What's the average age of people on this board? I feel like it's 16-21 range, gay and left leaning

What's the average age of people on this board? I feel like it's 16-21 range, gay and left leaning
I'm 20, str8, and right leaning

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Go fuck your self.


Source on jacket plz


Go fuck a yorkie, fag

28, straight* and right leaning. according to SJW's....
*traps dont count

> 20
> kissless & handholdless virgin
> college dropout
> 6 inch penis
> apolitical

Patricia-mode....college is for the wealthy and politics for the weak. Enjoy being a KV while you can.....it's not a big deal and your life is elegantly simple. I'd trade places for that feeling again...

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paul and shark down jacket

I really don't understand the hostility... when I say right leaning I don't mean like fucking /pol/...

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No, you mean that you'd vote for mitt romney, which is worse.

.....nothing is enough now. Dont pander. Its like in the early 00s when the teaparty pushed the narrative for the right. Just let the wave of crybaby wash over you....soon the stupid will be too busy piecing together their lives to shame you.

I really don't wanna discuss politics, just wanted to see some metrics on the people who post here desu

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I would've gone with a darker blue.

23, straight and left leaning I guess because I don't care about gays doing their thing and abortion.

Though all my friends think I'm a republican because I hated Hillary and play devils advocate in political debates

I wouldn't mind Trump if he didn't make an ass out of himself every time he spoke publicly

same.. you know for all the shit that Veeky Forums gives r/mfa, its much better than the autistic threads here... I remember it didn't used to be this way, or maybe I've grown up

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I am baffled by the complexity alot of you guys enjoy in your fits. I prefer a simple Harrington or freezer jacket over something with all the attributes of both but none of the simplicity. The henley is nice thought ..

29 straight white male. Conservative. Hate liberals with a passion. Hate FAGGOTS and especially hate the japanse.

I think both....there used to be a very suave feeling here that made you strive against the hostility....now it feels like the bastard children of the board have stayed and the tastemakers are busy elsewhere

honestly I'm pulling this from an inspo thread.. my current fits are nowhere near as put together as these
I just really love the textures, and if I could I would switch my entire wardrobe to this

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>right leaning, fascist
>6.5 inch penor

It was kind of a joke. Liberals and conservatives both piss me the fuck off. But keep in mind that it was you who brought up politics. To answer your question, I've seen a few polls and it seems to me that most guys here are straight and over 20 years old. The fags are just loud. And as far as pollitics go, do you see how many nazi threads we get here? Lots of racist comments too. Doesn't bother me much because that's part of this board's identity.

The older I get the more simplicity works for me. If I gave younger me advice it would be...
only grey shirts(+concert T/support the band)
make your own belts(its easy)
own more jackets than shirts
3 selvedge and alternate wears
alter your style with hats/shoes and hairstyles

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>left leaning I guess because I don't care about gays doing their thing and abortion
Nigga do you even know what politics are? I quit giving a fuck about politics but people like you annoy me. You're probably an average American who gets swayed by headlines and votes based on the political party.

yeaah you're right.. shouldn't have brought it up... in any case it does seem like the racism has been increased a bit..

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they're probably all at sufu or something

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Opinions on these? I hate nike as of late but these seem simple and clean....

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They look weird towards the back. I only like boots so take my words with that in mind but it seems to me that every sneaker designer is looking for the next outrageous design and not for what looks good.

I like them, but it really depends how they fit into your wardrobe. It might be clean, but they look kinda techy and would look autistic with jeans and shit

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I agree and disagree...sneakers are FOR outrageous looks. If I want to be understated Im going Stans or just my boots as well haha.

Black skinnies and an anorak was the plan. Plus the cushion is solid.

I think that works really well.. for some reason I was expecting blue widecut jeans... I always see them posted here...

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>sneakers are FOR outrageous looks
That's why i don't like em. I also want to add that you can tell that the designer was like: "the swoosh goes INTO the sole and not just above it, I'm a fucking genius." That said, i do not hate them and they look high quality and clean like you said.

surprisingly I bought a pair of yeezy 350 black because I enjoyed the subtlety.

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Im not a fan of the new wave, I left for 3 years and it seems to have gone to shit....

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I think the Bred V2 is better at that but I can see the appeal. I like the V2 and 700 but otherwise I dont do hype.....

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the I really like the beluga v2s, the ones with the orange text rather than the stripe. The v1s are cool because they don't have any branding, and yet you instantly know what it is, which is pretty cool, like a pair of ramones or geobaskets.

Those are pretty fucking cool actually. I just really hate the hype culture around shoes. Also, boots make me feel like i am something more than if i was wearing sneakers; not sure if that makes sense.

I agree actually, wearing my Red Wings vs wearing my yeezys or other sneakers, there's a sense of industructability... like a hummer vs sedan

My father said boots are a mans ally not his shoes. They grip, they deflect and they harm when needed. Boots let you be more.

I have several pairs. And just learn how to cop...I could help you. And once you do the shoes pay for themselves way beyond you can imagine. You can buy Raf with what your old beat shoes make when you are done. I agree the fads are gross though, I own them for me...

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I always get fucked on the random draw... I got lucky with the bluetint, but I'm never going to wear those..

You can easily break it in your favour. I have a linux setup for HMAC stuff but honestly just go to ADIDASATC and lurk. If you want more help I can lend a Veeky Forumsg a hand. I got 5 pairs of wotherspoons and 3 700s. I actually like it now, I view resell as a stupid tax...no offense at all intended.

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Huh, did you set up a VM with the Linux? Or have a raspberry pi? Fuck I'm annoyed that I didn't actually like attempt to do this, considering my background in CS

Full install on my secondary PC. I never have messed with a Pi before since the cooling issues seem a pain. If you have any knowledge of cookies and can run even java its super simple to make an If-then setup. then you can sell carts on drop days and rake in $ to pay for more rigs to make it work. The "hoodrat" version is to just buy 9 ipod touches haha...they arent really a random draw. The sad fact is every time you tryed and failed you did so unbeknownst to you at about 3-5 mins in. Once oyu realize it's powerball you just have to start setting up angles of attack and drop more in than the next guy....

Fuck man that is super simple... I've even taken a Networks class... So basically it issues you a hash that determines your spot, and you don't have much of a chance depending on it
So it's basically dependent on the MAC address huh... If I wasn't so fucking lazy... Thanks for the help lol

No problem. And feel free to ignore it, but the average monthly profit you can make on stockx alone is over 1k. I dont encourage everyone to cop, but CS homies need to start pulling rank on the cheap bots bought by souncloud idiots. Any sneaker grails or ones you actually are sad you missed?

Probably the Ten, Nike x off-white. More so because of the resale value than the actual shoes.. I missed them due to exams, so I'm not terrible sorry about it, but it would have been nice

>when I say right leaning I don't mean like fucking /pol/...


Post-political; slight R/ACC leanings

>anarchist (hard left in current climate)

23, gay and far left

National Socialist with some libertarian leanings

You glow in the dark, Cambridge Analytica

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