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Id rather see some high converse than this clown shit imo

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welcome to Veeky Forums newfriend


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t. brainlets

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id on the shoes virgil abloh is wearing here?

And that could look so much better with different shoes on.

>spend a few k on an outfit so your meme shoes don't look as ridiculous

this is horrible

like that means fucking anything
you COULD look better with noose around your neck
you COULD do something with your life and not shitpost on Veeky Forums all day

Whatever you need to tell yourself to justify spending all that money on clown shoes. I think you SHOULD follow your own examples, my dude.

m8 I don't own this shit
I'm just saying your logic is fucking retarded

>using a word to politely suggest a possibility of a better alternative, leaving it up to the recipient, instead of aggressively implying a definitive outcome.
>retarded logic

I don't think you understand the meaning of logic or the word your are so triggered about. You probably SHOULD look into the definition of words, because it's pretty important for successful communication.

air monarch

People that dress like this only look good in pictures. When you see them in person their fits look autistic

someone post a fit where these look good and ill suck their dick ad infinitum

>politely suggest a possibility of a better alternative
yeah like saying you could look better with your head cut off by guillotine
just a suggestion brah :^)
it means fuck all
you could be a millionare had you win the lottery, woah what a intriguing implication, makes me think

It seems people with autism have a better grasp on reality than you do.

The reason I use "could" is because that outfit looks ok with those shoes (personal opinion n shit), but it COULD look better with another pair. I'm not speaking from a point of some kind of objective certainty, saying that he WOULD look better, because I don't know and others might feel differently. The overall outfit is pretty memey to me, so it is not 100% certain that it WOULD look better. Therefore, you say COULD, to suggest that the wearer COULD & SHOULD try something else, to see if it is better or worse. Unless you are implying that the only way to communicate is to impose subjective taste on others as objective fact, or to not provide any opinions at all. Do you want everyone to communicate in commands, because you are incapable of making your own decisions? With the amount of "is X Veeky Forums approved?" threads, I wouldn't be surprised.

I can't believe I have to explain how the fucking English language works. You must be a native English speaker.

>this mailbox could be blue if it wasn't painted yellow
this is how you sound like

How does that invalidate my statement? You can't even be consistent with your analogies, using both objective truths and uncertainty of subjective tastes to make the same point.

>I've never played the piano
A) I would like or dislike it - Yes, I will either like it or dislike it. There is 100% certainty that I will feel something either way. Unless I am certain that I would like or dislike something, then it would be a singular statement of either 1) I would like it or 2) I would dislike it. And even those individual statements are not 100% certain, they are only guesses based on your life experiences.
B) I could like or dislike it - I can't like and dislike something at the same time. The individual probability of like or dislike is unknown from my point of reference. Therefore I have to experience it to form an opinion.

If we were discussing whether something can objectively be one thing or another, like the colour of your mailboxes, then yes, it would be a pointless statement. I was saying that something could be better with relation to subjective taste, and without seeing the alternatives I can't come to a reasonable conclusion. Maybe that outfit has reached it's peak of aesthetic value and changing the shoes will not change my opinion on it.

Why is this so difficult to understand?

t. broke boy

I have no clue who this guy is but he used to post his fits here, needless to say he was bullied often. I want him back, why did we have to drive him away

Woops forgot the picture
Fucking autovorrect

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fucking hell

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Here's more

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>How does that invalidate my statement?
my point was from the start that you aren't saying fuck all with that kinda 'statement'
and you still aren't
your posts are getting longer tho, the mental gymnastics you are going through are pretty entertaining

Whatever buddy. I still love you, despite your smooth brain.

you can't handle my potions, traveller

The fucking homes they live in just kill me
Like nigga if you don't live in the inner city why bother dressing like this

W2C testicle bib?

cause they like it?

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lol this only looks borderline-NOT awful because the guys feet are so tiny. on any normal proportion foot, they looks horrible

>I'm just saying your logic is fucking retarded
Why? Not that poster, but please explain why purposely spending way more on sneakers (like 20x more than chucks) to get the same effect as Chucks except more clownish looking......? Why is that logical? Where is the actual "logic" in that.

You know I get that people DO buy these and that is up to them, and they like them and wear them.....but that doesn't actually mean they are "logical".....so explain how they are logical

>tiny feet
they dont look as ridiculous, those look fake imatations though tbfh
theyare are China afte all or vietnam


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>Empty holster
>No high velocity assault clipazines in the pouches

this looks fucking horrendous

absolutely atrocious

ironic that half the suburban white men in their thirties on stylezeitgeist are still dressing like this long after 2009 lmfaooo

Consider dick sucked