/watch/ general -- moonphase edition

/watch/ general -- moonphase edition

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Smart watches>mechanical shit

Casio f91w > all that gay shit overpriced, especially smart watches

Take it to /lgbt/ boys.


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Plan on buying this to intensify WHOAA HOOOOO

but i hear its really THICC so my reconsider since i have really thin wrist

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6/10, 10/10

It's so overpriced for what it is. Maybe if you have luxury watch money you also have overpriced vidya prop money, but I personally would rather just get something like this casio for like 20 bucks to satisfy that urge

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who /bambino/ here

not my pic, but i do own a rose gold black dial bambino v1 gen1

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I have a Milsub itch that needs scratching. Should I go for the Squale 1545 or the Steinhart OVM?
I tend to lean towards the latter since it costs less and the no-date dial is more faithful to the original Milsub design.
However, I've heard that Steinharts tend to suffer from QC issues and wear large (which would probably look stupid on my skinny manlet wrist).

What say you, Veeky Forums?

Bambino checking in. My first watch.

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>owning a watch that costs

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>Owning a watch over 500 dollars

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Just bought a belarussian one armed watch “Luch” feels cool :)

>Owning over 500 dollars

Pair an outfit to this watch

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Allahu Ackbar, my friend.

>go to jcpenney on break because why the fuck not
>just looking around
>see that they have the Seiko PADI Turtle
>"Huh, never actually seen one of these in person, I'll check it out"
>the guy who was working there suddenly goes on a rambunctious ranting spree
>"this watch is an automatic, which means that it syncs up with the atomic clock in Colorado and satellite clocks in space so it never goes over or under a second for 100,000 years"
>say absolutely nothing about it to him
>MFW internally

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>buying a smartwatch that will be outdated in 2+ years

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that hilarious and also kind of sad

im imagining this guy minimum wageslaving his life away at retail and believing all sorts of meme garbage from facebook and the radio you could easily lookup on snopes

>Owning dollars

pic related

Pretty much. He literally admitted that he googled stuff about watches because he was tired of people asking him about the watches and him not knowing what the hell to say.

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why does living cost money ;_;

nice one

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Is there an Veeky Forums guide for watches or any decent infographs? The only "real" watch I own is a Seiko SNK809 and I'm looking to get something nicer, budgets around 150.


Were you the guy that bought one immediately after I posted mine?

And I don't even fucking post mine.

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looks way too dressy

no homie that was me

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I dress it way the fuck down. Might even swap out the band.
wew fug

v1, v2, and especially the v4 hands look so much better than the v3's

Yeah, that’s the one problem with v3. I love the Bauhaus look overall so I can ignore it for the most part.

This is the opposite of fashionable but I like it.

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