K faggots, I'm going to tell you how I make money on crypto trading for the past year without any bullshit. no...

k faggots, I'm going to tell you how I make money on crypto trading for the past year without any bullshit. no, you won't become a millionaire that can travel the world and never work a job. I make enough to live in a shitty studio apartment by myself, eat decently, and have a dozen extra benjamins at the end of the month.

1. I use a capital of $1000 to maximize gains while being of no influence to any markets and to minimize my maximum possible loss

2. I trade for the entire time I am awake. I shitpost on Veeky Forums, watch youtube videos, but all the while I am looking at the charts and news sections for the coins. I do this for 16+ hours per day. Yeah, I stop to take a shit and make a pizza or whatever, but when I'm awake, I'm trading. Most retards spend like an hour per day on this shit and get assmad that they ended up missing out.

3. I don't trade on margin(stopped after a while) because I can't stand the stress, the fees, etc.

4. I cash out at $10+ and I do this multiple times per day. My daily gains vary widely from $30-$300. $50-$100 is the most common.

5. I put my money into 1-4 different coins so I don't get fucked in a single swipe without over-complicating shit.

I make enough to live in a shitty studio apartment by myself. Do this shit, stop being NEETs, and move out(or don't if you don't want to leave). I have to report this on your taxes as capital gains or the IRS will send me to pound-me-in-the-ass prison. I do this because I'm legitimately autistic and I don't feel comfortable in most work environments. This allows me to live in a way that is comfortable TO ME.

To reiterate with a big warning, I spend about 80 hours per week(half ass hours sitting on my computer) to make ABOUT $2,500 per month. This is for hardcore NEET autists that refuse to be near people and work, not regular guys that want to make loads of monies. I'm literally making like the equivalent of $15 an hour at a normal full time job, AKA minimum wage. Ask whatever else you want if at this point this shit interests you guys.

What coins are you holding for long term?

I made like $30k just by holding ETH (sold most of it around the $15 mark)

I always lose money trading so I just hold promising cryptos long term.

So far i'm in,In order of investment size:


What other coin is a good long term hold?

LBRY (3rd game changer after BTC & ETH)
AUGUR (coming in aug)
AGORAS (promising)

I don't hold long term. I have WAVES that I bought day one of the ICO(put in $200, now worth I think $300) but it's just for shits and giggles.

Agoras is a load of bs though.
Can you explain what it does?

nice post op, what trading platform are you using?

I only like Poloniex. Why does it matter what I use?

thank you for this, i sincereley appreciate it

what is your strategy????

buy low, sell high.

i fucking hate that question. I spoonfed you fucking everything already. are you retarded? if you need me to tell you that, don't even bother dumb motherfucker, you'll lose and it will be a waste of time for you.

Thanks OP, don't mind Veeky Forums. I'm grateful.

I remember you, you autistic little shit. Rused us real good in the last thread you made some days ago. I see your combination of Asperger's and narcissism finally settled down and you've decided to share your methods. Good for you to be honest.

What happens when you get BTFO by a coin? Do you set stop losses?

you said 4 coins thats like 10

how many eth did u buy

dam u really are autist

I'm not the same person. Fuck off retard shilling your shit.

I don't use stop losses, but I don't get BTFO.

Learn how exchanges work before posting.

What Twitter shills would you recommend i feel like Crypto Cobain, BubbleMoku and Alvin Lee are the only ones you could sometimes listen to. What are some sources you think not many people use but would profit alot from? I heard about groups of high quality people who actually help ech other but it probably takes alot of luck and knowledge to get in.

How do you not get BTFO without stop losses? Do you just never sleep? Every coin crashes from time to time.

I refuse to believe there are two of you. You have the same autistic aura.

I'm in my own group. You just have to talk to people in chats and make friends. We make fun of those sort of people. There surprisingly is drama in this community if you really want to be involved but I just watch from the sidelines.

I don't have any money on the exchange while I'm asleep. I used to do that and sometimes would wake up to like $150 gained checking my phone in bed and shit and that was really cool, but I just don't like leaving my money without seeing what's going on. I'm day trading. I'm not investing.

I don't give a shit user.

Alright man thanks for taking the time to post this information bet it helped a few people who are actually willing to learn and kickstart their neet career.

>Going long

That picture was from about March. You're too stupid to bother analyzing what's in your face, though.

You're also an idiot not to close now. I would have made ten trades, guaranteed gains, in the time that you're making one. You'll make $30 each day/2 days with this capital if you close now, what I consider to be poor performance for me.

Do what you want though, I don't give a shit.

W8, do you buy/sell when price changes like within an hour?

I screenshotted it like 20 minutes ago off my phone you tard

I sell at 2.5%+ gains. With several markets, this happens every few hours, almost a guarantee at this point with the choices I make.

The more you do this shit, the easier it gets. I was fapping to that liru game by seismic today(meaning last night because I'm practically nocturnal at this point) and simultaneously made a trade that ended up netting me $35. pretty neat shit, really.

What? Fuck off retard. I'm not dealing with your dumb ass shit.

what exchange are you using there?

how to research or find out what coins you'll invest in throughout the week/day


>Fuck off retard shilling your shit.

anyway, i gotta wonder, how does your day(night?) usually go, since you don't work and stay at home all the time? i assume you don't have friends or a girlfriend? i'm not thrashing you, i'm legitimately interested

How much lbry are you holding?

