Smart Watches

Are apple watches Veeky Forums approved? What about other smart watches? I saw a pretty nice one by Fossil today.

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I'm personally not a fan, because I don't like to date my fit with modern shit outside of my pockets.

get a decent omega and wear it until you are an old man and let it develop character with dings and scratches and then let your two sons fight over it.

They stupid AF. If there was a special breed of virtue signaling for overpaid limp dick west coast code monkeys, smart watches would play a role.

Because they don't do much. They don't have battery life. They've got a tiny ass display that enables you to do what? Not take out your phone? text? Use the web? WGAF, man?

It's like we're so far up our own asses with tech like this already, do we really need to go deeper and isolate more? At the end of the day, you know what they gonna use shit like this far?

Same shit as FB, IG, Google. They're push ads to you with it. See what stores you frequent. Generate steady streams of monetized data.
And they kinda scream "I'm a fucking herb, this Kool Aid is delish"

But whatevs, you do you. Them shits are mad gay, tho. Just saying.

I have an applewatch that I like alot, it looks nice with decent modern fits and also does cool shit like help me exercise and track my heart rate. that being said, I understand why some people wouldn't like them.

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I have an apple watch, it has its utilities but its sorta useless.

I opted for the Nike one because you cant customize watch faces like an android watch can, and it has the yellow watch face which I really liked.

I honestly use it for:
>Apple pay
Super convenient to just buy shit without taking out my phone or wallet
>Check the weather
Its always on my watch faces so its more convenient than opening the app
>Unlocking my mac
If your watch and phone are pair to your mac, you can forego the password prompt
>Pausing, playing, and adjusting my music
Speaks for itself

Its not worth the money desu but it has its uses.

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You're admitting to having one? Holy shit. You're a brave man, I'll give you that.
No harm no foul, cap'n - I want you to enjoy that 2000 dollar step counter as much as humanly possible.

>Nobody on this website appreciates you

I will never EVER care about this, just so YOU know.
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At the moment only the apple watch looks good, the rest are just tacky. Beyond that, I think smart watches are fine to wear, but separate from normal watches.

I had a Moto 360. Was honestly useful but too ugly and flashy for me. I'd rather have a low-key casio that I can skip songs on my phone with

Apple Watch is the only one that looks nice, but only the stainless steel and ceramic models can be dressed up, avoid the aluminum model unless you really dont care.

I really want one but I can't get over the fact that it records a shitton of data about you, which alongside the stuff collected by your phone, allows them to build an accurate profile of who you are, what you like, what you did during the day, etc.
They will have a timeline of your life that they can go back to, analyze, and use machine learning algos to build correlations with, so they can extrapolate most of the remaining info about you.
They also have to give this data to the US government (without telling you), and they will use it to target you with ads and opinion-changing posts, news, etc.

None of this is conjecture but stuff confirmed by wikileaks and the publications about advertisement tech.

Also check out the /v/ leak about that company that uses such tactics to get you to buy more shit inside videogames.

If there was an offline one with all the basic features it would be cool.

No, they're too smart for Veeky Forums, you should know Veeky Forums is full of hipsters by now.

Here's the leak:

IIRC it was a deadman switch set up to blackmail the company.

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you’re asking people who walk around with phones from 2001 because it’s “cool”, wear 400$ t shirts, dangle their keys from their jeans with a caribeaner, and carry around field journals what they think of a smart watch?

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>Apple Watch detects high heart rate without much movement and gives me a notification.

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Love my stainless steel Apple Watch.

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>It knows
>apple knows

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Smartwatches are toys for ADHD adults, adult tamagochi's for people who never learned to stop fidgeting with themselves. They're only relevant because "apple did it first." The people who like these are into faddish shit because they're literal adult children. Smartwatches aren't cool, a model that comes out this year will be obsolete in less than 5, either through hardware or software revisions. They're made of cheap bottom of the barrel materials and not intended to last a lifetime. A good watch will always look good no matter how old it is, you can wear say vintage rolex with anything and it'll look timeless. I'm not suggesting that everyone go out and buy an expensive mechanical watch, but real watches are things that are designed to endure, and on looks along there are countless watches out there that can be more unique on the wrist than a pathetic electronic square that everybody has.

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why do you need one if you already have a phone you bugman

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