High-waisted mens trousers

where can i find some high waisted trousers for men that are better fitted? All I can find are baggy linen types. i want something like pics related

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not op but,

I'd be even fine with getting women's pants, but the problem is that they're all fuckin ankle pants or wide legged. Just want some reasonably slim(not necessarily even skinny, just not extremely baggy) pants with a waist of 27-29(size 6 or so for women's sizing)

please help me on this quest

i don't understand the appeal of these pants
they're super fucking uncomfortable to sit down in
they're so unpractical its silly.

impractical* excuse me

High-waisted pants can often be worn without a belt and have better drape than most lower-rise trousers. They also balance out lanklets and other tallfags whose torsos are longer than their legs
t. lanklet

but if you sit down with a large drape it looks like you have 12 dildos packed near your lower belly and makes it look like you popped a boner in the important business meeting

Well, these threads never work out great, so hope you finally get a real answer OP
Considering most people just tell you to go buy some $400 designer shit or from brands that "accidently" make all their pants somewhat highwaisted

only if you sit with incredibly poor posture or ill fitting pants

This user is right, sadly

Everlane. The heavy weight chinos are mid to high rise and have a slim option

1000 hours in ms paint

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those are baggy af

the more slim fitting the greater the boner-illusion-factor
its tight at/above the belly button and then fitted near the upper thigh
everything in-between just bunches up when you sit down

I'd say they're pretty mid rise but they look nice, especially for $70. Thanks for the rec.

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>not wanting everyone to see your dick

I make sure the outline of my dick is visible as much as possible. Big wang no shame.

this is the stupidest explanatory drawing i've ever seen lmao

buy a pair of high waisted pants, sit down in them, take a picture, then get back to us

id say best bet is to thrift but if you live in shitty flyover land like me, you will never find any.

Yeah, all the shit in thrifts is like 40x28 too

>see a great pair of pants on the rack
>quality fabric, nice pattern
>40" waist

every fucking time

Yeah, sucks living in hamburgerland sometimes
Guess Ebay is the closest thing to thrifting worldwide, but normally just get china garb no matter what you search and can't try them on

Thanks for the only good suggestion, I like them but I would like that a tad higher if I'm paying that much

Thom Browne ;^)

Not OP, but isn't it sorta implied he doesnt want to spend $800+ on a single pair of pants.. lol.

Even if I was a millionaire I would buy clothes that expensive

Uniqlo relaxed ankle pants

Wtf are you on about. High waisted pants are comfier than low waist pants


They go on sale sometimes, he should check Lyst. also he didn't specify 2bh.

I got my thom browne pants for an astronomically low price though so that;s an anomaly.

You would? Thats great

Wearing them right now, pretty cozy desu

>super fucking uncomfortable to sit down in
how come? from my experience they're so much better. it might just have been the cut

Just a tip for those in the DFW area, you might check out Luxury Consignment, I just picked up a pair of Brooks Bothers wool high rise pants for $35.

Where can I cop baggy linen types? Skinny/skinny-tapered highwaisted look like shit on me, I got big ol thighs. Looking for types like pic related (though not pic related because it's fuckexpensive)

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The David Foster Wallace area?

what is pic related?