Starting one since I didn't saw any.

Can someone guide me on what kind of wallets I should get?
I lost mine and I''m looking to update the look.

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first, it's called fuccboi general

secondly, anyone else feeling naked without several layers & accessories? i dislike spring/summer fashion because you can't wear a shirt, pullover, scarf, vest, gloves and jacket without sweating your balls off

guess I'll have to compensate with bracelets, rings, watch and a necklace lmao

btw anyone got some simple tips on putting together a spring/summer outfit? really fucking loathe the shorts/t-shirt combo, it just feels so bland no matter what shorts and t shirt you buy desu

I feel ya, jacket/sweater/coat fashion works way better for me and just feels overall more comfy and cute

Too much jewwelry and youll look like a grandma user, watch it

Literally never been to that general specifically cause of the name.
What do they talk about there

So what's the general Veeky Forums consensus for the optimal shorts length? Too short will make you look like a homosexual, but too long will look autistic

hmm, i think at worst i'll look like a pimp or something with too much jewelry

major newfag alert, at least try to lurk a bit before creating a thread user. fuccboi general is literally qtddtot except with fashion (fuccboi meaning someone with a lack of style).

this just proves my theory that Veeky Forums has been taken over by self-improvement memers from Veeky Forums that just want to find out how to dress like ryan gosling or something lmao

as much hate as /r/malefashionadvice gets here, there's nothing wrong with that place if you wanna be conventional. head over there and come back when you're interested in anything other than a pair of chelseas and a earth tone bomber jacket

its a thread about fucking boys duh

mid thigh, avoid cargo.

it's better to have too short than too long unless you're a major skelly

depends on the rest of your look tho, but it's just a general rule. i own a few pair of shorts that go down to my knees but they're for more relaxed summer looks where one might rock a hawaii shirt or something, really depends on outfit

I have a depressed close friend who’s a 5XL and has like one shirt and low self esteem. I’d really like to help get him new clothes to help him feel a little better about himself, but have zero idea where to start with sizes like that. Any suggestions on styles that might look better on him, or shopping sources for clothes that big?

Can't really answer your question, but I don't think fashion is his first priority. He's already feeling insecure, work on fixing that before. The obvious answer is to help the dude get his life on track, if you only own one shirt and is wearing 5XL you've probably already got bigger issues in your life that you need to sort out before you think about fashion.

Otherwise, just copy+paste whatever DJ Khaled is wearing or something lmao, it's difficult to dress "proper" when you're fat, one thing fatties have going for them is that they look like laid back and chill people so perhaps work on extending that image?

You're a good friend for taking the time to post this for him, although are sure that you're not talking about yourself?

Its called a Fuccboi General, you newfag brainlet

Thank you for such a thorough reply! Rereading my post it totally sounds like I’m talking about myself, but he’s actually a friend of mine. He has a really awful living situation and I’m moving in with him and a few other people later this year (RIP our friendships) so it’ll hopefully start getting better then. I try to force him to go with me on hikes and stuff too to get him out of the house.
Honestly the DJ Khaled thing is solid advice! I’ll prolly at least get him some solid color shirts, because if you’re only going to have one shirt, at least don’t let it be a wrestling graphic tee.

I got a few Target giftcards. What the dickens do I spend it on?

target goods

...which entails?

in all honesty just buy a pair or two of dickies and underwear/socks.

where can i find wool pants straight fit that ends just above the ankle? preferably in earth tone, I don't even know if that exists

they're durable.

you lads reckon this was a good cop for an all purpose winter jacket? its in the mail sportsdirect.com/nike-acg-airvantage-exotherm-gtx-ski-jacket-mens-409174?colcode=40917403

what glasses (optical) should i cop please?
face is pic related

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How to style this?

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Are ripped black jeans fuccboi tier, or can I make them work in a gothic/sleaze mashup fit?

YOU COuld pull off the circular kind of shades.
Think of Lawrence Fishburne on Matrix. Go for the stark black models if you don’t wanna look too reggae

Idk, post your insta so I can see what your fits are dude

ima check thank you

How can I make my eyebrows slightly darker? Rather something that I can do daily for weeks than a big difference

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>what is an eyebrow pencil?

god it's like youtube doesnt exist or something.

Which are the better quality basic dress shirts, Uniqlo or TM Lewin?

I need some help my dudes. Not until maybe a few months ago have I actually cared much about what I wear, but with my work bonus I got some new shoes,pants,shirts, etc.. My question/problem is I live in Florida.. and it is already starting to get humid hot and miserable. I notice that a lot of the styles I like and work toward require a lot of layers, but I just can't do it with how hot it gets here. So I end up just wearing jeans/pants some nice shoes and a shirt MAYBE a nice long sleeve but I can't get the depth to the look that I am working toward. Anyone have any suggestions to add some more flare to a fit? I was thinking watches or other necklaces, maybe finding some light weight coach jackets etc.. Thanks

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What durable, simple white sneakers should I buy for $100 or less.
I'm looking for stuff like converse jack purcell or stan smith. Should I just buy these since they're only $50? Or is there something that'll be worth the extra money in my price range.

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I’m trying to get into making clothes and I’m stuck in regards to the draw string on hoodies.

I like what Heron Preston has done with his and I want to do something similar (a completely different pattern I just stress), how would I go about buying draw strings that aren’t in solid colours?

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watches, necklaces, bracelets are nice, just remember to not wear too much. Keep it decent. When its hot i often like to put my shirts into my pants and show off my belt, if you fin one you could also add a light jacket,

pic is not me but i think it pretty much shows what i mean

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Simple red sandals or flats, simple green jewelry and/or handbag optional

purcells are patrician

What is the jeans of shorts?
As in very versatile, something I can throw on with a t-shirt and be presentable?

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Depends on how old you are, but linen pants and shirts does well in humid enviroments

Tommy bahama

T was that size b4 stimulants

Jean shorts

holy shit this connects perfectly with the dog

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they're thin asf so if u like skating bulky shoes like dunks or és' you're in for a bad time

chino shorts imo

who said anything about skating

What makes an outfit? What does an outfit consist of?

in into white tshirts with small branding in them. what else should i get?

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A weird trend in some of the cheaper jeans I get, I generate tears / holes in the inner thigh area just below the crotch. Is it due to the way I walk? Are there methods to prevent this?

Fucking Tarik forgot to take the security tag off. Is there a quick way to remove it myself or should I go back to the store?
>inb4 give it back jamal/tyrone/deshawn

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What did you buy with such ugly colors? Also, yeah take it back to get it removed.

Thought so :/ pain in the ass. It's a wool shirt for my dad


Maybe try shoelaces?

Any suggestions for a pair of comfy pants? I've been using a pair of Uniqlo's joggers, but they've begun to fall apart.

Anybody got a clue where I could get one of these?

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Any chance anyone saved this image? It came from one of the threads here. There was a white bar that lit up in the middle. People were sitting on the left and right side of the image probably waiting for a fashion show. The floor looked like concrete and the image was in black and white. The image was wide kind of like a wallpaper. I think the image was mirrored to make it wallpaper length.

Spring is here and that means rain.
What do you do for rainwear? Umbrella, technical jacket, raincoat?

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The only thing I'll be doing in them is normal wear, light running and weightlifting.

w2c jeans that fit like the green ones? loose, but tightly tapered around the bottom. Cant find anything like this anywhere

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my dad gave me a pair of vintage levis 550s that fit just like in this picture, maybe look into those but the fit might of changed over the years.

they changed the fit entirely, and the vintage pairs ive found are way to big. its strange that theres no dad tier brands still making them like these.