Saying effay instead of "fa"

>saying effay instead of "fa"
there is literally nothing gayer IMO
also what do you think of this crewneck

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pretty gay IMO

i think that means its effay right?

>what do you think of this crewneck
effay desu

i fw the crew but im pretty gay too so

>what do you think of this crewneck
As effay as the day is long.

i slept in mine too much and washed it too many times now its like a whole size too big

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It has a girl saying sissy on the front.
Nothing gayer than that.

thats a T dude

>Didn't know "effay" was literally reading f,a until this very moment
>Going "OOOOOOHHHHHH OKaAAAAYYYYYY" at 5am in my bed

That looks pretty comfy and effay ^_^

looks like something a rich jew would wear on a wine tour. So, very effay

don't they wear sweater vests and dress pants?

degenerate state, if you don't live in california (im assuming you live in a flyover state) dont go for it

but i like the colors

easy to find something else in a similar color, cheaper and without the branding. If the branding is important to you I'd suggest just checking out different brands. theres a very small amount of clothing with women on it that actually looks good

Know someone who has this
Wears it too much but looks good

But i go to university -- streetwear is all the rage and kids wear basically nothing else

ha what a fag

>talking about Veeky Forums in public

>He calls other people gay in a fashion board
Ayy lmao at your life

Crewneck? Do you wear it when you're necking the entire crew?

Hi leddit

Needs more Loomis.


If you ever say Veeky Forums out loud you need to reconsider some things

No opinion on your crewneck because you made a shit thread