Just shaved my head #3, pic related

just shaved my head #3, pic related
how do i dress so i don't look like a 12 years old? i want to buy new clothes

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When's season 3 coming out Eleven?

Never. The only show who's getting new seasons is Iron Fist.

i don't think you are at danger of looking like a 12 year old, you should take care to not look like emma gonzalez or a cancer patient instead

Okay then. How do I dress not to look like Emma or cancercore?

el abominacion...

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just dress how you normally dress, you're a cut e


madre de dios...

How long is that in centimeters?

el goblino...

Women with shaved heads are in right now.

What would I have to do for you to be my /gf/?
Literally just say it and it shall be done. You got nothing to lose, try me.

La creatura

suck a grown man's penis, upload the webm here, and i'll let you have my dirty panties.

OP here, not my reply but yeah what he said.

You know the rules and so do I.


this. Dont worry bout the /pol/tards

Can anyone explain the appeal of girls shaving their heads bad? Why do they do it? It really makes me sad to see women with beautiful hair just throw it all away. Women's hair is one of the most aesthetically pleasing features a woman can have.

She's a quirky individual expressing her dissatisfaction with traditional values, just like all the others.

A commitment's what I'm looking for.

la mezcla irremediable...

You’ll fit right in with the other non-binaries

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la creatura

I actually like the look of women with shaved heads. I wish it didn't have the connotations that it does of LGBTQ5678-"we march in demand of more government restrictions and somehow we're labelled 'liberal'"-core. I even think Emma Gonzalez is kind of cute, its a shame her opinions are so stupid.


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You look hideous. If you’re trying to look like a dyke you succeeded.

la luz extinguido

Why is your earlobe so big?

You look cuddly, so baggy shirts, and boxers

Looks like one of my ex GF's mugshots. Creepily so.

You look like an SJW dyke.

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you thised me but I am a /pol/tard you /re/tard

I break up with my ex just after she shaved
She looked really bad dam

doesnt look bad, go full goth

going bald only works if I can still tell you're female after

honestly looks great, suits your headshape/size well. you can really pull this cut off

^ !!!

Grab pussy, not guns

the world doesn't revolve around you

Shut up faggot.

no one wants to see your skull. gross.

el abominacion...

wow you totally stood up to the patriarchy by showing that you doesn't care about beauty standards (which all of course are made up and doesn't have anything to do with biology at all)

Shaved heads come and go. But normally women get wigs when they have cancer treatment or hair thinning like pic related. Problem is that wigs are just as bad as a shaved head.

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dyeing it pink doesn't cut it anymore, they need to go further


kek. I know right? Good hair in any person is one of the hottest characteristics a person can have.

nice, very cute


sauce pls ?