R8, also what kind of hat should i cop? Just buzzed my head the other day

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Looks good.
Unrelated, but ID on the jeans?

Urban Heritage Slim fit jean
Paid $15 for em

>put on flecktarn parka
>call it "milspo"

I'm wearing a full Norwegian/Swiss/Swedish/Russian mixed and matched wool uniform and I don't think you deserve that descriptor.

Military inspired is better than looking like an autismo which I can guarantee you will

Ive got others jackets, tees, and boots. If you wear all military shit when you wake up in the morning, you look like a jack ass that too chicken to join the military.

The whole point of milspo is to wear milgear but dont over do it man

Nah, I look sexy as all hell. Even if I didn't, it is better to try and fail than not try at all.
The whole point of milspo is to wear milsurp and make it look good - wearing a flecktarn parka and some palladiumswith jeans far too slim and a checkered shirt is not. That's called giving in to Veeky Forums memes.

Post fit then

>i look sexy in milsurp but never even served

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Pte Shitpump
Infantard 00010

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I don't have a camera :-(

I can guarantee that the average gay uniform fetishist's fits are better than the average soldier's. I mean you're yummy but it's more about the brute disillusioned manliness with which you carry yourself than the way you dress yourself. I would go so far to say that dressing too well wouldn't suit you, fashion being the effeminate praxis that it is.

Head2 toe in milspo 2day

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Love this. What pants?

Btw follow me Bois @christiannassifdesigns

They are anti g flight suit pants. They keep ur blood flowing in high Gs so u don't die.


Sigh....I like your stuff though

fisherman beanie

ID on boots?

I went to a furcon as a joke and got high and it made sense. Get past the neckbeards and find the fetishy young crowd and it's all really cool people. It's not for everyone but it's far from what it seems.


What army are those shoes? And the hoodie?

Genuine mil surp y-3 qasas

The bonus of wool is that it’s modest and underhanded; camouflage of any sort is orders of magnitude more stolen-valor-autismo than any old coat or jumper short of an actual feldbluse. I’ll admit that greatcoats and such are certifiably sperg, but a bonus is that no one actually uses wool anymore, that shit is more “vintage” than “military”

>I look sexy as all hell
I tried to defend you man

2/10 milspo, 12/10 lunar, that fit doesn’t belong in this shithole

Danner Tackyons I believe Ivan said

Thxxxx but nonetheless if I'm wearing multiple mil surp pieces I'm going to put it in milspo

>you look like a jackass that was too chicken to join the military
yeah if you're 30, maybe.
if you're a young male you just look like a school shooter, or an alt-right death-squad wannabe


Wearing full milsurp is probably the worst way to style milsurp

All ages can rock milspo but like i said, dont over do it or you'll look like a fag.

What, a good fit, holy tits this is new for Veeky Forums. Normally I wouldn't recommenced one but a beanie would probably fit you best

Thanks breh.