Is there a cringe thread? let's do a cringe thread

is there a cringe thread? let's do a cringe thread

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not cringe at all

heres some real cringe

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what a faggot

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this is alpha af

I can't scroll to his shoes without laughing. It gets me everytime.

Dressed by the internet

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not cringe
looks like a fun dude not cringe
slavs being slavs
shit but not cringe

Is that the smith dude that uses a hammer from game of thrones

Fuck his skin is gross. I wonder how people can let it get that bad.

If you think that's gross you haven't seen much of anything. He just has a bunch of acne scaring all over his face, probably from his teenage days. Shit takes a while to get rid off even if you take great care of yourself.

He looks pretty solid honestly, posture aside. He could definitely look good if he changed his style a bit.

>not cringe
hello r e d d i t

lookin' real spiffy

did this kid fuck your crush or something? this is completely unoffensive

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This is probably op fishing for compliments

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highly doubt it. ops photo is a reddit poster and every time he posts someone x-posts here to make fun of it. plus the guy gets constantly shit on even on reddit so he probably wouldn’t come here expecting a confidence boost

He looks like he’s about to attent a house party hosted by Sam Hyde. Make of that what you will.

this is a literally normal outfit

what the fuck is that duck tape in the first picture for

Nothing can make you look like a cuck more than skinny jeans and scarves.

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>duck tape

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fine duct tape
its late are you happy now fucker

Those shoe's are just epic.

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This guy reminds me of that terrifying Goofy cosplay.

nobody post it

So much potential lost by the buzzcut meme, he's cute, would of made a great trap.

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>would of

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I knew something was wrong with that sentence, give me a break, english is not my first language, I barely speak it irl.

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The reality of cringe threads is that Pic Related is one of the cringiest things on display.

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not even a buzzcut, it seems like it is a ponytail.

Is this a meme? I want actual advice is this now cringe? I dress sort of similarly to that guy.

No the cringe is that someone expended the effort to make a thread with the sole purpose of spreading derision. They are championed by ppl who are insecure pussies that need to punch down before they look up.


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In awe of the size of this lad

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Duck tape is a brand of duct tape you autistic fuck. It's a generic term like scotch tape.

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this looks good tho

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I’d fuck the before so hard

Somebody is fat and insecure wearing fitting clothes

they think these threads are dumbshit circlejerks frequented by people who define their own self worth by comparing their shit opinioins of themselves to the curated exteriors and frozen moments of strangers.

It's especially pathetic to me because the people I've met IRL who do this shit are in no place to be doing this shit. Neither is anyone else who actually CARES about fashion as art and not a superficial way to fake an informed and attractive persona.

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NOW we have a cringe thread:

This loser has to kill innocent animals and own guns to feel cool.

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Post fit or eat shit

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He sounds pretty awesome. I like to set out cat food each night, laced with broken glass. It's a major confidence boost.

Clueless idiots
Actual cringe

2k18 british guys

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skateboarding casual

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Do the rest of the thread.

there isnt anything yet

this is just normcore

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Slav core is actually more funny than cringe

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this like my dream girl bruh

*unzips rick cargos*
*smacks lips*
t h i c c ...

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it's cringe when it's passed for high fashunz

op is a faggot

Michael Gira


I'd like this fit if it was worn by someone else.

idk his fit would look good if he wasnt ugly

Only thing wrong is the hat and maybe glasses
I had that exact t shirt as a kid

GQ seems like cherry picking

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post his sister


This is effay as fuck. What are you even doing?

ok retard

Doug Dimmadome- Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

it's leddit as fuck

that's you in op isn't it

anyone got that pic with the fedora user in a HUGE suit

No,, this be me

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this would be fine if he was 70 years old

burn him

The shoes are just a lil iffy but it’s not bad


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w2c that fan?

nothing in that picture is coppable, each item has been moved to the library of congress because they were found to be culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant



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what shoes are those?

wow top half is fine then the leggings kek

pls respond

look like some kind of converse

ya its converse but what exactly is it

converse 70s in navy

it looks like the stripe along the rubber is white so it must be a discontinued colorway or a japanese pair.