What are some accepted made in china Veeky Forums sneakers? Which ones aren't?

What are some accepted made in china Veeky Forums sneakers? Which ones aren't?

From what i've seen in here it seems like :
>Air max
>Ultra boost
>Onitsuka GSM
>Club C
>air force 1
>chuck taylors
While ones that aren't are :
>most Jordans

How accurate is this?

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Me? I’d say the Veeky Forums cheapshit sneakers are:

Kirkland (Ironically)

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are PF Flyers any good? i like mine

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what do you mean? please elaborate.


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i don't understand? how is that related to PF flyers?

How hard is it to search for Alyasha Owerka-Moore PF Flyers?

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KKtp gets slept on hard here

Also CT70s, regular chucks suck

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What's wrong with adigats? They look better than OG bundeswehr sportshuche and some people can't afford Margielas Replicas.

>look better than og
is it because of 2 added adidas logos? there aren't any changes besides that in adigats

Different suede on toe box, stiff leather, stripe on side, better sole.

I hope you own both pairs or have compared them irl? I own ogs and see no difference between them and adidas release, quality might be better but for me it doesn't justify the amount of logos they added

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>not accepted

Only by contrarians fags. The kind of people who bash on Old Skools and wear Gazelles or Suedes to be "unique." Old Skools in particular are great basic shoes