What's your plan for making 2 million a year from passive income

what's your plan for making 2 million a year from passive income


Have around 25 to 30 million in capital invested and diversified in a variety of dividend stocks

Have enough BTC to retire to some tax haven in south east asia.

I dont, i want to make much more actively

sell kneepads on Veeky Forums

Im selling Lip balm. Lets team up brahnon

>buy NTDOY

Get ready for a correction

>this is what poor people think

Finding a good network marketing company and getting to work.

rent out houses
a 200k house here can easily be divided into 4 rental units that rent for 800 bucks a month each, +100 for garage parking space
thats 39.6k a year
i need 50 houses, 10 mil total, to make 2 mil a year (before expenses and taxes)

currently im 3/50

With 21 BTC, you'll have 10 million in 10 years, no need for meme deprecated assets.

Great plan until the bubble pops



>down 98% in two years and still falling
Why are people meming this stock?

This is the best advice desu
Real estate is generally good money.

Can't tell if you're joking or Canadian/Australian

shorting idiots that believe they can make 2mil passive income a yera

I never expect to make that much.


1. Amass that much in my campaign committee, then roll it over into a 501c3 that pays all of my expenses.
2. Star in movies/write until I have the much coming in from investment.
3. Reinvest the proceeds from my legal practice.


Refer to 2008

>Create DickSuckr app and site
>People can register as Provider or Receiver status
>Receivers can see all the providers in their area
>Providers can get reviews and have an authority score
>Authority score is amount of money received through the app in the last 30 days
>Both to encourage rapid activity but also people actually use the app to pay
>High Authority means higher in the listing and the possibility of charging more
>App charges 10% of every transaction
>Make Authority levels as well that gives special colors or frames for the users picture
>People can recruit others and receive authority themselves
Only Veeky Forums rookies suck dick themselves for profit

Real Estate and stocks

I'll be sniffing cocaine from a hookers ass in no time senpai.


>Veeky Forums tier 0
Suck dick for cash to buy knee pads.

>Veeky Forums tier 1
Sell knee pads and use money to get dick sucked, thus increasing knee pad demand.

>Veeky Forums tier jew
Connect dick suckers to to suckees and collect a percentage.

>buy yacht
>rent out yacht


>implying the housing market is in a bubble
>implying mortgage credit isn't more stringent
>implying the number of renters didn't increase after the housing market collapsed
>implying the user has houses at teaser rates or is a janitor with 3 mansions he lives in

It's ok if you didn't know what was going on. You were probably 5 in 2008.

This actually seems feasible if you can find a way around the legality issues.
Market this idea to an area where prostitution is legal, you may make it yet.
I'd be a customer.

What's the books? Could you name them, please?

Some are Garry Keller's real state books. Some are just intros to day trading

where is "here"?

>people will stop needing shelter

Simple my dude

1. Start with a billion dollars
2. Put that billion dollars in a savings account that accrues 2% interest yearly.

Easy as pi my dude

hope u r trolling. [email protected] 2% = 20 mln...

Don't you mean MLM? You disgust me. Kill yourself.


Start a business, grow it up, sell it (or take passive role), invest money from selling business

$2mil is probably unrealistic though. I'd be happy with $100k-$200k if I'd already bought the things I want.

If it flies, floats or fucks. Rent it. Upkeep too high, plus its a seasonal market.