Looking to buy an Ushanka

This is sort of a general hat size choosing question. Could anyone on Veeky Forums help me out?
>ooh, I was also curious about size but forgot to ask
>I measured my head circumference right at around 55.5, maybe 56 comfortably, so should I buy a 58? Some sites said to buy two sizes up and others said nothing. Can't get a consensus

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amazon.com/Klondike-Sterling-Leather-Rabbit-Trooper/dp/B002SE1HMQ/ref=sr_1_9_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1522185965&sr=8-9-spons&keywords=rabbit leather trapper hat&psc=1

Don't get a Russian one, that's tacky. Get something that doesn't seem so muted.

What do you recommend? The only other options are Finnish and East German, and I can't say I'm a fan of the Finnish one. East German ones are the same as the Russians I think

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Czech ones are green on the outside, wore one for years.

Ooh, I like it. Did they ever come with any insignia?

For the love of God don't buy a goddam /k/ larper hat. Your skinny pale ass will look downright stupid.

I'm not white

>buy Russian Ushanka
>take off Insignia

for use in public
you wouldn't wear a swastika around would you

>red star is equal to swastika

wew lad

that's what I mean, you're saying you want to wear one but don't want to wear the red star, correct? so just take it off. it's not stitched into the hat or anything.

okay this is getting political, the point I was making is that they're both controversial regardless of which you believe to be worse
do you know what insignia the czech one came with originally?

>Only regime to kill more people than Hitler was Stalin

I believe it came with the communist era Czech coat of arms, so only those either from Czechoslovakia or those with the historical knowledge would know that its communist.

my local convience store sells them.


k, I bought a blank unissued czech one (because it was the only one I could find in size 57) and bought a 1960-1990 czech pin separate. How common are fakes? I want actual milsurp, not some modern reproduction.

Most likely the generic soviet hammer & sickle as they were inside the union

can't imagine fakes are very common with an object of pretty small demand, I'd say just find a reputable site if you really want to be sure.

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Are you White? If the answer is no, don't buy one, you'll look like a moron.

Are you just doing it because LOL COMMUNISM SO EDGY IT COULD WORK IF I WAS THE DICTATOR XDDDDD? If the answer is yes, don't buy one, you'll look like a moron.

Do you actually want to wear a fur hat with flaps that cover the sides of your face? Go to madbomber and get one that actually has real fur (fake fur looks and feels like shit) and is well made because whatever discount Chinese shit you're going to buy just because it has the symbol of a genocidal regime that makes Hitler look like a saint on is going to fall apart within days.

I am buying it because I like military history and the hat looks cool. I am a half-white libertarian but that has nothing to do with my taste in fashion so you can fuck right off
>and it's a military surplus hat not chinese shit retard

Are you fucking retarded? How is a hat made popular by pale white guys made for black people

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Not him but he was talking generally with the chinese stuff, also there are alot of shitty modern remakes most likely pushed out by China most of anywhere.

amazon.com/Klondike-Sterling-Leather-Rabbit-Trooper/dp/B002SE1HMQ/ref=sr_1_9_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1522185965&sr=8-9-spons&keywords=rabbit leather trapper hat&psc=1

This is the one I got OP. Had it for years, very warm, would recommend.

This is what I was referring to OP in my post here I was referring merely to the color and symbol not the style.

OP you'll look dumb if you don't live somewhere cold. Fur lined ushankas are the comfiest, if you're actually planning on wearing it

i think he refers slavs at subhuman and thus not white

i don't think there's a more obvious visual cue for autism than a ushanka

pol garbage spilled again. fuck off back to your preserve

It is.
Many eastern european countries have banned them, others havent but you'll still get your ass beat by locals for wearing it.

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Im from eesti and i wear an old red army ushanka in winter. Still haven’t gotten beaten for wearing it in more than 10 years.

>communism isn't a terrible ideology that has many atrocities that can be attributed to it

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Depends on area. In many places the socialist past is held in high regard