W2C thread

W2C thread
Jacket/windbreaker in pic related

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W2c jacket, pls & thnx

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w2c glasses, brand or just keywords better than "big glasses" pls and thank you

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I'm also curious.

w2c a pair of pants to match this pink.

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please dont wear this

please wear this

I believe they are Ray Bans. I can't remember the actual name, but I remember they were $190

Bright red pants

unless ur a qt petite azn gril


Considering you are asking for pants to match you probably have, I wouldn't say go for pastel imo but maybe something around this kind of pink?

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i think the zipper is photoshopped
also im just a kid

Forwarding from another thread:

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post feet pls

Ray-Ban RB3447
Garrett Leight Wilson (fits better, higher quality)

w2c t-shirt?

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Looks like any typical workwear-ish jacket, just go on END and sort by brown jacket. It's a pretty normal type



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Forgot pic

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beige harrington jacket

Awesome, thanks a lot

Thrift in Japan
Yahoo JP
Check online sites like farfetch, antonioli, ssense , lyst and sort to black coats. etc. and look for cheap ones then report back

Yeah basically since posting I've gone through all that and the best stuff is the vintage Yohji/CDGH+ on Grailed. For 400-600USD it's not too bad a deal desu, even without price drops/offer.
Wish I could go thrift shopping in Japan though, sounds great.

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I cannot find the name for this anywhere. Please help me.

He probably made them himself.The jacket is a nike windrunner. The zips are probably custom

W2c on a good sale

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W2c sweater in the colour like my boy takahashi (on the left) has here

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id on this pls

where can i get this user

saw someone wearing a navy shawl collared cardigan with little red dots (animals?) today. Anyone know what brand it might be?

Dat mask-w2c a blind banshee mask?

Shit is pricey for the quality imo

they mentioned 2-12 weeks shipping on the site for international, how was your experience with shipping

W2C or info on cap? I tried asking tthe user 3 days ago and was left on read.

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this leather jacket please! i succ yo cocc

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>yfw i personally know the fat chink that designs these shitty garments

Did he actually post this on snap?

is this a budget american version of zomby