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I'm looking for a similar boot to the Viberg Service Boot in shape and design but without the 700 dollar pricetag. What are some good brands to check out with similar stlyes?

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Bamp for boots

Red Wing Heritage is the be all end all of boots and I was not paid to say this

There is literally nothing quite like viberg. If it's not in your budget then get their silhouette out of your heard. Try wolverine 1000 miles, chippewa Aldrich boots, or various other entry level heritage brands.

To be honest, Thursday boots look really similar, but the quality is terrible.

Thursday Boot Co

There's really not much, that's why they're so expensive. You can try Sagara, and indoesian maker, but sizing can be a pain. If you can somehow get them, the Red Wing flatboxes are similar in silhouette, with an unstructured toebox

As for thursday, I would skip them unless they're under 200. They're a low quality boot

Anyone have any experience with Paraboot?

Pure trash. And yet they have 20,000 five star reviews.
Never seen a brand shilled this much before

Does anyone actually own some Vibergs who could tell me about them?
I have 1000 dollars of disposable money to spend on boots if I wanted. Obviously I won't spend that much but if Vibergs are really worth it I'd give it a thought. The most I've spent on boots before is 350 for Red Wings and I have no issues at all. I just want that damn sexy shape of the Vibergs.


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Help me develop out of my fetish and obsession for tall, shiny boots like pic related. I know Corcorans are better quality than any corrected grain-leather skinhead/punk-boot, but they just look so much better to my eye when straight-laced mmmmmmmm

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Look good and from what I hear are very comfortable. Since they are danners though, they weigh a bunch and cost a bunch.

Been wondering the same. I think there was like one guy who had em here somewhere and thats about it. Wanna know if anyone owns Chambord or even any other silhouette

what to wear with these? (Doc Martens 1460 Gaucho Crazy Horse)

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I find that mesh patch really unattractive

Any Australians have any experience with the quality of Windsor Smith boots? Durability, comfort in the long run, etc.
Also general opinions on this boot are welcome I suppose, I quite like them.

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are these Veeky Forums

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popular with women ive met so i guess they are fine fashion wise


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Love my Iron Rangers to death, I wear them most days of the week and they just get better and better.
I have some Blacksmiths which are unwearable due to the toes on the right boot being too tight and hurting my foot. Everyone said just wait and they'll stretch out, and they never did even after months of torture wearing them hoping they would, so that pair is unwearable, which is too bad because I like their color.

I'm just looking for different shapes and styles now, as the bump toes on the RWs are pretty hit or miss. They're fine if you have small feet, which I do, but on bigger feet they look like clown shoes.

I like them, looks very clean and classy.
I just like to wear my boots for daily activities, so keeping a super nice looking pair like that isn't my cup of tea.

Pretty crap imo, we really do get the short end when it comes to boots. If you’re willing to save up though RM williams are excellent upgrade or pick one of the dozens of online options (e.g meermin shoes, the last conspiracy, etc)

Otherwise I would just go for clarkes or something like that. Cemented shoes like windsor smith and aquila can be comfy and hold up for about +- 2-3 years before breaking down and needing to be replaced, and leather options tend to be poor.

Goodyear, Blake, Stitchdown or other?

What's the best construction and why?

what would you guys wear w/ wolverine 1000 boots?

Best alternative to SLP Wyatts in terms of looks? I can't afford £800 on a pair of boots

Good point, thanks

Goodyear and stitchdown for durability and waterproof

Blake for lighter, for more flexible boot

I wouldn't because of terrible quality control and a shit leather sole

Story Et Fall

RM Williams are pretty good, pretty unique with the single peace construction

I have a pair, pic related

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Carlos Santos make good boots too

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They are heavy as hell. It's like walking around in anti gravity boots

How is sizing, compare to other brands?

Goddamn, I want a pair of Dayton service boots so bad. They look better than Viberg's service boots in my opinion and they're not as expensive

Anyone here ever owned a pair of Dayton before? How are they?

femanon here
what are some nice minimalistic boots kinda like these that come in black and wont make my feet look massive or feel clunky?

Literally just get those same boots. They come in an all black option that looks really clean and simple.

Clark's Mali desert boots might be a good option to consider, too. Even less clunky.

They're in UK sizing, so typically size down 1 from your usual US sizing.

However, I would recommend trying them in in person, since the you have to get the fit spot on with a chelsea, since you can't tighten or loosen with laces

Daytons are certainly chunkier than vibergs, but the construction is on par

I'm fine with them being chunkier. I've own Red Wings, so I'm used to it.
They just have that flatter, minimal look that Viberg has without the Viberg pricetag.

Yeah, they're pretty neat, they let you pick the leather, and will even ship in custom leathers (for an upcharge, of course)

Anyone have any good recommendations for a chukka or monkey boot? The sky is the limit on price I suppose (Viberg is fine) but I am looking for something not in suede, but in a leather is is a flexible color or style for either jeans or chinos.

Alden makes a really good unlined chukka, great for summer, for a dressier style

what are some good alternatives to these?
i dont want to buy a used piece of shit

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Clarks desert mali has the same crepe soles and similar profile

>RM williams

Fuck, why'd you have to make me aware of this brand's existence as an American poorfag

>Buy two pairs of boots
>Both look like Sora shoes on me

Is it because I'm wearing skinny jeans?

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The sad thing is that you used to be able to get them for around 350, but now they're 500+ after they got acquired

clarks desert mali, same crepe sole, similar silhouette

I'm somewhat new to this board, anyone able to recommend some boots to fit a 5'10'' lean guy?

Nothing over $500usd, no docs, no chelsea boots please

could look at the DM slip on boots

A little bit here and there. I haven't worn any vintage paraboots, but I have worn Corcoran and the Rocky jump boots.

They are very distinct in their fit, and if the manufacturer doesn't nail the make, then the boot will feel like complete shit. Overall though, they do supply quite a bit of support and are relatively comfortable for extended periods of time on the feet. Plus they look good with anything and are simple to maintain...

I'd recommend the Rocky Paraboot first. At all costs, stay away from the Bates Paraboot. Their leather and outsole is complete shit.

Solovair's tend to do the trick. They are very similar to Doc's.

That's what the op picture was