I was thinking that this is the place to go to for stuff like this, yall have helped me before...

I was thinking that this is the place to go to for stuff like this, yall have helped me before. so I was wondering what do I do for my hair, its receding and I'm freaking out a little bit but I want to do the best I can do with it.
currently kinda hiding it with my shitty haircut
any recommendations?

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recommendations on haircuts or things I can do about it from not go back farther and etc

i honestly think it looks much better when your hair is back, your hairline is a little high but i've seen so much worse

so it doesn't really look too bad? like "damn he's bald", "has a massive forhead"

its not that bad. get minoxidil if you're worried about it

does that grow it back or what?

I’ve got the exact same hairline, but it’s always been that way. It sucks, I just part it more towards the middle.

you have a good face, you should cut your hair and shave/trim your depression-scraggle

f'real start wearing face masks and clean up a lil and u good
or go full skater boy/heroin chic whatever it's your life dude u gotta good face stop stressin abt ur hairline

Minox should grow it back where it's thinning but wont grow back whats already gone, and you do look better with it back i think.

you look like a more normal david gilmour. Plus your hairline isnt near as bad as you think

alright I'll stop worry about it

what do you mean going full skatere boy/heroin chick whatever?

alright thanks

i'll check it out

so it really isn't all that bad actually. thanks for the support guys :)

now what to do about a haircut?

no, it looks fine. Plus a little bit of hair receding at the temples looks manly imo

nice B)

i'm thinking about an undercut haircut. what do you all think?

bump for haircut ideas

my hairline is similar to yours. The receding looks exaggerated because your hair comes forward at the temples, mine does that too. You could experiment with trimming that part back a little to make less of a length contrast like pic related

Anyway depending on the rate it's receding I wouldn't even worry about it. You could try drugs if you were really that self conscious but if it's not receding too quickly I'd just nature do it's thing. Personally I wouldn't want to deal with the side affects

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thats a good idea about the side hair trimming. i'll consider that

It's common around our age to get some temporal maturation and then for it to stop until later in life, as in your mid to late 30s. Just keep a close eye on it, take a landmark and assess it every other week, and if it continues to recede just go to a hair specialist. First consultation is usually free anyway. You're probably fine, but if it does get worse, don't wait until it's too late. Go to the fucking specialist.

yeah personally I noticed when I got to Uni my hairline changed a little from when I was a kid, but I've been measuring it with my fingers for the past 3 years and comparing to pictures and it hasn't changed, I think that's OP's case too

not that bad OP.

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you're past the point of no return, sorry to say dude
just buzz it man, it's over

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n- no you!!

Take milox, biotin and microsupplements and take your balding with pride. You can also show off your balding by combing your hair back, buzz it or wear it like you already do.

Your beard and your face are fine and you remind me of pouya. My hairline's way worse (norwood 3) and I'm going for pic related. Accept your receding hairline and wear it like an armor or it will destroy you like it did with me the last 5 years.

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thats my hairline one to one
i dont rock long hair anymore

best haircut i think is a crewcut/hitleryouth
the temples arent so exposed
and the sides are really short so you wont notice the diffrence from hair so skin that much
maybe get some fudtransplantat in a few years


no meme you look hot in the bottom right

what does that mean?

These are techniques of hair transplant.

Ofc i meant fue
Spending too mach time on Veeky Forums


Not OP but Im 18 and my hairline has been that for my entire life. I'm scared

Are you having crazy hairfall? Are you thinning anywhere else other than the hairline/temples?

If no then you're fine mate. In all honestly just looks like your hairline is maturing and even if you're developing MPB it's not a case of "I'm going to be bald within the year"

My Hairline is receding and has been since i was 18, 4 years later it's pretty much the same but a tad thinner in the corners. It can be a slow process and hell can even stop at a certain point.

wot? I only have like 2 pimples

no, it's only in the front but it seems to be progressing more by the month. not sure when it will end or if it already has. there is like half an inch into my hair that it is thinned and not the full hairline, I'm thinking that it might fallout up until that point maybe

could be worse OP

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you a good lookin dude op, dont stress your hairline its lookin fine

Not a bad hairline, ur handsome too dude. Im having the same dilemma with my high temples (as i try to grow mine long :(. It might stay like that for 10 years who knows. Look at picture of orson welles in his 20s to old age. His hair receded in his 20s a bit but it stayed the same.