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is this that frogo?


leave froggo alone, she is v cool

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>there are people on this board who stroke their dicks to climax in the name of this pig

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Where'd you find these pictures of her? Never seen them around here


Damn, I was not ready for this smile. My dick is now soft

You posted your sob story in another thread for sympathy attention yet here you are shitting up another thread

Because this thread was not shit before I openly wondered why you jerk it to braceface here. FOH son

Why is that lone tooth a shade darker than the others.

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When you see that, it means that the OTHER teeth are false and the natural tooth is the only one taking on coloration over time - as natural teeth are wont to do.

TLDR bitch got implants

Yeah, Pseudo seemed like a nice guy once, he had some wise things to say... these days he sounds like a bitter, old weirdo

dead tooth possibly

I'm still nice as can be - when not presented with dumbshit or threads that want a fit critique but won't post pics.

Ask me a serious, fashion related, non inflammatory question and I'll deliver. Post shit, get shit.

Polish. You cant hold the standards high

i can ask u serious fashion questions?

Absolutely. My collective post history supports this very well, and altho I binge on shitposts when I feel the need to blow off steam, I'm down to go out of my way to help the earnest and the honest.

o ok

I posted this earlier, explaining that I want some black stonewashed/tye dye/whatever it's called jeans, and I found a pic on google search that is not bad and in the realm of what i want. A flood of replies came in saying "hurr durr cumstains!!" "cumstains user!" "pajeet-core!". I had to look that last one up. I was seeing a swirling cloudy pattern, not cumstains, when i first saw these, and appreciated the dark depth. And what's wrong with Indians anyway? But all i got were some insanely juvenile acne faced mouth breathing sarcasm (the really unfunny middle school kind too), and not a single answer, which leads me to think nobody on this board knows anything anyway....

So not saying these are exactly what I want. But if you could offer some black jeans with a kind of white tye dye or stonewash pattern at a price $200 max, I'd really appreciate it master

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I know that PRPS has jeans with this type of finish for just under 200. They're on sale various places right now.
I've been patronizing PRPS for a while now and I stand by their product. I usually prefer their jackets or their raws, but they've been doing a lot of unique washes lately that would pique your interest. To get them cheaper than even a sale price, check if you can find 'em on or on rakuten.

They come in a number of fits, so if you don't like this drape then look around more.

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wew she looks like i would look as a girl.

but my teeth are better

looks like lilxan honestly

Dental technician here to tell you that this is fucking bullshit and you're proving once again that you're a brainlet.