Tfw you will never be danish

tfw you will never be danish

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sucks desu

>thinks being a lanky cuck is good

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tfw u can still eat a danish

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meh its not so exciting
flæskesteg med persillesovs er'day. Traditional danish food is pretty boring, new nordic however

Why danes talk so weird. It sounds so painful, like trying swedish with a hot potato inside your mouth

>Traditional danish food is pretty boring

Yeah mostly the same here in Germany, but we do have great regional variety and it tends to get better the further south you go (sorry bror)

>tfw danish

foles godt mand

smukt o.

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this, i watched an Elias interview and it sounded like it was hard to say english words and physically painful to do so

What a fucking cursed image.

I thought Americans had really good teeth?

only if they have enough money to pay for dental care

> having anything good

How do I dress like Elias

someone tell me where to get this shirt im begging you

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his whole wardrobe looks thrifted. your chances of finding the shirt are slim to none.

gonna kms

I'd rather be dutch or german.

Tfw you will never be white

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dod over jer amerkanske svin

oh my god
could be worse, look at this guy above

I can't stand Elias's attitude but I like the way he tucks his shirts in.

i love how Danish sounds, i think it sounds softer than the other nord languages, not more awkward


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the gay store

do u guys like canada

this guy looks like a fag

who has that picture of the wojak with the nintendo switch omg this is literally it

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Huh I used to know this guy we were in outpatient treatment together

women and men alike throw themselves at him

>tfw you will never be American and have to crowdfund your dentist checkups

feels good man