Is anybody else tired of skinny/slim jeans?

Like flare pants shouldn't just be for women. Guys should be able to wear them too in my opinion; I don't have to look hippie. I'm thinking of something rugged to be honest like those gritty cop movies from the 70s like Serpico

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Pants are chosen by designer to hide footwear and focus everyone in perfectly matched patterned top and plain bottom in chromatic colors, same tone and intensity, balanced with brown accesories.

In real life we dont have these level of perfectionism in outfits and right chosen shoes mostly improves them so hiding footwear is really stupid idea.

I beg to differ; it depends how long the inseams are. I think it’s a dope look to be honest

Go outside.

>Pants are chosen by designer
Wrong. By stylist.

I could almost see flared/bootcut/bell-bottoms/etc making a small comeback, but it'd be a niche style. Sneaker culture is such a huge part of the fashion world right now I have a hard time believing a lot of people are going to want to hide their Yeezys under those flared legs.

Is there anywhere to buy slightly flared jeans or chinos nowadays?

100% truth

Flared trousers would make you a laughing stock, the only people I see get away with it are chicks desu

if you want to be ahead of the game, wearing flared pants is a viable way to accomplish that

most (if not all) of Veeky Forums is not fyi so don't expect them to understand

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>Guys should be able to wear them too
It wasn't that long ago that people were saying the same thing about skinny jeans

Straight > Frayed > Slim > Shit > Skinny

I wanna see a fit from any of you fags

If anyone wants vintage looking slim fit-flared polyester slacks, then get some Wrangler Wranchers.

Im craving some flares in my life rn, know where to cop denim ones?

nevermind im a dummy see that these come in denim

people on this site can't even accept that skinny aint cool anymore.

skinny = left behind in the dust women laughing at you

straight / baggy = cool guy he aight

flare = fucking lookign good

Product code for slim boot cut is 936PWD

thanks flare buddy

I mean 935NAV
Np mayne flare it up

Pant's are not meant to get in the way of your fit, a bad/eccentric pair of pants can ruin the flow of an outfit so quickly, they're there to acentuate your figure and flow as possible on a fit, pant's are usually the hardest thing to get right.

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yeah 936 are just slim straight

they're already back

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This guy is dressed like a woman

These guys look fuckin terrible.

skinny jeans and cps amirite? acne apc slp lmao

no, it's just the hair and that the glitter look really only looks good on rockstars like bowie or bola. These guys look uncomfortable.

>the hair and that the glitter look really only looks good on rockstars like bowie
>mott the hoople, famous 70s rock group
>biggest hit was literally written and performed on by bowie during the height of glam rock
bet they were real "uncomfortable"

>Implying I didn't know it was Mott The Hoople while referencing Bowie and Bolan

They look bad because one, they're not skinny enough for the look, and two it's too much.

Punk was a much better look for the average person

Ian hunter is the only one pulling it off he looks casual, come on the guy in the back looks really uncomfortable.

>not skinny enough
>pulling it off
>it's too much
please, regurgitate some more fucking gay Veeky Forums cliches

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This the Rolling Stones

>TFW you think you are Keef but actually are Bill Wyman


Where would tapered pants fit into all this?

what about wide fit pants?

I'm a dad with 2 kids so I'm probably not the most Veeky Forums person around but i've been wearing Levi's 507 bootcut nonstop since the nineties.

Normcore, always acceptable

they don't

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Those look fucking cool.

That's what I'm saying! The struggle


if you don't have thick skin, you shouldn't bother so

I know

Skinny jeans shouldn't go away completely; I just don't feel like a badass when I wear them. My balls gotta breathe lol

Bro, same! I've been looking. I remember Levi's released a pair a while ago but I can't find em

>flare = fucking lookign good


not where I'm from, they're not. Slim/skinny jeans still reign supreme and it's fuckin old

bingo. not too hippie; it's chic

lol u mad?

Ya, they can

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Good question

come to India

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do whatever you want and never give a shit about the opinions of others. this is the key to living a happy life. flare pants aren't just for women, they are for everyone that wants to wear them.

If you just think logically about this. You can clearly see that what happened was, everyone started taking the old style baggy pants and just taking them in at the top. Hence, they just became big at the bottom but slim towards the top.

That kid looks like some kind of nerd who was forced to become homosexual because he went to a California public school.

Skinny jeans have been finished. You're late