Is my jaw as fucked up as i think? share yours toughts, no hate

Is my jaw as fucked up as i think? share yours toughts, no hate
Didnt find a ‘fuccboy general’ post to post this crap.

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why do you look like elliot roger

would worry more about skin but jaw is pretty bad yeah

It's probably not as bad as you think. You're cute senpai, look like Steve from Stranger Things

nice hair

currently on accutane, just a matter of time.
Yeh, i’m not willing to upload the pic just because my jaw looks like shit from this angle, nothing to do about it anyway right?

hey what product do use in your hair?

who is this guy? uploading another pic just in case i found a lost twin.

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make top front teeth touch bottom front teeth, might be awkward at first but your jaw'll look 10x better

l’oreal stiff pomade pic related. totally recommend it. pretty expensive but it lasts for a good year

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>not knowing the supreme gentleman
he used to work for supreme and was part of their drop team until something happened

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how old are you? you don't look exactly masculine, but if you're only 18 (or below) it's fine.

sadly tho, pretty boys like you usually have their best time in their younger years, feminine features don't age well. look up how child actors look now -- most of the time they're ugly. then look up how more masculine actors looked when they're young, like george clooney, who is considered to be handsome now but wasn't exactly the best looking as a kid.

also, it's gonna take a time and might even be bad for your teeth and give you bruxism, but you might wanna start with mastic gum to get a better jaw.

not gonna post a pic, but my jaw (and my jaw muscles) is actually comically big and sharp/defined at this point because i chewed mastic gum religiously for 6 months as well as mewing and taping my mouth whilst sleeping.

not sure if the two latter helped since they're half broscience but i definitely look different now, although minor teeth grinding from my adhd medicine helped as well lmao

look him up, hes the ultimate gentleman

you've got balls posting the most basic 14-18 year old white guy outfit i've ever seen, even with the crocs

where are you from user? are you euro?

thanks, going to get to some

holy shit dying

Thank you for taking your time in writing all of this. I’ll turn 19 on may. I’ll take your advice on gum, however, i’m not falling for the mewing meme just yet. I completely agree with the fact that i look femenine, don’t know how to combat that doe, for now i will just hit the gym and try to build some muscle and +testosterone

gomad, change your life

Fashion rn is shit. As long as you are confident you can wear whatever you want. I’m from Argentina user, wearing abercrombie is top tier fashion here for common people hahaha

milk makes me get acne mate, if i want to keep modeling i need to get rid of the little acne i have left, but i also wanna get huge

>if i want to keep modeling

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get a load of this guy, your jaw is only part of the problem. You got a shitty hairstyle that highlights your balding, bad skin, shitty lips and just a generally effeminate face.
never gonna make it

>however, i’m not falling for the mewing meme just yet.

Look, that mewing alone changes your facial structure in any greater regard can be questioned. But "mewing" (it shouldn't even be called that, Mike Mew didn't "invent" this) DOES allow for better breathing through your nose. I used to have a clogged nose all the time now it's only when I'm really sick. Plus, iirc, breathing through your nose creates more form of some shit in your body which increases testosterone. Maybe it was aspartic acid, can't remember, but you can look it up. It doesn't hurt to try though.

Fair enough, I always say that you should dress the way you want to be perceived and use it to your advantage, where I come from abercrombie and finch is top tier wear for 12 year olds but past that is tasteless

also don't do GOMAD, you'll just fuck up your hormones and gut bacteria as well as getting acne lmao

>that highlights your balding

get a grip of reality you lookism autist, there's literally no way this guy is "balding"

Yeah sure dude

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It doesn’t hurt to give it a try i guess, i’lol google some more anyway. And yes, no point in wearing fa/ clothes if you don’t feel you have that ‘spark’ while wearing them.

Shitty hairstyle totally agree, however I modeled for Baby liss pro and sir fausto for the last two years so joke’s on you.
I might have a lot of deficits but nothing a blonde, blue eyes skinny 1.90m can’t solve.

Effeminate soyboy models for effeminate soyboy brands.

Wow. Some modeling career you got brewing

For starting at 16 it seems pretty decent, at least i don’t need to ask daddy for money, what about you mate?

saying stuff like this just makes you seem insecure as fuck

to be honest this whole thread absolutely reeks of your insecurity

Your complexion is fucked, invest more into skincare. Watch how much time you're spending in the sun, exfoliate, and moisturize. Consider making changes in your diet too, lower sugar and meat intake up vegetables and stop drinking milk.

you look like a jerk lmao

>huhu you're so insecure OP
>allows to throw shit at some random underage kid who wants to improve his looks

You're the insecure one here user, at least this kid has the balls to post his face on an anonymous Cambodian spear smithing forum asking for advice

This is good advice btw, OP. Remember to stay hydrated as well and workout. Plus, beta-carotene (should be taken in combination with fatty food btw) in combination with lycophene/lutein/astaxanthin is top tier for getting a good skintone

legit leveled up 1.5 points on the look scale after my face leaned out and I got a good skintone, might as well throw in some coconut/ricin oil for your hair before using shampoo and some for your eyebrows to get em darker


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>I'll turn 19
>Underage kid.
Que mierda que somos los argentinos jaja. Siempre queriendo ganar todos los argumentos ignorando las razónes y lo que decimos nosotros mismos.

Good shit, thanks for the post, i'll have it in mind.

Ese post no es mio bro, es alguno con 2 dedos de frente que me salto a defender, un capo.
Igual me importa 3 carajos lo que opinen estos que no salen ni a la esquina, pero cada tanto te dejan algo que vale la pena leer. Saludos desde

So he looks like a fuckboi?


Aguanta mi amiguito, es una mierda llevar el tratamiento pero vale la pena.
Yo estoy por terminar el tratamiento y aun me falta otro :(

Jaw is small
But dont give a fuck about it
Get rid of skin problems and you are golden