Attracting women general thread

Attracting women general thread

Given the success of the "pussy magnet fragrance" thread, let's have a containment thread for everyone who is on Veeky Forums to impress and get attention from women. Discuss Aventus, J Crew, and your upper body routines here.

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Obviously has good style, but being Veeky Forums clearly plays a big part too.

This, women are attracted to muscles not clothes. If I wear some fly shit I'm not trying to attract a woman.

>Attracting women general thread
never gonna make it

Women are attracted to the way things and people and situations make them FEEL.
I'm sure there's plenty of thots out for the muscles, but they're in the market for a masturbation tool, not a steady lay or a long term.

Just don't be fucking lame. That's all you gotta do.

That's it.

muscles for primal fucking
security/comfort for duty sex

>Different style in every pic

>everyone who is on Veeky Forums to impress and get attention from women.
You r9k virgins should fuck off desu, this is the antithesis of fa. Truly fa people achieve this by having their own personal style, dressing for themselves. You’re all lost causes if you’re dressingly purely for women. Absolutely pathetic

if this is what women are actually attracted to i may as well be a gay because at least fagbois have something that could be described as fashion sense (plus it's only two steps further from fapping to futa heyooo)

>dressing for themselves
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha we're all here to attract women you nigger shut the fuck up the only people here not trying to attract women arefags and women themselves

So go for informal preppy but give a shit on nice pairs of shoes and wear fucking sneakers.

you nailed it. the style isn't even important here. Seriously, what's the main link between tese pictures? it's certainly not the all-over-the-place mall-core shitty outfits that don't fit well, it's the SAME GUY, literally. it's genetics

this is partially true

I dress in the same way as I would if I was the only person on earth, but I also hope that through paying attention to my clothing that girls find me more attractive :^)

I'd never dress in something that I didn't personally like, even if it was objectively guaranteed that it attracted girls

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Is coded language for "be fit and have this haircut."

and fuck Veeky Forums.

And money to afford them, don't forget the money

really depends on what kind of women we're taking abou here.
If you are trying to impress Stacy, then this is the way to go

not an argument. i win this debate.

damn he said something mean, imma hit him with the projection counter attack. its like anything mean in this world is wrong and projection and an insecurity. grow up kid and look at our president

>we're all here to attract women
Speak for yourself.

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no one will admit it especially when you propose it like that lmfao

Not the guy who posted it earlier but you really are projecting.
>Everyone has the same motivations as me, and if they don't say so they are just lying. After all, they have pride to lose being anonymous. I know this to be true because I am inside their heads.
this is literally (You)

lol projector poster back at it again.. when will you learn that you cant just debunk everything with the projection meme.

being Veeky Forums is about yourself as well

lifting and dressing to attract women are equally pathetic

90% of the time, guys who dress like this are broke as fuck

also those clothes are literally Zara-tier, I don't understand what you're on about

you are literally projecting, there was no debate to begin with

Lifting is fine. Veeky Forums is just /r9k/ with barbells, that board is nothing but undisciplined novice bodybuilders giving shit-tier advice.

I'm just trying to improve myself one aspect at a time.

The end goal is to become less abhorrent to those I meet.

ok I thought you were against the fitness meme in general

never been there desu, if I don't even trust Veeky Forums on style and fashion I will certainly not trust Veeky Forums on workout advice

You are not missing out on anything, Veeky Forums bros are the type of retards who never made the connection between "functional strenght" and sports training.

Lifting and dressing up to attract woman are valid motivations as well, but many people try to cope by focusing on a single thing instead of realizing that you have to be an entire unit.

you are either autistic or b8ing. Idiot either way

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ok boys listen up,
shave your gross bodyhair,
keep your beard neat or dont grow one,
stubble beards look retarded,
dont become a hulk with retarded proportions like Veeky Forums will tell you to,
dont dress like the retards in ops pic,
show some fucking skin besides arms once in a while,
dont be afraid of things that seem "gay" more girls will be looking at a boy in short shorts than gay boys will
its ok to be skinny, small "feminine" or "unmanly", not all girls like all boys to be manly,
dont be a fucking tryhard just do you,
dont do that garbage hairstyle the fags in ops pic have,

il probably think of more,

TLDR just be effay, gay and dont be a tryhard and dont do ops pic

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>being this fucking autistic
Actually no hope for you absolute sperglord

I'm sorry that as a straight man society discouraged you from forming your own opinions about style and visual inspirations but I think investing so much in pleasing other people is a bad idea.

looks like you are projecting user, since you called me an autistic


>giving credit to women's opinion about male fashion when they are not even capable of seeing what looks good and what doesn't in women's fashion
Sad !

