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No shoes

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athletic pants and hawainn shirts do not go together in the slightest

dope. open shirt + pants look great

dunno what i'd do for shoes tho.
prob running shoes?

Wow. Visionary.

been a while boys but nothing exciting to offer today. will come back when theres more fits later

the top and bottom dont match and black tee under the shirt looks bad too

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Really liked the Raf ss18 show and wanted to try something similar. Don't have a boonie hat or rubber boots though

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are those ultraboosts? i feel like an athletic shoe doesnt go with the rest of the fit but otherwise nice

honestly a good look

Nike mercurial flyknits. You're right boots probably would've balanced things out more but I was gonna be walking the whole day and wanted to wear something comfier. Thinking about getting a chunkier shoe like the talaria mids soon

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Yeah the shoes feel too flat/light but you know this already. Other than that I like it a lot

Can you be more basic than me?

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>prob running shoes?

No, I don't post shoes because I'm barefoot, kek

I really don't have much ideas with the shirt most because is too big.

i totally understand, i'm going to NYC in a couple of days so im opting to wear comfy athletic shoes for walking even tho they arent a great fit for the rest of my outfit

pants are way too big on the waist, very unflattering for your figure, plus the way the sweater (?) is resting on your pants further accentuates your hips and makes you look diamond shaped

make them thighs clap bro

No hate plz

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Go nuts

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go away

I hate you

great production value

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I was thinking about what I would do for shoes with that outfit.

Again tho great fit, is right imo

Size down on the pants and the sweater problem might fix itself too. Or tuck the sweater with a belt.

the width of the pants are perfect
would turn back if you're walking towards me

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Not today but what I wear a lot of the time.

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getting a lil tired of the cropped inseams

U avin a fackin giggle m8?


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Wat cunt?

>Again tho great fit
Thank you :)

Chav-core. You ever give me that stupid wannabe hard man look and I'll slap the shit out of you so badly you're gonna wake up in 2050.

Literally just my face geezer calm down.

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Just dressed casual today, meh

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Anthony Fantano?

I like the way the yellow adds color, it's nothing new but it's definetely nice

hard to see the fit of the pants in that lighting but i like it

cute feet

I feel like open toed shoes don't go well with a dress that has that neckline. Like the dress is too formal and the birkenstocks are too casual. It would fly in western mass tho

What you think?

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Gonna cop dis.

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Anthony Fantano ruined the shirt for me :(

Solid fit. Makes me wanna cop some monos.

Best itt. Agree with about the shoes throwing it off, but I think you could do a chunky meme sneaker and get away with it.

Really nice

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Han solo-core

Y'all mind if I ruin fashion for a hot sec?

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i feel like the shirt doesn't fit here, maybe if it was white or cream colored instead with some kind of pattern? i dont like the blue

That wouldn't make it look bad though? Smh you just don't get fashion senpai

why start a new thread for this

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Where the fuck to cop a flannel in that colour

I've been meaning to ask but do you have an insta?

H&M / Forever21 (looks like a f21 shirt)

fuck this, you dont even have a good taste in aloha shirts which is to be expected from your choice of pants to wear with it

Bought it from Uniqlo a couple seasons ago

Whats that tattoo?

if you changed to a white tee and maybe light colored shorts it would have been better
the silhouette is not as pretty as you usually do it and i think the facemask is a bit much but this angle looks fantastic
thanks! i would rather your fit untucked actually and sleeves not rolled up
fair enough but im riding the memewave
not too sure about the pants and outer wear colors meshing but looks okay
damn i missed you. looks a little peter pan for me but someone with your body/proportions will always look good
nah sorry got rid of it a few years back because i was too into it
its just block letters that say 'be kind'

I like this . Let's make sweet love together in public

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torso confirmed thirsty pervert

Tat pic?

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the N is upside down because i had it made to be readable when i look at it if that makes sense. theres also my cat as a plus

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Aha - a step above f21.

I bet you could boost your style by thrifting - you'd end up with higher quality for less money.

W2c Boots?

Vintage RO-SEARCH but without the metal bits. Couldn't tell ya, you'd have to search.

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dude 90% of my wardrobe is thrifted haha

>the absolute state of Veeky Forums

>the absolute state of college students

that's cool because i understand people in college may not have too much income to spend on clothes, and they may find really great outfits from thrifted pieces but that's almost never the case here. i was just fucking around but i wish people took more effort when posting on a fashion board (even if its 2018 Veeky Forums) thats all

bruh, feels bad when I can't straight up cop items I want mang, I took up sewing to make things fit tho, doing whatever I can to make fashion more enjoyable without going bankrupt while paying for college.

hey man good for you. Honestly just focus on school for now while working on your sewing if you have spare time but its obviously a lit easier to get into fashion when you have spare dosh so dont stress about it. Good luck to you

Thanks man, appreciate it :,)

sick shirt and it looks cool with the adidas, imo a tucked in white shirt with colorful graphics would look cooler
this is cool, dig the shoes
yes to the dangling keys on slacks
looks like a comfy fit you quickly put together to get to a morning life drawing class (in a good way)

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This doesn't show the feet so not a Fit.
The trousers and shoes looks ridiculous desu. Make you look like Lurch from the Addams Family. The shirt is nice though.
You look like a generic H&M TechWear outfit but with a Beige TrenchCoat and Cuban Socialist Hat on.
This is too blurry
White and Brown :-S Pants look weird. I like the Jacket.
This looks ok, for whatever it is. That aloof shoegazer thrifted Asian-Produced Doc Martens look.
This Coat doesn't go with your outfit.
This looks like an attempt at Rick, it looks like that. It looks like "clothes". On someone's body. Looks like a meme.
That jacket looks ok in isolation. The jeans and sneakers look pretty grubby and incongruous.
This looks like a simple black dress black sandals outfit. Fits well. Hard to mess this up really.
This looks pretty good except for the shoes. They look grubby and old.
This looks precisely incongruous, which you know you are doing, I would say, it looks good, but the Shirt for me, it really just isn't tacky enough. So it brings down the Fit. It should be more colorful maybe larger, and have more designs on it.
This looks like Military cos-playing too much.
This looks uneventful and boring but the clothes fit ok.

You look like the kinda guy who will ask for one cigarette, but then take two.

i see it. also he looks like that guy who would drink a leftover drink at the bar

Hello all!!!
I literally only own red white and black. Would anons put black boots with this? Or is the colour good? Ty all :)

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i love this!

black boots, but Im ngl I just dont like the way they fit with the outfit

Am I terrorwave yet

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This is a banging fit.

Defo black boots

This is really quite bad. The boots and trousers are so ill-fitting. Red colour aside. They completely obliterate your legs silhouette. The shirt and Coat are nice though.

the color
it clashes.

put the boots together with some more neutraltones

should i kill myself

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Thanks for the advice guys! And ty to the people who liked my fit!

When I get home I'll try and post a picture of the black boots I have with it. I've been trying to incorporate the red boots since my nana bought them for me :) I also have the pants in a navy, so if anyone has suggestions on what to wear with navy pants, I'm all ears.

Buzz and stop wearing glasses/hats
V necks only work if you lift
Undershirt is a no
Jacket looks ok