Are long skirts Veeky Forumsshionable?

Are long skirts Veeky Forumsshionable?

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Pretty much any broad item of clothing can be Veeky Forums if done right. By that I mean " x type of y" or espcially just "y" in general. Some specific items will just be so shit they'll ruin anything

But they don't seem popular. While you can see some women wearing skirts they usually wear the short ones.

I know. I would try myself long skirts, but sometimes it's difficult to combine skirt and top or whatever.

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popular =/= fashionable

Did you consider really plain ones? I've even seen some lazy asian chick pull off brown plain skirt with hoodie and sport shoes.

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Yes, I'm looking for that, but also a more "formal" look

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Yes the fit you provided is a good example of it done right

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IKR. There is something magical in long skirts. And contary to popular belief it can be worn in winter. You just have to wear it right to not get cold.

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tfw im a tranny and i really like long skirts but i look bad in them

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Too short. Would turn my head anyways as it's better than pants. Especially these ugly yoga-pants.

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It's an example of how to wear a skirt, but yes, I agree it's too short for what OP wants

That's because you are man pretending to be a women. There is nothing you can do to look like pretty women. You can be a handsome man if you stop being lazy soydrinker.

Only if you're Asian apparently

This cutie proves you wrong.
It's just more popular among asians.

Because they're never going to work with your bone structure and body proportions. Best find another avenue.

>tfw im a tranny
Leave, go back to /lgbt/ or whatever..

For long skirts, it works better on thinner girls since it exaggerates an hourglass shape. On thiccer girls it makes their shoulders look broader. Also pleated long skirts are goat

Not with sneakers.

Wow you really changed my mind

I know but I won't

I'm on both boards

It depends, I would say it is still ok with some Vans. Also, better than any kind of pants regardless of the rest.

Truth is truth whether you like it or not.

beautiful Yojhi

Stop trying faggot. You are not a woman and never will be.


please wear this


another Veeky Forums tranny? be my friend we can be inverted triangles together


That's some white-left fit right there disgusting

I find it preferable to short ones.

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post more inspo