That's good shit. I always see the small +/- in diff cryptos and always thought if you buy a large amount you could easily make $.

Is it a real-time price? Like when you still it, you're getting the net profit because the price is different for that hour? Say a crpyto was bought at 0.00079 and sold for 0.00091? Is that the key?

Hope you don't mind me asking bru


Don't you think that instead of spending hours and hours staring at charts for 2k per month it's a better strategy to accumulate many different coins at a low price, and do something productive while you wait for the inevitable +1000% mooning of one or more of them?

I only check the markets once or twice a day and I usually double my btc every month.

What are you invested in?

why aren't you automating this with a script? Why aren't you trading on the FOREX?


and obviously: TRUMP.

18.75 right now

Plus a few refs

lbry . io / get/ ? r = fvV4b

because OP is a complete retard

You are fucking dream if you think 1000% will happen on any of those coins.

Also, danger of not enough volume to dump, pump being too quick etc etc

Have you considered upping the initial capital to make more money? There are loads of coins on Polo, so you could spread it out more to not impact any particular market, or even spread it across onto another exchange.

Having more money invested at any one time is obviously riskier, but diversifying would mitigate it substantially.

Anyway, interesting to hear this, I've often wondered how feasible it would be to do something like this. With fees of 0.24% per transaction on Polo even tiny gains are still gains.

Literally you can follow experts trades on undiscovered websites like: blog.objectiveforex.com/p/cryptocurrencies.html

How do you know when a coin is going up or down? Patterns?

What charts and wich news are you looking while you do this?

I make my own decisions. I use bollinger bands.

>this idiot looks up bollinger bands because I mentioned it
>ends up losing anyway

I hate idiots that ask dumb questions.

It was too risky when I tried. I don't want to spread it out more. Diversifying wastes my time. I'm not investing. I'm day trading. Holy shit.

Do the math before posting.

Which 3 of those are the most promising in your opinion?

XVC will fly under all your noses

because i want to do this so you'd know what platform is best
also bump
do you invest in BTC?

I don't like the questions you're asking me. You just want to be spoonfed information and you'll fail because you're trying to be me. Even in the OP, I say that this is what I do. That's me, not you.

It doesn't make a fucking difference what exchange I use you copy catting, spoonfed faggot.


I hate questions like this. Use your fucking brain. Literally nothing I'm telling anyone ITT is going to help them make money.

it must be tough being you. Everyday.

I'd say the same for you, shilling your coins.

Yeah seems like watching the charts 16hours daily has fucked your head up
i understand you op i used to trade shares and the pressure was high af

You're delusional.

>capital of $1000
>spending 16hours/day managing $1000
That's butfuck retarded.

Also, all crypto is rising since a few months ago. Just by sitting on my coins I have averaged over 5x gains across 4 coins including bitcoin. All you've done is siphoned off those gains over time and paid extra trading fees. Good luck in the next crypto bear market, you are fucked.

Why not go long on ETH? Explain?

That's neat, but what I'm doing is working.

Don't expect it to keep working when cryptos as a whole are going down.

I don't plan on doing this forever. Once I lose my $1000 in capital, I'm done. It's the rule I've made for myself. I have a college fund set up and I'm at about $11,000 right now. I'll just go to university when this is all over and I can get through it with no debt for engineering, maybe CS or Physics, some local university or whatever.

>4 year degree
>no debt
If you live in the US, good fucking luck bud

I live next to an international community college that extremely impressive transfer programs to a major university, so I'll just be paying about $2,000 each year for the first two years and go in with a lot of financial aid.

It was one of the reasons I chose where I now live. I'm trying to think ahead.

O rly, how did you work that out

Exactly. He's just assmad about something and has to show that he knows some shit. Who gives a fuck.

>when cryptos as a whole are going down.
impressive prediction friendo, mind elaborating?

Holy shit autism

Your life must suck you fucking autistic man child.

Have fun sitting on your fatass all day making $50. Enjoy never getting laid you disgusting sack of shit.

lol stay mad retards

Am i? Have you read the way op talks it's like a mix of butthurt anxiety tiredness rage depression

I can 100% guarantee you that at some point cryptos will go down for a while. Like if bitcoin goes to $10,000 then goes back to $4,000 or something before the next pump. Don't be so defensive.

When all cryptos are falling against the dollar OP will not make money unless he is the best trader alive. I know he isn't the best trader alive because he can't make more than $2500 a month with all crypto rising in dollars.

>Everyone seriously concerned with OP
>Get's on like a 15 year old just entering pubescence

Use cyanide instead of a rope, it's a more comfortable way to kill yourself

You're a faggot

Who knows. I made a little over 1000% on NAUT a week or so ago, I had been holding it for a long time thought.

Also I'm over 1000% on TRUMP already but still holding. I bought it months ago.

What site do I use to buy and sell?

Where do i get my information from to making educated transactiona, graphs, analytics, ancient tribal wisdom etc.

Can you just share your profile with me so i can make the same exact moves you do?

These are srs questions to be taken srsly kay thanks

While this is true, it is investing 102 to make money on the way up AND down.

Number 2 just sealed this as shit tier

You trade and spend all day on Veeky Forums for weed mone and a shitty studio apartment?

Ill pass. I work 36 hours a week and only actually spend half my earnings so I wind up with 3k extra a month , get a real job loser

So... how do you do it?