>skinny low pants
>nearly only jeans
>all these folds showing that the clothes are poorly cut
>sneakers on 3/4 of the fits

5 ans 6 are the only nice fits desu

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these are not a meme when it comes to getting compliments from normie roasties. I wear these in the >current year and get plenty compliments

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Not even projecter user, you dumb nog.
Also can't BTFO your own post, samefagger.

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>projector poster back at it again

Nope. Not even a screenshot which you'll say is photoshopped, congrats, you get video.

>confronted with data
>>They're just lying
>multiple people think you're full of shit
>>You're just samefagging this thread, no way multiple people would disagree with me

You're getting more and more desperate as the thread goes on.

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You, uh, really showed him!

Who's the autist now?!?

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still you.
>haha you kicked the shit out of me, lol look how much effort it took you to do that. Now YOU're actually dumb

You're the lowest of the low. Have fun down there :)

Follow the comment chain, I never called him autistic. The matter at hand here is this guy refuses to believe that anyone is interested in fashion beyond attracting women. Its stupidly clear most people here on Veeky Forums are not dressing to impress women and he is just in denial.

> nigger shut the fuck up...
jesus are you 12?

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>Dress like a pleb by Veeky Forums's standards
>No muscle
>Hairstyle is meh
>Weakish jawline
>Still managed to pull multiple women without doing anything
>They've all initiated with me and escalated as well

I honestly don't know how I do it.

weird bait, that describes the experience of most men. unless you're quite handsome or quite ugly, that probably describes your experience fairly well

It's not even a lie. I think I might just have the charisma that a lot of girls like.

it doesnt make sense for it to be bait if its most mens experience, which i agree it is. Veeky Forums has an unusual concentration of incels, red pillers, kekistanis and other sorts of deviants who never adjusted socially and blame their loneliness on lack of money or looks

>guys who are muscular and gling

>stubble beards look retarded

I'm triggered

Getting complements means shit my man. I complement autistic down syndrome kids on their pokemon shirt because I like pokemon. Doesn't mean they look good.

A complement means nothing more than "oh I notice that [Clothing] is out of the ordinary." The complement does not necessarily mean anything good, nor bad, it's just a verbal recognition that you are wearing something that people don't normally see. Did you start getting laid more when you put on those shoes? Didn't think so. Because complements mean nothing.


>stubble beards look retarded,
100% wrong

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looks like normal modern day attire.

want to meet more girls?

Approach go for phone number.


no you misunderstand. i'm saying that the "i honestly don't know how" seems like bait because it's supposed shock at something which is, as i said, the 100% standard experience

I have like no self esteem due to my shitty time in high school. I honestly don't believe in myself in any way, shape or form. That's why it shocks me.


>I dress in the same way as I would if I was the only person on earth
I don't, I would wear sick 1700s era fits, embroidered silk coats and waistcoats, breeches and stockings, those shoes with the fat buckles. Feels bad man

user had a bad day.

Quit trying so hard. All you have to do is be clean and respectable and nice, and be yourself and you will attract women. Its not rocket science. Girls want to meet people too its not just men. Just wear well fitting basic clothes and groom yourself, make sure you are not greasy, get a good haircut and clean your skin, and be nice.

You might think its impossible to meet women but honestly just don't try too hard. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. Be confident and dont get pissed over girls you try too hard to get a date with or something. When you stop caring so much suddenly it becomes a lot less discouraging. Women are just people like you dude its not hard. Don't be a le reddit "nice guy" and don't think women owe you sex cause it just leads to you being frustrated. Just be nice and friendly and don't overstep boundaries its not hard.

t. coping DYEL manlet

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If you aren't 6'+ and fit, just off yourself

Is it weird if I shave my pubes? I know most people just trim

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Wait, guys who are the same guy?

>your upper body routines here
lmao gtfo /fit. the majority of /fa wants to attract females. it's you /fit fucks who are obsessed with eachothers male bodies, and like going to sweat it out with a bunch of other disgusting males. '

>guys who dress like this
>you mean white edgy boys

just have good facial bones/height.

hello only other person on Veeky Forums who has ever been outside

>Given the success of the "pussy magnet fragrance" thread

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I started looking into improving my wardrobe AFTER getting a gf, so no.

>our president

no wonder you're so dumb

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>only what I find appealing can be considered fashion sense

imagine how unlikeable you sound to everyone but yourself

how much of that is plausible deniability. I'm definitely in between both answers

It's more coded language for "doesn't buy his clothes at costco and makes sure they fit" imo