Buzzcut thread

Buzzcut thread

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Should I give up and just buzz this piece of shit?
>tfw 23

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woah what the fuck are you doing trying to hang on to it?

Try it and see if you like it.

better yeah?

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Yes. Maybe even a little shorter. You look younger in my opinion.

Yes it is better but you are still trying to hold on to it for some reason, ALL has to go

Go a bit shorter man you just got about 2 points more attractive.

Don't think my hair's ever been this short

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It's not even a buzz at that point. You barely have any hair left on your temples. Just shave your head.

Even better. When it's too long, you can tell that you've been balding. The buzz hides that fact and it's a better look. Make sure that you get all the hairs to be even. The left side of your hairline looks just a bit too long bit it may jus be the pics. Now decide between beard or no beard as they are two very different looks. I do think the beard looks okay tho.

It will grow back fairly quickly so he can decide how he likes it after a week

Buzzfeed thread

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It's nice you use a name so i can just skip over your posts

>I care

buzzcut inspo?

looks pretty good actually

hey that looks way better

and that's a good thing

Dude you look so much better. I'm currently paranoiding about balding although I'm like a Norwood 1,5 with thick hair but now I'm less afraid of balding

You're probably long gone, but I gotta chip in and say that this does look x100 times better than your first photo.

I'm a year younger than you, and got a shit hairline too, I'm managing to hide it by a long fringe now, but you've given me some hope

ALL of it has got to go user, it's the only way

Thanks dude. If it's really bad you should bite the bullet like I did and just buzz it all. I used to hide my hairline by just wearing a hat to work all the time.
Sucks too because I used to love my messy mop head of a hair 8 years ago

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Please no.

This is what my hair would look like now at that length (turning 25). Please tell me I have longer than 8 years left???

Looks awesome

tfw no one recognizes Andy from dg

Similar to my brother. He keeps his around this level. It looks good and he gets laid more than me so I guess it works. If you let it go longer you'll go full Stannis (pretty cool also). Pic related.

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This looks good dude

thanks friend

Buzz it and keep it buzzed!!

Stannis was peak Veeky Forums

Heres a question for SOME guys: do you want to be known as the balding guy or the bald guy? To be fair though, balding doesn't even look real bad like some here make it out to be.

This is great. You'd be perfect if you lost the facial hair


I'm guessing big ears makes buzz a no, right?

Looks good, dude!

Fucking noice man, keep it like this