How do you like dudes in women's short shorts?

(I am on the photo)

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I dig it, twinkwave is gonna be huge

looks good. just start straight up crossdressing desu

Short shorts looks good when they are a bit sporty. If they're tight cut off jeans then they look uncomfortable.

Clipper leg hair rather than shave.

These are comfortable, as the material is stretchy

no homo but I wanna fuck you op

as long as you aren't too tall and keep shaved

I don't know if I'm too tall or not

Those are some cute ass legs user
Would love them in my shoulders
Too bad your face is probably horrid

One step away from going full /k/

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only work with manlets and all manlets should be gassed

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Chubbies shorts!!

Why do I come to this board. There is no hope for any of you.

go cry for attention soewhere else you (literal) faggot

also sage

Laying ln my bed after I bred them

Terrible, not even toddlers should be dressed this way.

I want to punch your little soyboy teeth out. Like, im legit getting mad looking at you

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>tfw teen trans with a liking for faggy boys
Its so depressing that they are all exclusively into big dom males

I swear you posted this a year ago

I wanna bruise those thighs
t. domme female


dude can you fuck off, why do you always post this shit?

back to posting daily on /b/.

are you just pretending to be this dude or do you get off from posting yourself?

>Its so depressing that they are all exclusively into big dom males
I'm into dom males, they don't need to be that big

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where did the pictures of this baby legged runner guy come from in the first place?

i love that shit and i wish male fashion would let this happen

double dubs confirm our army of short shorts will take back rhodesia!

he has posted this exact thread for years on /b/.

It's really fucking hot, one of my favorite looks on a guy. I'm gay.

>not wearing legging short shorts instead of the jean ones
you need to get legging short shorts, so much better than jeans desu

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Slay op

You have a woman's leg too so i guess it's fitting

the wall looks cool
do you have a better pic?

w2c shoes?

Try like 2 days ago. Only thing different is the op pic.

It's where I used to work as the file name suggests.

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soy levels 5000

fucking lol, i bet if i checked the dictionary for "twink", your picture would be right under it

wait are u a girl or a dude? cuz honestly if i saw u in the streets i would laugh my ass off hahahahaha

Don't shave your legs, man. The shorts are fine.
And I mean F I N E

It happened already, but mostly it's just giggles and smiles

stop making these threads every couple months