What's your opinion on Foamposites?

What's your opinion on Foamposites?

>no alt-right virgins allowed

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they are regional, only places i know where they get love are dc and philly (home). good luck anywhere else

im a russian-paid alt right troll and i went to post some frog cartoons on your thread but you said not to... great. NOW what am i supposed to do

you are a fucking retard. the evil alt right boogeymen are on their way now to abduct your shitty thread. those shoes look like they were worn first gay astronaut to walk the moon. they look like a 1st grader's drawing of mom's chrysler pacifica

i cant believe you posted this

They're popular in New York too. And I live in New York.
t. fat fuck who wears dad shoes

big fella, not everyone who dislikes space clogs coated in dung beetle chitin is a fat autist

low top canvas shoes are played out though

>people unironically wear these clown shoes

so is dressing like ruby rhod from the fifth element lmao

>those shoes look like they were worn first gay astronaut to walk the moon
fucking lol

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Foamposites are for chads only, soyboys wouldn't understand

that shit looks like the spaceships in warframe

Just copped these

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those'll look great on your way to your first gay orgy

Was that supposed to be funny?

He thinks he's clever. Let him have it, the rest of his life is a study in failure. He deserves a break.

You are 12 and what is comedy

The only thing that's funny right now is that you bought those ugly shoes and were so proud of it you posted them here lmao. You're going to regret that purchase and they'll end up on grailed or whatever fag website you use within 2 months

You funny too, lil nigga

Dont fight it

>>no alt-right virgins allowed

im new right and wine n dined more pussy than ur broke space jam bubble gum shoe wearing ass lmao

these shoes are straight up fucking hideous and anyone wearing these needs to be euthanised pronto s m h i thought this was a board for fashion

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>goes to on anonymous image board
>chooses a name
opinions: disregarded

Blue Mirror is my favorite cw. Never buying one they seem really hard to pull off.

Hideous is mutable

Shits fly in major cities and creative circles
Shit I rock a pair when I'm doing sound work in a ghetto ass studio someplace on the edge of BKLYN

I like them tiger stripe camo joints

I'm still here, you still a short man with a long list of complaints

peace gotta go bounce on my bois dick

>Hideous is mutable
lmao maybe if u was rocking triple s or the fila i would agree but no self respecting ass fashion nigga wearing foams

leave it to the high school filopinos peace

Now I get what you're doing. This is god level satire my man

FFS finally
someone is dialed in

cheers, mate

if you even get pussy, it's probably gross trailer trash pussy. But you're probably a lying virgin

Yeah, you tell him
I also measure my self worth via how many mucous membranes my dick has penetrated

Can't be anything but whale shit without regular doses of snot pocket

preach that truth TED CRUZ 2020 NO VACCINES

was that supposed to be funny?

foams look really nice if you dont dress like a faggot

Are you?

Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer? I don't know. I don't have all the answers. I just know you should get fisted by a linebacker while you watch ally mc beal reruns.

Unironically this.
t. Pesky Russian

Go cop your money back

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this. I don't get hate in this thread, I think they just hate on them because black guys wear them

i work in fashion and wear outifts worth more than ur moms mortgage so dont reply to my posts again

i feel physically ill

thanks 4 ur understanding

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hate to break to you but if i recall correctly this is /fashion/ not /nigger/

Hate to break it to you but nobody remotely fashionable expresses their opinions with such little style or grace.

There are a MILLION ways to be both racist AND objectively entertaining. SO FUCK TRY HARDER SHITHEAD

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>why are ugly shoes getting so much hate on the fashion board?

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brokeboi wearing last years foams his moms bought him as a xmas/birthday present combined detected

rip my lil nigga hope ya mama does overtime in da club twerking to make ends meet so yall can eat dinner lmaoo

They came out like 2 months ago. And I'm not a hypebeast so I don't care about that shit anyway, I wear what I want

Soyboys buy meme shoes to catch up with Chad. Cope harder.

I'm not a soy, I wear whatever I feel like wearing. I really don't care what a bunch of fat virgin faggots on Veeky Forums think

>Veeky Forums
You have to be 18 to post here.

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I've definitely been here longer than you

That's not an achievement

>I've definitely been here longer than you
>fat virgin faggots on Veeky Forums
Pick one faggot. You also must be 18 to post here.

I agree but as somebody else who's been here since literally like 2006, it is frustrating to get told "fuck off back to plebbit newfag." Probably because there is no way to argue with them without looking like a twat who is in fact proud of how long he's been on Veeky Forums, which I agree would be idiotic - you don't deserve street cred for being aware of a website. I'd rather the oldfag/newfag meme just died.

this, I just don't know what else to say really

2005-6 here
I agree
I agree
It's a case of thought termination via cliche, and IRL it's when I start hitting people. Fuck that shit.
I've just been working off steam with multi-track shitposting these last few days

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Newfag, I've been here since 2001

>t. Larp
Back to school, faggot.


It hurts, those posts? I'm sorry.

You forgot to tuck your lil penor. You're not passing, fix it!

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um sweetie im wearing full ph, yyph and carol how about u fuck off kike

not ur safe space


back to

r e d d i t !

Great comment. Bouncing on my boi's dick while I read it, and it's got me so steamed I might ust have another prolapse.

Which means poor Hiroki's gonna having to push my asshole back in with a pencil...
Nothing's ever easy, is it?

