The most Veeky Forums movie

picture, name and year

Oldboy - 2003

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Fantastic Mr. Fox - 2009

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sonatine 1993

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This is England

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Agree 1000000%

The Man Who Fell to Earth - 1976

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Just for the fits, Berandal
I honestly think they spent the entire budget on Italian site cuz the fight scenes are no more elaborate than in the raid

t. yellow dick sucking faggot

Five Easy Pieces - 1970

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Some pure unadulturated kinology right there

Strange Days

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ugh dude his hair is incredible

Only when I'm drunk. Did you NOT like that side scrolling fight scene with the hammer? Jesus that is a fucking amazing single shot.

violent cop - 1989
all of kitano's films fit
this one has a lot of gangsters in suits without ties and white cardigans doing things through a series of artistic long takes set to purposely unfitting jazz music

dupea was pretty Veeky Forums for someone who just went wherever the road took him
good for him

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - 1998

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Taxi Driver


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Fucking yes son

The Matrix

epic bacon 4 teh win!
100 nazi scapls LEL

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is violent cop good, description seems interesting. might watch.

- The Seventh Continent
- Christiane F.

you’re embarrassing

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Why are the only two non-birth defected faces hidden in back?

The Getaway - 1972

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>all these gook shit
Have some respect for yourself

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Vanishing Point - 1971

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You're alright

Vetements SS19

White working class pikey trash lad. They look worse irl. See Tommy Robinson and his mandem.

it's amazing. kitano's an extremely underrated director and a lot of his older works (which he dislikes) have a completely different tone. he'd use much more longer and i'd even say experimental takes and scenes. violent cop is his first film he made. if my description of gangsters doing bad things through long takes doesn't interest you, you probably won't like it.
i'm sure by the time you read this reply you'd have already made up your mind

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That frech drama from the 60s.

struck a nerve?


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>but it's gay!
yes, exactly

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watched this movie and then bought the exact same style and color Ralph Lauren shirt Armie was wearing. I needed it

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You cant go wrong with any McQueen film. The Getaway is too overlooked. Warren Oates in Bring Me the head of Alfredo Garcia is the only one that comes close in the 70s. Both are Peckinpah films so go figure

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One of my biggest takeaways from McQueen is that there is an inherent attitude, confidence, or swagger that transcends what you wear. And I think that’s reflected in both peckinpah films as well. By the end of each, Oates and McQueen are in tattered, dirty suits but they carry themselves with such grit they still look good as hell. To me, that feels like the lynch pin in truly pulling off what you wear.

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Hana-bi - 1997

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1) Blowup - 1966

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2) Trainspotting - 1996

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3) Liquid Sky - 1982

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Watch pusher 1 and 2

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I love those movies but there's nothing Veeky Forums about them. Except sleazecore or some such meme, but come on.
Also, Pusher 3 is the best film in the trilogy.

Only Lovers Left Alive - 2013 - dir.: Jim Jarmusch

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Atomic blonde

that movie was shit aside from the faux long take staircase scene

Fuck that shit movie. SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF is foundational for a movie that wants me to agree some misguided feminist archetype can hold it down in a fight.

Nah. Soundtrack and wardrobe were excellent

the songs are great themselves, but shoehorned into a lame action movie for muh 80s eurospy nostalgia? fuck no

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The Warriors

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You realize these movies are being posted because of the outfits, right?

yes, exactly!

spot on

Chungking Express?

Of course not, his ego running the show, he's gotta prove himself to himself so bad he forgot he on a fashion forum.

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Basically all kitano's films are fa af

Dolls 2002

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>Veeky Forums movie
>bad movie
pick one

I'm pretty sure a Veeky Forums movie can be great or garbage, it's about one very specific aspect of the movie.

do you have a disability?
by Veeky Forums they mean the fashion in the movie, this isnt /tv/ nor are they asking for film recs

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yes, exactly!

watching garbage movies isn't fashionable

Actually, it's extremely fashionable, I don't know what you're getting at

Then explain tarantino

garbage movies are all the rage, have you been living under a rock?

>watching movies to enjoy them
cant relate

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The star wars prequels

The hunger games

Style was a huge part of those movies.


Anything Baz Lurman

The cell
The fall

>Christiane F.
and nice dubs


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Armie's outfits were pretty incredible desu


they're all dressed respectably and look decent and Himmler is larping like a faggot

I hate to be this faggot but

Leon: The Professional - 1994

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All Anglo Saxons look potatoish like that to be fair

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They're British

>they used twins as extras to make the world seem more uniform