Let’s settle it

Let’s settle it.

Who’s the hottest ever Veeky Forums poster?

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no me

For the love of god sauce me plz

she used to be a tripfag

she was fucking cute posted nudes on Veeky Forums nearly everyday


Veeky Forums used to be viscous

>One day I found /cgl/ and being interested in cosplay at the time I posted a thread there asking for advice regarding a Morrigan cosplay and attaching to the post pictures of me in a makeshift leotard (cut-up swimsuit) with purple tights.
Somebody from Veeky Forums recognised me and began spamming my pictures on /cgl/ and it kind of spilled over with people being convinced that it was me spamming them, but I was stubborn and indignant and refused to leave.
Nudes got out, somebody made a fake Facebook profile of me, added everybody on my friend list to it and sent them the nudes. People were trying to locate my parents address to send them hatemail and printed pictures of me nude, and even images of other girls with their faces obscured, saying that they were pictures of me.

that's a lot of viscosity

how to get a cgl gf


Casemods ofc



The autistic dude with the caps

post moreiggan


dudes? knoch

Tripskank will always be my favourite.

I think she should have released a proper bean-flick vid, with good production values, so we'd have something to go on other than those lulzy pics.

Erica. Someone post pics of [[[her]]]

maybe we can crowdfund it