S P E N C E R 2 0 2 0

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If there is an opposite of funny, you have achieved it

stop posting every thread and do something productive u lame ass cac

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fucking thank you. this pasty alt right faggot is so corny

this wasn't even funny

He's not alt right at all, he's shitposting bait that people are eating like mad. Oldfags know.

bruh wasi talkin to u nigga im alt right shut yo stupid bitch ass up s m f h...

Just because he doesn't have a swastika tattoo on his forehead doesn't mean he isn't alt-right

This dude is very, VERY not alt right. He posted seriously once about his grandparents being murdered in the camps, WWII? Not as jews, as resistance fighters.

And you sound like a snowflake

stop samefagging

Listen man. I have no stock in this fight AT ALL. I'm giving you a history lesson? I don't care. Fucking... Hate him. Accuse him. Fuck his life up. I DONT CARE.

But history is history, you know?

I have a job that doesn't involve selling weed to minors so I guess I don't need to have an opinion on nigger shoes

ayyyy sieg, that faggot cuck, Poet/Pseudo - would you consider him Alt Right?

Was that supposed to be funny?

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That's the fat greasy faggot who tried to insult me???

>Was that supposed to be funny?

This is a good reply because it's designed to throw the target into defense mode, and it contains no actual information or opinion in and of itself, and to even rebut it is to concede and submit to the person who posted it.

How about this? It is funny. You're triggered.
And Is not a fucking insult. Sorry. That's a man and a woman, happy. Together. You have nothing like that in your life. you aspire to it.
Just stop posting.

nigga you're booty blasted because you look like that cretin

and it's not funny, just because you think it's funny doesn't mean it is

Shutup bitch

I will say whatever the fuck I want. It ain't illegal? I'ma say it. Fuck off, marxist cunt.

okay tough guy

I'm not a commie, though

I'm not a tough guy. I'm just opposed to policing speech.

you're policing my speech

>the foamposite introduced first in 1988 by owner of nike shoe company john nike
>the visionary inventor john nike was inspired by a dream he had as a boy of wearing ripe eggplants on his feet
>in a later self-penned memoir nike detailed how the dream had acted as the catalyst for him starting the company
>he went on to explain how he toyed with prototypes for decades
>even field testing a prototype of the shoes on the streets of NYC in 1979
>the test however was cut short for safety reasons after the test participant was set upon by 4 large indian men who forcibly removed the shoes (allegedly for baba ganoush)
>the major breakthrough came to john nike in early 1982 when he realized he would have an easier time making a shoe that was visually analogous to an eggplant than actually breeding wearable eggplants
>various other highly successful shoe lines were being produced at the company with these same materials
>though this compromise could be seen as a betrayal of the very soul of john nikes work
>immediate advantages were noted by nike in the "analogous" design
>the shoe could be stored at room temperate
>the shoe didn't attract field shrews after dark
>the shoe could be produced rapidly and with far less water consumed
>ultimately with the urging of stock holders john nike decided to move forward with the synthetic design
>while the shareholders were enthusiastic about john nikes vision the combination of the 20-24 week maturing period for the eggplant and the fact that most the stock of this new shoe line would have to be produced in New Jersey turned off the majority share


....and we're done.


not ur safe space, fuck off.

> those shoes look like they were worn first gay astronaut to walk the moon. they look like a 1st grader's drawing of mom's chrysler pacifica

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Nevermind I changed my mind about these shoes they look great

Christ almighty this is some of the weakest bait I've ever seen and you still managed to trigger a decent number of /pol/ babies. Nice.

To attempt to stay on topic though, I think foamposites can work with bright, eccentric fits. Seen a few asians pull them off pretty well. You can't really wear them with boring clothes though.

Some look pretty cool but I wouldn't wear them

Lose weight before posting on Veeky Forums please.

>those shoes look like they were worn first gay astronaut to walk the moon.

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Why in the name of Spencer are you posting all this cuck bullshit about my ideological leanings??

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they read more covenant to me, user
curious though, which ships specifically do they look like?

antifa 004 to antifa command, we have a ruskie on us soil! repeat, ruskie on us soil! attempting to incite thread derailment. requesting soros-funded reinforcements

predictable lol

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>guy I went camping with started grinding on me one night and I was too shy to stop him and he ended up fucking me while I cried into the pillow, thus exempting me from your block

They look like trash m8.

But psuedo, you used to brag about how many asian women you fucked when you were in your 20s you hypocritical joke of a human

only worn by black teens and the Philippinos that copy them.

i think people tend to associate them with nig nogs who all dress the same so they think they look bad. but i think these are a super underrated shoe. i've never seen anyone who knows what they're doing try to pull them off but i think with the right fit they could look really sick

This, unlike.most people that post on Veeky Forums inwas alive when Jordan shoes were new

And the first iteration only the.mexicans and.niggers wore Jordans

And this iteration it's white boy feminine kids, and weird Arabs and weird Asians like the looks and flips

I did, and then I got over it and fucked different wimminz

Thing is, when I was doing it shit was fashionable, you're just... late. Behind the times. Now it's only beta cucks like you who chase the china doll stereotype you've been fed via media.
I'm sorry you can't find a more stylish ethnicity to fuck, maybe you just don't follow trends? I'll give you a tip - Stocks in mixed arabic/white chicks are slowly rising, they have been for a while. See if you can get your investment in AHEAD of the curve, just this once.
No reason at all you should be chasing after my leftovers. You're better than that.