2018 not in TechWear

>2018 not in TechWear

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*teleports behind you*

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Want to get into tech but everything's so fkn expensive

Just buy generic softshell stuff.

Techwear was hot like 2 years ago, bro.

some of the nike gyakusou stuff, the top label north face stuff (500ish), pants can be diy'd or the nike gyakusou cargos/bdu

can be done for relatively cheap, you really only need shoes, pants and a jacket. and the shoes can even be the 50-100 dollar presto utilities

do you mean 5 years ago?

first mentions and threads on styleforum and superfuture are from 2011. techwear threads go back as far into the Veeky Forums archive as 2013, when Veeky Forums was added to warosu.

Like 5 years ago I used to rock "SCOTTeVEST" due it's sponsorship of Sleazy Leo Leport and TWiT.

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>buys techwear
>never leaves city

Leo leport?
I used to listen to the podcast every once and a while, I genuinely don't know how they remain a float, they don't seem to be getting any viewer's, like at all.

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These are my basic /out/ clothes, is this techwear

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Yes, but mostly in terms of function/performance.

You don't really have the techninja look but that's a good think, imo

this makes me uncomfortable.

>still in techwear

Post tech inspo


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i dunno why the design of that jacket seems so cheap to me

although im not the biggest fan of a lot of ggs stuff

veilance pants?

Anyone ever orderes something from /aesthetichomage (.com) ? They got cheap tech wear shit but the site looks kinda scammy desu

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Is there a hybrid between techwear, milspo, outdoorsy stuff? Techwear but more casual and with earth tones. Maybe like some of the Mars core but without a focus on looking used future.

id on pants?

just ordered some cargos. shipping from china so this shit will take 1-2 months

>Watchdogs core

lmao those pants

It would just be techwear with earth tones dude. Don't overthink it.

no idea, probably enfin leve or something

whomst butt is this?

Isn't that the point?

Someone post some super slim jackets, I'm so sick of seeing all these baggy jackets made of stiff materials.

>super slim jackets

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what jacket is that

BBS 11 Technical Jacket.

Id on jacket?

>enfin leve
didn't knew this brand before, they got mad cool stuff. Pricey as expected but cool

much obliged

someone tech experienced here that can help me out? I don't understand the axis strap systems, can pic related be attached to any bag by the same company (orbitgear) or what? Are there tutorials for these kind of things?

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id on boots and belt?

>hes not using ventilated layers

that booty better be a boy booty

your confusing techwear with hiking gear

Boots are Danner Recon, lined with goretex and light polartec insulation. I got mine for free and have been wearing them for about 7 years so they have a lot more character than the stock image. About to send them back for the total rebuild. Belt is a Topo Designs web belt.

techwear is lame and shit. ACRNM is still cool though. but ACRNM has always been cool. the techwear retards in their waterproof shit are autists

>literally poor as dirt


excess straps--especially elongated ones that don't do shit are not techwear imo because they inhibit p e r f o r m a n c e unnecessarily. Techwear should be about function first and aesthetics second.

>Like 5 years ago I used to rock "SCOTTeVEST"
that guy is such a dick. and the stuff is all really overpriced/normie