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This thread is about the appreciation of terrorwave, as well as the micro-engineering and materials engineering that are required to make a fine balaclava, ak, or other effay wearable.

>Required inspo for new people:

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Which are more twave, pic related or stans

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this one easily, for me


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What is the point in looking like this?

whats the point of a belt while using suspenders?

Pretty good senpai
Where did you cop the balaclava?

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greentexted that by accident

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>the nearest grocery is 20?

It seems like terrorwave is influenced more by the region it's in than anything else. IRA and middle eastern insurgency fashion


at a private convention for terror enthusiasts

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suspenders are the new altright haircut

Anyone know where I can get some effay kevlar for my next raid? One of the guys in the crew had a sick adidas patch on his kevlar he scavenged lol

is this jacket twave?

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what is the emblem on the right breast?

also get a real balaclava

You would think there would a /k/ aspect to these charts.

dont even know where I got this jacket from

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W2C a good windbreaker similar to this?

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i expect that /k/ would make fun of anyone who overdoes the milsurp memes as well as anyone who wears unsubtle "i will (not) fuck you up" e.g. tapout or the ace of spades shirt in other than that dont carry a meme gun or shitty tacticool stuff. wearing stuff with a subtle air of "you should only worry if you bother me" is pretty woke even if youre not into /k/ or Veeky Forums culture.

its been a while since i browsed /k/ often. miss u strel

i take that back about the guns

instead id recommend guns that better fit the aesthetic such as guns banned in name in places like NJ. examples are the tek 9 and ar15

cheap and /or mass produced guns are great too: bersa, certain wood rifles like the garand or mosin nagant 91/30 and its variants, or older wood AKs, not the new polymer ones.

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