/co/mi/ic/ artist here

/co/mi/ic/ artist here
Does Veeky Forums have any resources or can lend me any help on costume design?
I having trouble dressing mu characters and making them look interesting

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what era is your story set in? what do your characters do? are they rich? poor? what city or area do they live in?

Have you seen the movie The Warriors? It's something like that
But I'm looking for long term advice.

costume and character design as a whole must first be accurate to the time and place. Search 1970s new york, watch movies set in the 70s like dirty harry, see what good and bad characters wear, etc. Then choose based around what your character does/acts. Darker colors + red imply a more deviant character on a very basic level, so a black leather jacket with red or maroon turtleneck + black patterened trousers and boots would be a decent outfit for a low level thug from the 70s. Consider this, lower level criminals have less money and influence, so they have simpler outfits. The boss will have accessories (match warm skintones w/ gold and cool skintones w/ silver) and will wear flashier clothing to establish themselves as a main character or important person.

I see where you are going.
Still do you guys have any resources for fashion across eras?

Comic costumes are exxagerations of film costumes. Film costume design is a far more valid pursuit and relates to IRL clothes with far greater ease.

There are GREAT websites about the shit, too. That's where I spent a year diggin fer alot of the roots of Lunarcore.



What else can you recomend?

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Actually, i think shoomlah on deviant art or tumblr posted some resources. She did the concept art for bioshock infinite.

Also a comic artist,

Just curious OP how long did you lurk before posting?

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This one?
Took a glimpse on the catalogue

i just came to fa/ to search photo references for some characters design

someone knows any resources for mod fashion from the 60's? in the same vein as the persona and shin megami games

catalog is pretty mixed, some of the info is obsolete. and yes thats the guide I read.

search teddy boy or mod on pinterest.

>and yes thats the guide I read.
Alright I'll read it later
But still what if I have to design clothes for a non historical setting?

check out vogue menswear for more current stuff. refer to as to pick who wears what. take inspiration from the things you like and change what you don't.

>as to pick who wears what. take inspiration from the things you like and change what you don't.
Yes, but clothing has a language, that is what I need to learn.

>Yes, but clothing has a language, that is what I need to learn.
language as in terms, like what to search for when looking for a reference image? Or clothing as a way of expression? The first is something you can learn the basics from reverse image search + w2c threads/fuccboi generals.

How clothing conveys a theme or idea is a little less straightforward.

How clothing convey ideas and stuff.
Clothing as part of the character's design and mise en scene. Like clothing accentuating a characters anatomy, body language and related stuff.

thank you so much user!

this is a little more of a nuanced idea, and likely cannot be condensed into a single article. The best recommendation i could give would be to try to pull looks or moods from similar characters while also maintaining an air of individuality and the proper context. It is very hard to balance this though, and is something that will come with time and experience.

Digibro did a video on the character designs of cowboy bebop, where he mentions things like color scheme and silhouette. You can graft color schemes from outfits in inspo threads or albums, and then make designs accordingly. Also, if your character is armed, consider what weapon or weapons they use and why, as this may add to the realism and atmosphere of your story.

I understand
seems I have to do dedicated clothing studies and take notes, still my target is far away.

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