New Balance Thread

I noticed you fuccboiis stoped wearing New Balances. What's up with that?

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NB are so far behind the curve when it comes to materials and manufacturing techniques. Materials are dictating style these days, and NB don't have a knit upper in sight. They also lack a signature midsole technology. At this point they're skating by on white person cachet, like the Subaru of casual footwear. I only own NB shoes because they still have some American manufacturing.

You're right

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>skating by
>behind the curve

At this point, they're classics and their customers wouldn't have it any other way. No need for them to chase the latest trend or try to be innovative.

This. It’s like people on /k/ begging for a “modernized” USP, it’s pretty stupid.

I think fly knit uppers are fucking gay and ultra boost is fucking ugly as shit.

Anyone got a link to these??

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>Anyone got a link to these??
on END clothing's Instagram, says coming soon there.

These are the 99H. Available on the NB website

Opinion ?

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Naw, too blant.

only wearable if you're a gook

>they don't even follow the latest trends
jesus fuck this board trash


what model is that?

>the subaru of casual footwear

>Tfw no hyprcats

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>NB knit line is called Lazr
>NB proprietary midsole technology, developed exclusivly with Dupont, is called Abzorb. It's lighter, more resistant to compression, and more long lived than the more common EVA foam. They also have Encap technology for those requiring a more supportive instep.
>T-beam technology helps prevent over-pronation and adds torsional support to midsole and arch.

NB is based.

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I'll wear them when the giant N autism flag isn't on the side.



You tell em. Trump dindu nuffin.

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247 luxe (MRL247N2)

Which of the Nb dad shoes are the best? Is there a less autistic version of the 624?

>they have knit uppers
>doesn't know abut fresh foam

I see a lot of hood black guys wear NB, mostly 574s

air monarch

Just copped these, did I do good?

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Hey, a fellow alt righter, what's up?


Reddit has destroyed this board

You do realize the entire culture of fashion is based around trends, right?