What's the best haircut for receding hairline? Should I stick with the hitler youth...

What's the best haircut for receding hairline? Should I stick with the hitler youth? I'll sometimes give myself a fringe a la pewdiepie but hair's not thick enough to cover the whole forehead.

>in b4 buzz

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>What's the best haircut for receding hairline?

The one that looks betteron You

>Pic related
Kys thy self
Slicking it back is the most alpha move

you can tell he's receding by the combover that you can see skin under

user's right, user. motherfucker be receding since I was like 19 or 20. Dunno about slicking it back. It usually doesn't stick and I don't want any chemical shit like gels or whatever in my hair. I use the occasional american crew fiber rarely but that's it.

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start taking testosterone

Testosterone is why hair is falling you retard.

Lmao you're not receding at all.

Natural Hairline for a guy over the age of 20. Your hairline matures at ages 18-30.

Appreciate the confidence user, but it's definitely receding. Besides miniaturised hairs on the hairline, I already have the middle of my fringe longer than the sides.

I have a high hairline (got it from my dad, no one in my family has ever gone bald but they go grey at around the late 20's) and I buzzed my head. I feel the slight widows peak makes it look more interesting

The big three: finasteride (not over-the-counter), minoxidil 5% solution (not foam), Nizoral Shampoo

Brotzu lotion

Not that user, but I agree with him. What you describe (to an extent) is natural in a mature hairline. You don't look balding.

Dude, from that photo it looks like you have full head of hair. It honestly bothers me when people like you who are barely receding/their hairline is not 100% perfect to them act like they're balding. You'll fucking know when you'll actually start balding.

Is this good posture?

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probably not. tech neck.

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