s, I can just look like I nerd from the past ten years and be way ahead of the curve.

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Most are dadcore, but their athletic shoes are excellent and their good looking designs are too. They're manufactured close to where I live too, so there's extra incentive for me to buy them.

Used to be the staple item of every hipster cunt's wardrobe, along with a mustard yellow jacket and naval tattoos. Or camo jacket wearing thots. Then every high schooler browsing Veeky Forums started wearing them and hasn't looked back since.

They're pretty generic and make you look like a high schooler, especially if you're a skinny white boy. I appreciate that they stick to their overall classic trainer aesthetic, compared to some alien spaceship looking things coming out from Nike. Not that spaceshoes don't have their place, its just sometimes a little generic is appreciated.

New Balance are my favorite shoes but I don’t like the way the tongue interacts with pants. Also, how do you all tie yours? The laces are really long.

I love my 574's. I have a few pairs.
Pic not related.

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What this guy said

>Nike puts more money and research into design

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574s are on the Sneaker Mount Rushmore

8/10 shoe

More like 0/10

a lot of them look like shit but they are very comfy

dont like the way they look and dont like the big N logo

I have those is that any good looking ?

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Highly underrated, incredibly good quality for your money (especially the made in USA or UK series), and also surprisingly comfy. My 300's and 997's (pic related) are as comfy if not more than my ultraboosts

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Some styles are good, but the more chunky ones that every man over 45 wears in the summer are a no go.

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Copping the red now thanks lad

Thinking of copping a pair of 420s, since they are the least dadcore. Along with CRT 300s

How should I lace these with the long ass laces?

they're fucking horrible, get the crt300s.

Agreed with everything until you started shilling for nike lol. Nike is as shit as NB

My dad has the exact same shoes except a bit more beat up

I can't wait for snow to melt.

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Ugliest trash you could buy for 100€.
Makes you look like the autist virgin from high school that you always laughed at.

>Nike is objectively better and Nike puts much much more money in research and design.
And yet they still make garbage.

>Nike is objectively better and Nike puts much much more money in research and design

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Obviously, stay away from the chunky dad sneakers. Super comfortable and have great arch support. They did an Evangelion collab last year.

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Good skate shoes

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Got a pair of NB but the colors were disgusting and the brand is supported by alt-right, so I returned them

Japanese people favourite sneaker