Alright Veeky Forums...

Alright Veeky Forums, l already know what the next new trend is going to be and that trend is cursed images printed on tees/ hoodies. Now post cursed images.

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>Replies 7
>Posters 2

fuck off mate, we already had a 300+ reply thread about this exact thing two weeks ago

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Well too bad we are now having this thread again!

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>Hop in, dude

that shirt is actually hilarious

ohhey, this thread again. sup. Give me suggestions for things to print on shirts and I'll post photos in the morning.

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w2c, legit I've seen this before and I want it

This shitty dollar store near me has a bunch of unlicensed graphic tees and some of them are clearly factory defects that they still sell, does that count for something

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subtle catwoman

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these are amazing

Here is my offering.

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"cursed images" is such a gay term but I'll share some photos that I saved or took

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post the image on this shirt

Pretty fuckin gross

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What do you guys think the brain broth tastes like?

This would be cool on a shirt

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i'd want it

im scared



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