Milspo: plain grey edition

Camouflage okay, feldgrau better

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that's a swedish jacket though which cannot be feldgrau

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Basic milspo is basically post punk, at least in my head

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Those old woolen swedish uniforms directly copied the feldgrau from the germans

are those knochs?

Yep, made by koutny

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where is that photo from he didn't post it on his blog

>tfw when your photo is the front of the milspo thread

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He shitposts on his Instagram story

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fits too?

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I'm not sure what The Metro is trying to tell me.

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Dear Telnyashkacutie,

I just received some nice Norwegian milsurps and I now get why it's in such high demand. Next to the Norwegian and Swiss military, what armies do you think generally have the best stuff?


>when you coaxed yourself into an autoerotic uniform fetish
i know i'm not the only one

On the low, buddy

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pics or it didnt happen

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Sick as fuck

where to cop those pants??

what surplus stores do you guys like other than varusteleka

For surplus you’re probably best off just searching for the item itself, a lot of the good stuff has already dried up and so there’s really no shop as solid as varusteleka or swisslink

Reproductions, on the other hand

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French brodequins

Any re-enactment store, german M40 type I think but the black Panzer style.

eBay, Facepages, etsy, HOURS of trawling for gear


Holy shit, somebody else knows

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The Wal-mart Telogreika strikes again

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Good to hear. I mean you've got the rest of Scandinavia, and extending out to pretty much all of Northern Europe (even Polish gear is fine).

Americans stuff is okay generally. South Europe, Spain, Italy, The Balkans etc isn't very good quality except maybe if it has a bit of age to it.

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Try domestic facebook buy&sell groups, you get a mix of way too high and low prices on them. They always turn up interesting stuff too.

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Also it depends a lot on what you actually want. Cheap modern pieces from your own country, foreign collectable pieces and so on will have different sites that are better or worse.

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Northern Europe IS Scandinavia. All the former commie countries are Eastern Europe.

>when you're getting ready to stand in the cold for two hours waiting for government issued bread and a roll of toilet paper

Finland isn't scandinavia or former commie country

He posts a lot of ww2 trivia stuff and weird shit

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finland best land after deutschland